Anti-Gun Democrat Orthodoxy Loses in Virginia

Don’t look now, but Virginia likes its guns. Liberal Governor Terry McAuliffe and Mayor Mike Bloomberg teamed up to turn Virginia’s legislature blue. It blew up in their faces. Republicans have controlled Virginia’s state legislature, but McAuliffe has been pushing hard for Democratic gains. It did not happen.

Across the state, Republicans held their own and made inroads. Voters rejected Terry McAuliffe’s left-wing agenda, which included Obamacare expansion, taxes, and gun control. Instead, voters kept the GOP firmly in control of the legislature and, more importantly, made the Virginia Senate even more conservative.

The descriptions in the Washington Post are glorious.

“A fairly bitter defeat,” said one. Another noted, “The outcome was a blunt rebuke to McAuliffe, who had barnstormed the state with 24 events over the last four days and portrayed the elections as a make-or-break moment for his progressive agenda.”

Yep. Glorious.

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