Apple iPhone

I continue to wait. Interestingly, no one has said anything about it, but I saw a random shot online the other day showing that there would be voice command functions active in the phone. That makes sense if the phone really does run OS X, which has voice control in it too.

I can’t wait.

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  • Just started seeing the iPhone commercials today. They look great! I am usually a second-hand technology junkie… but the iphone will be my first brand-new technology purchase in years. As the song says… “I’m so excited…”

  • Yes, Erick’s only problem right now is of the wardrobe variety. Since he will be first in line at the Cingular Store on June 29, should he go dressed as Princess Lea or Chewie???

  • Princess Leia bikini, for sure. On second thought, maybe Mace Windu because the iPhone is definitely a Jedi-esque device. Although, since Leia is the offspring of Anakin Skywalker and surely has a high mitochlorian count, on par with that of her twin brother, Luke, she might qualify as a Jedi, so technically he is probably safe either way.