Another GOP Congressman Erupts on Twitter: Give Us Answers

There is so much political hackysack flying around these days, we have little room to actually work on longtime legislative goals. People on both sides have been doing this, both in government and the media.

But a few have stood firm, and simply demand answers. There’s no telling what kind of blowback they’ll get in the long run, but I find it respectable.

One such Congressman is Mike Gallagher (R-WI), of Green Bay.

A relatively quiet Twitter account suddenly burst with opinion on the current fracas over FBI Director James Comey’s firing last night. And apparently, he’s had some strong opinions on Russia’s opposition to our ideals for a while.




Rep Gallagher also took to a local news outlet to discuss his concerns for a thorough, eight minute interview that covered multiple topics, where he said the administration’s next step will determine whether an independent commission is desperately needed. However, there is no apparent discussion of who would replace Comey, so there will be few answers anytime soon.

This surely won’t win him much love from the White House, but fellow Congressman Justin Amash stated last night that he’s already preparing to introduce legislation to establish an independent commission to investigate the scandal, and get the hyper politics and reality TV effect out of it.

I don’t know about you, but I wish more of our fellow conservatives felt the same.


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