Another Sign This is a Mental Health Issue in North Carolina

North Carolina’s state legislature is forced to act to legislate common sense. A municipality insists that businesses, including churches, let men use the women’s bathroom. It is insanity. The legislature should not have to legislate common sense, but North Carolina’s legislature must do so and insist that men use the men’s room and women use the women’s room.

A local municipality had not left it up to individual businesses, but demanded that up be down and down be up. Now, the restorers of common sense are the villains and the hysteria from the left is overwhelming.

In further proof this is a mental health issue, they’re now claiming making men use the men’s bathroom is in order to make it easy to “round… up [ ] transgender people in a very specific place so [they] can be hunted and systematically murdered.”

Seriously. That’s the latest claim.

And I bet the person who said it believed the Rolling Stone article about the University of Virginia too.

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