Applauding Charlie Bishop

I said and maintain that I disagree with Charlie Bishop over his refusal to sign the contract approved by the Commission, but he is one hell of leader. Sometimes being a leader means doing unpopular things. Willing to stand up to universal criticism to do what you think is right, a hallmark of sound character (and stubbornness). At least WMAZ did a better job of reporting on significant concerns Bishop had.

But here’s what bothers Bishop about Ronnie Miley.

In May 1991, Texas businesswoman Alice Banker checked into a downtown Macon hotel. A few hours later, Banker was found dead in her room. She had been raped, beaten and strangled. A hotel employee, Vincent Jerome Allen, was convicted on charges of raping and killing the woman. Bishop was deputy police chief of the Macon Police Department at the time.

An autopsy was performed on Banker. Afterward, her $3,500 wedding ring turned up missing. But shortly after authorities learned the ring was missing, it turned up in Banker’s chest cavity. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation probed the situation and identified deputy coroner Lonnie Miley as a suspect in the theft of Banker’s wedding ring. The GBI report said Lonnie Miley failed a polygraph test. The report also noted that Ronnie Miley stitched up the body after the autopsy.

Another GBI polygraph test indicated Ronnie Miley told the truth until asked if he knew who took the ring.

Then District Attorney Willis Sparks declined to prosecute the case, saying it lacked admissible evidence and that more than one person had the opportunity to take the ring.

When the majority votes, the Chairman should follow their will. But good on Charlie for being willing to stand up to pressure to do what he thought was right. It looks like he probably was.

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  • Willing to stand up to universal criticism to do what you think is right, a hallmark of sound character (and stubbornness

    Funny how you swing in the wind with being a judge of character!

  • But it is not Charile’s fault when you have spent a lifetime working for the government, then you are doomed to be a Liberal for life. It is called being brain-washed to think that the government must be fed and fed and fed, until there is no one left in town to pay the taxes.

  • I do not stereotype people, I call the shots as I see them. I have supported the conservative agenda for years, and I am disappointed in the ethics of all people in government. Left and Right it makes no difference. I operate on a different code of ethics that the main stream, as I am from the old school where there is no gray area, only what is right or wrong. I guess you could say, I am a strict constructionist. Tom Delay said the same thing the politicians say here in Macon when questioned about diverting money from one fund to another, “well the Democrats do it…” That is like here, when Joe Allen et al were ask about making up percentages about who spends what where for the SPLOSt, “well all the Counties do it.” I had to get you with your character line, and you would do the same to me. I have more character than any politician in this town.

  • Think like the right is not in my vocabulary. When I got the honor of going to the Republican Convention in New York, we were told now do not give an interview without finding one of the Chairman of the Counties to talk to first. Yeah right, with over 50,000 people in the Gardens that was a ridiculous statement. I wore my patriotic Uncle Sam hat and hat a blast, and got many interviews and I knew exactly how to answer a question. Talking with talking points is destroying our country. I understand that you were invited to blog there, congrats.

    I want honesty in governemt, and I want school children to be educated better about participating in elections. I am ashamed to live in a City where an election has a 10% voter turnout.

  • What you had better be interested in is the number of Atheist blogs on the Internet right now. I spent a good deal of time on one this weekend because I wanted to debate these old Atheist that were talking to kids, yeah that is right kids about hating Christianity and spewing hatred at the name of Jesus. One kid was 16 and one had just turned 18. If you do a google about Prophecy or Jesus, you will be shocked at the blogs out there. Please share this with your minister to educate the youth in your Church. These older Atheist were impressing the younger ones with statistics that 10% of the population in the United States practices Atheism. This will be the downfall of our Country, too.

    I pray that our Supreme Court Judges do not side with the Atheists. I know this is not about Charles, but had to let you know this. I know you would not want your little girl growing up and talking to an Atheist on the Internet. And what is shocking, the kids said that there teachers at school were Atheist, that is their biology teachers. If you are angry for me posting this topic, just delete it.

  • Even though Charles is not the conservative that I thought him to be, he is still better than the alternative. Lord knows what would be going on with the so called unification platform that Randall ran on. I am still not happy with the way an election is carried on in this town, and I suppose all I can do is look forward to moving away from here when the opportunity affords itself. Macon is way too liberal for me.

  • Mr. Erickson:
    Be sure to be at the courthouse come Nov. 1. We need you badly. I wish I could be there but I have to work.

    I forgot about the missing ring case involving the Mileys. I wish that the county administrator or the chairman were the only ones to initiate hiring and not the other way around. That does not make sense. If the county worked in such a manner (even in contracting) this nonsense would not have happened.

    As for Linda’s willingness to move out I am right behind her. I’ve got some dishes and so-forth stashed away for the great day. Now all I need to do is find an out-of-town job.

    But believe me I will have a twinge of sadness at leaving a county where you can meet your county commissioner and he remembers who you are. Each of us as people at one point had a say in the affairs of this town. Not any more. I remember the “Macon on the Move” signs when I was little. I suppose the slogan is obsolete by now.

    Take care and Happy Halloween.