A mourner holds up an American flag and a candle during a vigil for a fatal shooting at an Orlando nightclub, Sunday, June 12, 2016, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

An Unnecessary Dividing Line

The terrorist attack in Orlando was a horrible tragedy. Within twelve hours though, the way the media chose to report on the event was that this was a tragedy in the gay community. That is an unnecessary dividing line. The terrorist attack was a tragedy in the American community.

The usual suspects were already out turning terror to politics. The President demands gun control. Gay rights activists demand universal access to bathrooms and failure to give them that means the terrorists won. But there are some actual questions the rhetorical lines are avoiding.

How is it that a man on the terror watch list was able to make it through a background check to buy a gun? Did the FBI miss anything along the way? The terrorist had been looked at in 2013 and 2014.

Political activists are now jockeying for position. Gay rights activists want to use this to advance the bathroom agenda. Some are even blaming conservatives for defending normal bathrooms. Atheist activists are lumping Christians and muslims together. Gun control activists demand more restrictions. Conservatives demand the President say the word “Islam.”

The divisions and focus on the gay community instead of the American community facing lone wolf terrorist attacks will result in the country doing absolutely nothing and asking all the wrong questions.

This was a terrorist attack by a radical jihadist against American citizens on American soil. The terrorist was known to the FBI who had him on a watch list. The chain of events that led a terrorist to an arsenal then to a nightclub without the FBI noticing is far more relevant and important right now than the agendas of various activists.

Making this about gay rights or the gay community or just Orlando creates an unnecessary dividing line. The United States has come under attack, but the American left would rather blame us than the enemy.

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