Members of an antifascist movement, known as "Antifa," carry their flags during a rally marking the May Day in Moscow, Russia, Saturday, May 1, 2010. (AP Photo/Sergey Ponomarev)

AntiFa Calls For Destruction of Christopher Columbus Statues on Monday

A faction of AntiFa (the Anti-Fascist) movement promoting itself as the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (or RAM, for short) called for anarchists nationwide to deface statues honoring Christopher Columbus on Monday, October 9th — Columbus Day, of course.

In other words, these intolerant buffoons have given the police a wonderful opportunity to put a stop to their bully tactics by disrupting their announced plans to destroy public property. Police officers should be able to keep these monuments under surveillance and literally catch the vandals red-handed.

Political correctness has already inspired the city of Los Angeles to capitulate to pressure and renamed Columbus Day to “Indigenous Peoples Day”. Give these anarchists an inch, and they’ll take the proverbial mile.

The Media Research Council offered this take on the developing situation:

Sooner or later, police will realize that these punks and thugs won’t quit this sort of violent and destructive behavior until it has been forcibly put to a stop. These people have already escaped punishment for thousands of dollars worth of property destroyed in riots at Berkeley to prevent conservatives from speaking to an audience.

AntiFa people have violently assaulted people without provocation, while police watched and waited until the victim was lying on the ground to intervene. They’ve gotten away with just about everything short of murder. Enough is enough. If people in a group of protestors hide their faces behind masks, the cops need to be able to yank them from the crowd and arrest them. If it isn’t illegal, it needs to be — those are the cowards who must be stopped.

When AntiFa people defaced a statue of Columbus in New York’s Central Park, they left messages saying “Hate Will Not Be Tolerated” and #SomethingsComing. They have publicly announced both the target and when they plan to strike. This is a golden opportunity for law enforcement to proactively and forcefully respond to such brazen criminal behavior.

Please, if it isn’t too much to ask — let “something” referred to with that hashtag be the paddy wagon. Haul these AntiFa miscreants off to jail, where they belong.

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