Ann Coulter Is Melting, Melting, Oh My Beautiful World

Ann Coulter is so far up Donald Trump’s nether end that she doesn’t know what time it is until he yawns. So it’s no surprise that she would tweet something both offensive and bat guano crazy at the same time.

The latest one is a doozy, even by her, ahem, loose standards.

Let’s say Ann was correct here. Lets give her the benefit of her mendacious wish.

In that Nativist America, it would mean that Donald Trump would not be able to vote for himself, his grandparents being born in Scotland and Germany, respectively. Brilliant.

And how would someone have more than four grandparents? I would really like to know, Ann, because your tweet kind of makes it seem like you support cuckolds, the real kind. Your constituency would not approve.

I think Erick had the proper response to this America First fantasy in which Coulter dreamed a dream of “Alt-Right-Amerika” full of pure blood and soil Aryans.

I have never seen someone go from mere meshugah to straitjacket nuts as quickly and thoroughly as Coulter in the last 16 months. Knowing her chances of ever being taken seriously again, along with her book sales, are about to meet at zero, she’s finally melted into a puddle.

Or rather, she will when a bucket of water is thrown on her.*

*Note that I do not advocate the throwing of buckets of water on bloggers, celebrities, authors, or witches without their prior approval. In other words, laugh and mock Coulter, but don’t throw water on her. She likely wouldn’t really melt, but she might react in other very negative ways.

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