And the Sign Says, “White Cisgender Males Need Not Apply”

With all the histrionics that Democrats have used to scare people into voting against Republicans over the years, there was always a danger that members of the party elite might forget their cynicism and actually start buying into their own propaganda.  Even Barack Obama, the community organizer extraordinaire, wasn’t immune, having once  remarked to a reporter that he sometimes thought his bullsh*t was the real deal.  Surprising?  Not so much.  It’s actually the most natural thing in the world, when you lie so often that it’s the truth that sounds farfetched.  Or, as Rose McGowan put it in the movie Scream, there’s only so many times you can hear that Richard Gere gerbil story before you have to start believing it.

Well, now it seems that the infection has spread to the ranks of the Democrat National Committee’s IT department, where the ironically named Madeleine Leader has sounded the battle cry of the social justice warrior in her capacity as a data services manager.  Unlike the Marines, though, she’s not looking for a few good men.  Point of fact, she’s looking for anybody but men—at least not men of a certain persuasion.

The Daily Wire has the story, which includes a lovely memo that details Ms. Leader’s requirements for the positions she currently has open:

And yes, just in case you’re rubbing your eyes and wondering if you read it correctly, Ms. Leader does indeed make a blatantly discriminatory request:

I personally would prefer that you not forward to cisgender straight white males, since they’re already in the majority.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that they’re not a majority in the DNC’s IT shop.  I also have to wonder how Ms. Leader treats the wascally white guys under her supervision.  Are they allowed out of their cubicles during office hours—or does that create a hostile an environment?  Can they talk about football, or is that too heteronormative?  Perhaps it would just be best if they were confined to their own table at the back of the cafeteria where they can’t make any trouble.  You know those cisgender types—if they don’t know their place, they’ll think they own the place.

Somebody please pass the duct tape.  I need to wrap some around my noggin before it explodes.

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