Another March: This Time “for Science”

Saturday, April 20, 2017, is another earth day.  In addition, there will be a march for science.   Neither have anything, whatsoever, to do with real, ethical, empirical, objective scientific research.  Unfortunately, ego, greed, and pride have infiltrated the scientific community to the point of irrationality.

Read the march for ‘science’ rationale for yourself.  Touchy-feely gibberish forcing a political point while claiming to be apolitical.

The root cause?  Lack of solid families and faith.  Wow, a chemist (PhD organic and bio-organic nonetheless), stating faithSeriously?  Yup.  Most scientific organizations are now social experiments.  The few conducting real research are marginalized.  At the spring meeting of the American Chemical Society, many of the posters and talks were focused on the false god of environmentalism/climate change (formerly known as global warming and global cooling, depending on the decade and the amount of money to be extorted), and the lack of biological fact between a penis and vagina (the LBGQTIDON’TKNOW).  What happened?  Throughout time, warping quickly the last 30 years, science has been politicized, skewed, manipulated, mutated, and morphed into a money-grabbing arena of social experimentation, not science.  These concepts are distinct.

Science is non-emotional.  Must be validated, show robustness, repeatability, with separate groups blinded to previous results to avoid bias.  Empirical, providing data that can be discussed in a rational manner to determine prudent risks and forward action.  Personal gain is a key violation in all scientific research.  If a compound/idea/concept is shown to fail its hypothesized objective (after thorough analyses), then the project is done.  DONE.  If a compound/idea/concept is shown to significantly support an objective that is not popular socially, DO NOT MANIPULATE THE DATA (as was done in 1973 to remove homosexuality from the DSM: “what is at issue is a value judgement about heterosexuality, rather than a factual dispute about homosexuality”).  All in all, the data must be placed with the caveat that we are human, sinners, faulty, with the great opportunity and privilege to explore what has been Graced to us.

What has been Graced to us?  Wow, so much!  A few high-level examples that would never pass today’s low-information population “standards”:

Dow Chemical: the history of Dow Chemical is awesome.  The “chemical companies’ chemical company” is headed to merge with DuPont, another amazing company.  Everything you touch, has, at one point in time, been developed or improved by one of these two companies.  Performance plastics, water purifications, agrichemicals, the basics of chemicals, hydrocarbons…….you may not know these in concept or detail.  Sit in your car, your clothes, polyvinyl alcohol / surfactants / detergents, etc.  These coat fabrics, sustain them to create high quality materials.  Diapers, oil tanks, polystyrene, these have saved lives through preserving materials, transporting materials, with the ability to be reused in other capacities.  In today’s social experimentation world, none of these, or their subsequent materials, would ever exist.

Merck & Co., Inc.: One of the premier pharmaceutical companies.  Treatments for HIV, cardiovascular disease, vaccines, oncology medications, and veterinary medicines, all from people dedicated to the scientific method.  Anyone who has worked in the pharma world knows of what I speak.  We are passionate, dedicated, and willing to move forward if the data show cause.   Just so you know, in today’s world, acetylsalicylic acid would not receive most regulatory agency approval…….(this is your basic aspirin).

Kodak: Pioneering in film.  Go beyond the camera, think of the MRIs, X-rays, PETs, space exploration (Apollo 11).  Read the basic chemistry of photography prior to digital.  The chemicals require respect and care.  In today’s politically-correct world, no one would be strong enough to handle the hazards.  I’ve worked in the pure chemical industry.  Take precautions, and let the magic go!  There is more to learn from this foundation in chemistry.

Instead of wasting a day prancing around with false god-like attitude, go back to the laboratory, validate your instruments, repeat your experiments via the scientific method, and provide objective conclusions that are meant to be discussed intellectually with limited emotion.  For those who have forgotten, the scientific method consists in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses.

Academia, get off the government’s teat; ya’ll have millions, some billions, of dollars in endowments.  NIH is not needed; government does not innovate.  The private sector innovates.  Forget Science-Santa, he is a myth.  Focus on the connection between Creation and Innovation.  Invigorating, admitting that no man invents.  Man discovers what God already knows exists, since He created it.  Celebrate the skills and gifts Graced to you.  Do not squander them with greed, pride, and lust of false gods such as the environment and love of money (note, not money itself, such is amoral).

Instead of the march on April 20, 2017, help high school students understand the Grace given to them, at the Chemistry Olympiad examinations.  Encouraging students to understand the natural science, through Him, is the only way we will continue to help one another.

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