A friend writes me: “The Mayor opposes SPLOST and neither the City Council, the Mayor, nor the County Commission have affirmative committed to no property tax increase later.”

VERY GOOD POINT. I think the voters need some reassurances and without those assurances, I think we really are being held hostage.

As Ronald Reagan said: No negotiating, even when hostages are involved.

We’ll have to consider this some more.

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  • After the North Macon High School bait-and-switch after the last SPLOST that was approved I think voters are going to think twice even if they are given assurances. City Council has lost control of the city’s finances so any assurances they give out are pretty much meaningless anyway.

  • Vote no on June 21st against the SPLOST, and we will be one step closer to a political change in Macon and Bibb County. It is way past time for taxpayers to take charge, and stand up and fight for rights! We need Cecil Staton and other concerned State Senators to help us reorganize this county! We are taxed and taxed and taxed, and enough is enough.

  • It was a pleasure to take advantage of voting early today against the SPLOST. It is hard to tell how the vote will go, but I am predicting that it will be narrowly defeated. Thank God that we live in a country where we can freely vote and freely speak our mind. Thank you to Mr. Erickson for allowing me to freely post on your blog. Remember to vote early this week or to vote on June 21st! Hint-how many times in your lifetime to you get to freely vote against more taxes?