Andrea Dworkin: Proof That Rush Is Right

Rush Limbaugh once said feminism exists to give ugly women an outlet. No doubt he had Andrea Dworkin in mind. Dworkin who died yesterday was the archetypical ugly feminist, both in her person and in her views.

Dworkin gave feminism the “man hater” stereotype. In her younger years she prostituted herself for bus fare then said pornography and marriage were rape. She campaigned for men to be able to take up with women in dormitories at her college, then accused the college of being a brothel. Dworkin had no faith in God or in people. She saw the world as we all saw her — not attractive.

She lived with a gay man until the end, a man she eventually married because she no doubt knew marriage rape wasn’t going to happen in that relationship. Through the marriage to the gay man, she helped overcome the stereotype that gay men have taste because that gay man clearly did not.

Though she had no belief in our Creator, he created her and no doubt loved her, so we should wish her eternal peace, but, no doubt, in finally realizing Jesus is alive and is a man, she might finally get a clue and will have an eternity to dwell on the drivel she wrote in this lifetime.

The only near credible positive thing to say about Andrea Dworkin is that she rightly insisted pornography could debase men’s views of women and helped, for a time, to drive pornography further out of the mainstream of American culture.

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