And So We Begin the Countdown

No, not to the new years, but to the SteveNote — Steve job’s keynote at the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco. The event takes place on January 9th and I’m saving some money to buy me an iTV.

Now, i don’t know what is going to come of it, but I am really hoping for an Apple built cell phone. I like my Blackberry, but I know Apple can do better. And frankly, the more I use my Blackberry, the less interested I am in having email with me everywhere. I’d love to get a RAZR, but the Motorola operating system on the RAZR sucks. It is not intuitive and is not easy to use, though the phone is brilliant.

Apple can do so much better. So let the countdown begin!

Every Macfan knows Christmas doesn’t really come until January 9th. It’s like we’re Greek Orthodox.

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  • Right now Steve Jobs and Apple are under another type of watch or countdown, which is whether or not the SEC will find criminal wrongdoing in the backdating of options without Board approval in relation to Job’s pay package. I am not a Mac user, so it makes little difference to me other than the Blue Chip Growth Fund that my husband and I have has Apple in the top ten holdings, so I am rather concerned about the outcome. Happy New Year!

  • According to the investigative report released today, it appears that Jobs is now in the clear. He was never informed of the accounting process, that included post hoc documentation of a board meeting, contrary to Apple’s internal rules.

    My personal guess is that Fred Anderson, the CFO, and the lawyer involved were too scared to tell Jobs they had screwed up and, as a result, forged the documents to ratify prior acts. Those two have already resigned.