Arab Supremacist U.N. Human Rights Council Takes Break from Bashing Israel to Call for Gun Control

Since its inception in 2006, the U.N. Human Rights Council has formally condemned the State of Israel more than the rest of the world combined.  Indeed, it is literally enshrined in Article 7 of the Council’s charter that the “human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied territories” is to be brought up on the Council’s recurring monthly agenda; it is the only specific issue in the world to be so singled out by the Council’s feckless overlords.

Forget about Iran, which holds dissident journalists as political prisoners, or the myriad other sharia law-governed nations which mandate homosexual activity be punished by either imprisonment or death.  Forget about Syria, which deploys chemical warfare on its own citizens, or North Korea, which imprisons hundreds of thousands in Soviet-style gulags (whilst it endorses Donald Trump, naturally).  Indeed, last September, the Council deigned to put Saudi Arabia—which beheaded more people in 2015 than did Islamic State itself—in charge of its panel that appoints independent experts.  Other humanitarian disaster nations, such as Ethiopia and Sudan, are also routinely nominated for Council seats.

Such a sham—and, indeed, a shilling apologist for noxious Arab supremacism—is the Council that the U.S. boycotted it during the Bush Administration, and formally withdrew in entirety by June 2008.  Befitting the morally relativistic, Western values-disdaining, anti-U.S. sovereignty, Islamophilic man that he is, however, Barack Obama brought the U.S. back into good graces with the Council shortly after his ascent to the presidency.

Yesterday, the good Samaritans of the Council decided to take a break from bashing Israel and ignoring sharia law-governed nations’ sundry humanitarian atrocities to weigh in on the gun debate in the U.S.  And they truly had a take so hot it might melt Twitter.

Missing from the Council’s Twitter feed since Sunday, naturally, is any mention whatsoever of the jihadi, Islamic fundamentalist nature of Omar Mateen’s killing spree at Pulse nightclub in Orlando.  Perhaps the nations that the Council routinely shills for, such as pro-Salafism Saudi Arabia, deemed it too close to home.  (It does appear that the Council has been very concerned about anti-albino discrimination, however, in light of Albinism Day.)

To call this a farce would not begin to do it justice.  This is a concerted effort by one of the international community’s most noxiously anti-sovereignty, anti-Western, pro-Arab supremacist bodies to deliberately eschew the mention of anything related to the actual underlying cause of the Orlando massacre and promote a red herring Leftist agenda of “robust gun control”—by which the Council may well mean Australia-style national confiscation.  Indeed, if the Council wants Americans to actually repeal the Second Amendment, they should do the intellectually honest thing and just come out and say it.

It is times like these when we should all be grateful for Article VI of the U.S. Constitution, which unambiguously places the constitutional text—including the crystal-clear “…shall not be infringed” language of the Second Amendment—at a superlative place of legal supremacy to the impulsive diktats of the hapless relativists in Turtle Bay.  Of course, it would have been much better if Republican primary voters had opted for an anti-U.N. stalwart like Ted Cruz—whose singular crown achievement as an appellate litigator was likely his 6-3 win in Medellin v. Texas (2008), a pro-U.S. sovereignty decision that denied the president the power to enforce international treaties or decisions of the International Court of Justice without express congressional authorization to do so—but such is life.  (And for the love of God, GOP delegates, please go ahead and free yourselves in Cleveland.)

Tomorrow, the U.N. Human Rights Council will probably go back to pushing its anti-Israel, pro-Arab supremacy agenda.  But for today, conservatives should forcefully remonstrate against the Council’s shameful lack of condemnation of the root jihadi element of the tragic Orlando massacre, and for its deceitful and disingenuous red herring pivot to the Left’s favorite liberty-infringing pet cause.

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