And The Winner Is . . .

Hat tip to Mike Huckabee, apparently, for coming up with the moniker. It is interesting that several questions were asked about Fred Thompson. When is the last time a candidate for office in the same party was made the subject of multiple debate questions?

By the way, Thompson’s website is up.

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  • Fred Thompson is definitely much more than Mighty Mouse at 6 feet 7 inches tall (according to Robert Novak’s column)!

  • I prefer an intellectual giant much like James Madison, a very short man that weighed about 150 pounds. There is one man running for President that has the intellect of James Madison, Ron Paul. Do we need a President that could have played for the NBA years ago or someone who really understands the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

    Why is it that so many so called conservatives that want to limit politicians role in power and corruption want an actor and former political lobbyist to be the front runner for the Republican Party? Thompson is no Ronald Reagan, and sadly that is what so many are attempting to portray him as. I sat next to a lady from Boston last Sunday night who was so moved by Ron Paul that she called her husband to see if he would mind if she wrote the maximum contribution check that night. She was the rule in the group not the exception. It seems that the GOP is attempting to put nails in its coffin because the American people are not looking for someone to spread democracy to the world through the barrel of a gun. We are looking for a different direction in foreign policy, and if a candidate in the Republican Party does not deliver that message…we will see another Clinton White House or perhaps a John Edwards White House.

    Ron Paul has a momentum of supporters going that the GOP is shamefully ignoring, as is the corporate media. Thomspon was applauded for having 500 emailers to his campain, while on Ron Paul’s Myspace, Dr. Paul has over 25,000 friends that have signed on. This number is growing with each passing day.

  • What gives with the Southern Social Conservative movement?

    Ron Paul has been married to Carol Paul his entire married life.

    The Pauls have 5 children and 17 grandchildren.

    Ron Paul is a Christian.

    Ron Paul is Pro life, as he is a Dr. who has delivered over 3,000 babies.

    Dr. Ron Paul fits the service to Country as he was a flight surgeon in the Vietnam War.

    Dr. Ron Paul does not believe in socialized medicine and believes that the health care should remain private.

    Dr. Ron Paul would like to see Social Security become privatized but realizes the importance of phasing that in because of the 77 million baby boomers that will be relying on their Social Security.

    Dr. Ron Paul has always been Mr. No when it comes to raising taxes and creating more government programs.

    The GOP has completely lost its way in the sea of ignorance and a willingness to cave into socialism and has a minority of people the media and those that want to take over the entire Republican platform to completely ignore what the American people want. The unwillingness to admit that are foreign policy is a disaster is suicidal for the GOP, but more importantly it is suicidal for America.

  • I will borrow from a speaker at the Freedom Conference last weekend who talked about the biblical reference of the shining light on a hill. My take on the GOP is that we are sitting in the darkness of realizing that our Country is heading in the wrong direction, and we have one person in the debates with a solid message that is the light out of the darkness. But so many want to turn away from the light because it is admitting that yes our foreign policy is wrong, as is our immigration policies, as is our big government policies and this is the flaw of the base, which is to admit that we need a new direction. It is as if the base wants to keep beating its head against the wall, and stay in the fog of darkness that will lead toward the total destruction of what America once was.