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Answer These Questions Before You Run For Office

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So you’re thinking about running for office…

It’s easy to feel like campaigns are a complete enigma before you run for office. They’re not, but if you don’t start out by answering the right questions, you can soon find yourself being sucked into a black hole. It takes considerable thought, consultation and prayer to decide whether you should run for office. The good thing is that My Campaign coach provides resources to help guide you through that process.

Disclaimer: Take your time and be honest with yourself

Don’t cheat yourself by only giving these questions a passing glance! Running for office isn’t something you undertake on a whim. Do yourself a favor and take some focused time for the task at hand. Block off an hour with no distractions to sit down and write. Remember that you’re not trying to win an essay contest or get a Pulitzer. Capture your raw, unfiltered thoughts in this first exercise.

You will edit and refine the answers to these questions later in your exploratory period. For Now, just grab a pad of paper, your favorite pen and drink of choice. It’s time to get your thoughts on paper!

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