Answer Me This

All these Republican consultants in Washington, D.C. are telling us that neither Trump nor Cruz can beat Hillary Clinton.

They are, in fact, quite insistent that if Trump or Cruz is nominated that the GOP is doomed.

We hear this on television. We read in newspapers and online. And this all begs a question.

If Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are beating these political consultants in the GOP Establishment, why should we listen to them about who can and cannot beat Hillary Clinton? I mean if they do not have the capacity to beat these gentlemen, how the heck could they beat Hillary Clinton?

To beat Clinton, they must win the primary and they are not doing that. In fact, their prior two candidates, John McCain and Mitt Romney, both lost. So why should we take them seriously or treat them as if they have some special knowledge? The evidence thus far suggests they are, to quote Donald Trump, losers.

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