Another Convert

Mike Thomas of the Orlando Sentinel has seen the light.

God bless Apple.

Last night, in a very few minutes, I downloaded some pictures of my kids. Then I downloaded Janis Joplin’s greatest hits. Then I then set up a slide show, watching my beautiful munchkins fading on and off the screen to “A Little Piece of my Heart.”

I cried — not out of sentimentality but because at long last, a computer finally had listened to me.

The first few months I had the old computer, the hard drive froze three times. I lost everything each time.

Last month the Word program crashed, apparently due to the 97 spyware programs sent over by the guys in Singapore.

My computer had become something to loathe and fear. Apple is the most reliable computer on the market, according to Consumer Reports.

I buy everything Consumer Reports tells me to buy.

Except Old Milwaukee.

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