And Home Again

I’m back home again. I slept on the couch last night so Christy and Evelyn could rest. I was up all night coughing and snoring. I woke myself up with some regularity.

For the record, there are few things more miserable than flying when you are sick — the pressure changes on take off and landing were excruciating — like someone was trying to rupture my ear drums. Very unpleasant.

It was my intention to go back to DC on Monday this week, but I’ll be going to the doctor instead. I have to be home next Friday to go with Christy to the doctor, so I may just have a two day trip to DC instead of the usual three. Sick and traveling just don’t go well together.

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  • Even healthy people have been encouraged to take decongestants a few hours before a flight if they have a sensitivity to pressure changes.