April Fools

It is either an April Fool’s joke or Chris Cox is an April Fool. See the full bit here.

The laugh out loud part is below:

But Cox finally was persuaded as to the caller’s identity and agreed to meet, reassured by the pop idol’s denials of wrongdoing. Jackson’s publicist had originally requested a meeting for the singer with the entire House Majority Leadership, but was turned down. The other Leadership members cited scheduling conflicts.

Chairman Cox acknowledged Jackson was, at times during the meeting, hard to understand clearly through the surgical mask he was wearing. “But you could see from his occasional thumbs-up, or sometimes a peace sign, that he’s fully engaged in our policy discussions.”

The punchline has been emphasized by me.

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  • Perhaps the President should appoint Mr. Jacko to be the next U.S. ambassador to the Gabonese Republic. I assume he would do a better job than did Joe Wilson — a.k.a., Mr. Valerie Plame.

    Welcome back.