Another Poll in Georgia Shows Trump v. Clinton Within the Margins

A poll came out last week in Georgia that showed Trump with a very slim lead over Hillary Clinton — no more than two points. A second poll has come out in Georgia that Trump with just a three point lead inside the margin of error. That three point lead includes learners, and not just outright support. Subtract voters who are leaning and just those who firmly support one candidate or the other and the margin only grows one percent.

The poll also shows that Bernie Sanders would beat Trump in Georgia, though I suspect that has more to do with few attacks against Bernie Sanders in Georgia. Once he is roughed up, he’d have a more difficult path.

The poll is consistent with a lot of other polling out there showing that Clinton supporters support her because she is not Trump and Trump voters support him because he is not Clinton. Trump has very high negatives with women and minorities and Clinton has very high negatives with men.

One bit that should concern the Trump campaign is that the conservative leaning independent voters in Georgia are split down the middle between Trump and Clinton. I still maintain that Georgia is not in play for the Democrats this year. Every election season we see close polling. But it is worth noting that the last Democrat to win Georgia was also named Clinton and Bill is still viewed positively around here. Also, a lot of suburban and urban Republicans are not Trump fans.

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