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Apples, Bananas, and Naked Men In Playboy

CNN likes to promote itself as the one true truth teller in cable news.  The only non-partisan arbiter without favoritism.  The place where facts come first.  (Stop laughing, please.)

In that vein, they released a tweet showing an apple and declaring, “‘Some people might try to tell you that it’s a banana.’ #FactsFirst”

Whoever is in charge of this social media account should really send out a memo reminding CNN staff of this simple truth.  An apple is an apple, and a banana is a banana.

But for some reason, CNN is celebrating the idea of a man pretending to be a woman and posing nude in Playboy.  Claiming to be a “transgender woman”, a man going by the name, Ines Rau, had a sex change operation and is the newest Playboy centerfold.  Yes, the famous magazine of naked women is proudly parading a naked man as its centerpiece for the November/December issue – its first openly “transgender Playmate”.  He has previously worked as a runway fashion model and appeared in Vogue.

CNN should really explain to Playboy that Mr. Ines Rau cannot turn a banana into an apple.  Playboy can say, “Look, an apple!”, but that doesn’t make it an apple.  Everyone knows it’s still a banana!

When someone chops up a banana and throws it in the blender to make a smoothie, it doesn’t stop being a banana.  No one thinks, “Wow, great apple smoothie!”

So naturally, Playboy is getting a ton of pushback from male readers, who didn’t buy a magazine about naked women to look at a naked man.  If someone orders an apple smoothie, they won’t be happy getting a banana-flavored one.  (Now, there is plenty to be said about the moral problems of erotic magazines, but that is for another article.)

In response to its readers not being sexually attracted to other men, the libertine deviants at Playboy decided to really dial up the stupid.  They gave their customers the middle finger and declared themselves “on the right side of history”, which is the catch-all defense for liberals excusing every type of perversion imaginable.

What’s next?  I can only imagine what else these weirdos plan to nakedly display to the world, trying to remain relevant to left-wing activists.

But Playboy wasn’t finished, because in their eyes, transsexual porn is the same as the 1960’s civil rights movement.  The company is comparing this dude to displaying their first black Playmate, Jennifer Jackson, in 1965.  Miss Jackson was met with some resistance back in the day, so Playboy is comforting itself that the backlash to both must be the same.  All critics must be racists, bigots, and members of the KKK.  They even declare in one tweet, “History repeats itself.”



Get that?  If men don’t want to look at another biological man in an erotic magazine, it’s the same as using racial epithets and supporting school segregation.

This analogy is insulting and offensive for countless reasons.  First, Miss Jackson was born a WOMAN!  Second, she was born BLACK.  She had no control over either.  Third, Ines Rau was born a MAN, is still a MAN, and had to have surgery and hormone therapy to electively appear like a woman.  But he will forever have the chromosomes of a MAN.  This whole issue is nothing but virtue signaling to a fringe element of today’s society.

And don’t get me started on Playboy claiming some moral high ground as civil rights activists.  Smut-peddling and exploitation isn’t the same as marching at Selma.  Hugh Hefner was not Martin Luther King, Jr.     

And to cap it all off, Hefner’s son and company executive tweeted:

What are we fighting to accept?  Lies?  Mental illness?  Body mutilation?  Sexual deviancy?

And what is the next cause celebre we will be expected to celebrate “for a more open world”?

Playboy is a desperate, flailing magazine run by a group of crazy, degenerate Leftists.  It’s an indication of how dwelling in sin takes people down a slippery slope into ever greater sin.  Soon, nothing seems strange or wrong.  Logic disappears.  And any rationale can be used to explain the insanity.  Eventually, facts no longer matter, and people insist a banana is an apple.

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