Anatomy Of Political Violence: Charlottesville Police Chief Cites ‘Mutually Engaged Combatants’

Charlottesville Police Chief Al Thomas unpacked the events leading to violence and tragedy last weekend, providing a forensic anatomy of political violence. In his press statement, the words “mutually engaged combatants” seem to stand out.

It’s now obvious that both the “alt-right” and the counter-protesters (antifa and others) expected and welcomed violence. They did everything they could to subvert the careful plan police constructed to keep the groups apart and maintain the peace.

They didn’t want peace. They wanted headlines.

Let’s consider something for a moment here, that the leftist press would never, ever think or allow to be spoken or printed.

What if the ill-named “Unite the Right” (aka “J Crew Nazis,” “Tiki Cosplay Brigade,” “David Duke Dorks,” “Basement Brony Racists,” etc.) jackasses showed up, and nobody was there to counter-protest? What would have happened?

Would the Pepe-loving Trumpkins have suddenly gained national acceptance, added tens of thousands to their numbers, and consigned the works of William F. Buckley, Martin Luther King, Alexis de Tocqueville, Edmund Burke, Russell Kirk, and  John Stuart Mill to Fahrenheit 451, to be replaced with Ann Coulter, Milo Yiannopoulos, Jared Taylor and Matthew Heibback? (Not to mention Ayn Rand and the Mother of All Struggles: Mein Kampf.)

Does anyone really think these misled sheep are anything but the fringiest of the conspiracy-loving fringe? Yet, like moths drawn to a flame, the far-left conspiracy-loving fringe showed up with violence in its heart.

The two groups probably have more in common than they care to admit if they sat down with a bottle of cheap bumwine long enough to discuss it. For example, they probably share a despicable belief that 9/11 was either a Bush-led or Israeli conspiracy. They probably agree with the blood libel that Jews and Zionists are a pox upon the earth. They likely agree that large corporations and banks are conspiring to keep the “little people” down and broke.

And they agree that violence is the path to a new order.

The groups needed each other to supply the “them” for violence–since killing little old ladies at Walmart doesn’t win sympathy from a sympathetic press or Steve Bannon. Just like ISIS needs to behead soldiers on the streets of London and Toronto and on factory floors in Oklahoma City, both the left and right fringe need to play to their deranged base.

The left fringe shows up to incite violence even at genuinely peaceful events like campus speeches by Ben Shapiro (who could not, ever, be called “alt-right”). When they show up at an event where “mutually engaged combatants” have arrived hell-bent-for-violence, violence will erupt.

Yet the press continues to call the left fringe’s incitement “protest,” and the right fringe’s incitement “hate.” They conveniently forget about James Hodgkinson, or the litany of violent incitements and attacks Ben Domenech compiled.

Both sides are guilty–on that one point, President Trump is right. However, Trump’s refusal to disavow the support of his right fringe worshippers, and his condemnation of the press as “bad people” has destroyed the credibility of his public statement. Every time Trump condemns the right fringe, he always follows with a wink and a nod on Twitter.


The man simply can’t condemn people who love him so much, even if they are truly bad people.

And we know that they are: Truly. Bad. People.

If the leftist press really wants to end the growth of the “alt-right” cancer, they must first tell their favorite pet left fringe to stop showing up. Occam’s Razor: Not having “mutually engaged combatants” on both sides does tend to decrease the chance of violence happening.

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