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Another Story of Corruption at the RNC

I’m glad to see the Politico take on this story of self-dealing at the RNC. It is another example of the organization’s corruption. The RNC has a long history of hiring people and then magically, mysteriously seeing those people’s outside businesses get contracts. See e.g. FLS Connect.

Those outside businesses are not necessarily the best businesses and are often actually not good at all. But they use the RNC to sustain them, despite their inefficiencies.

Gerrit Lansing got hired at the RNC to be their digital strategist. Lansing, you should note, has no technical training. He got a BA in classical languages from Sewanee and classical languages does not include computer programming languages. He then went to work in Washington, making his way to the NRCC as its digital director before hopping to the RNC.

Like many others in Washington, Lansing set up an outside fundraising engine called Revv. Candidates could use Revv to raise money. Below this post is a fundraising widget for The Resurgent. We use a superior company called Anedot. And that’s the point. I think Anedot is a superior product designed by people who ran for congress and had computer, technical backgrounds.

When Lansing moved over to the RNC, guess what company the RNC started using for fundraising? But on top of that, I have had more than one person tell me of rumors that some candidates were “encouraged” to use Revv. No one has ever come forward and admitted it, but given how other contractors have operated, including, for example, Mitch McConnell using his clout to blackball certain consulting firms, it would not surprise me.

Self-dealing at the RNC is not prohibited, but should be. Often, superior products are getting shut out by inferior self-dealing contractors within the RNC. The RNC has a real problem innovating and often finds itself in a consultant suck.

The controversy puts White House press secretary Sean Spicer in an awkward spot. As the RNC’s chief strategist, Spicer denied to POLITICO in mid-2016 that Lansing had any financial stake in Revv.

“He has zero connection to Revv,” Spicer said then. “He had to sever the ties.”

In fact, Lansing never did. He received a $909,000 payout from the company last year.

“The statement that was issued last year was based on information provided by Gerrit,” Spicer told POLITICO this week.

I cannot recommend Anedot enough. If you are looking for a fundraising solution, their website is here. There’s a reason more than half the Republicans in Congress use Anedot. I have had nothing but good experiences with them. And I have no conflicts of interest in recommending them or self-dealing issues.

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