Are Democrats Finally Prepared to Deal With the Reality of 2016?

James Comey cost Clinton the election. No, it was the Russians. No, it was both. No, it was the racists. No, it was the basket of deplorables. No, it was a conspiracy. No, it was the media. No, it was something more. Since November 8, 2016, Democrats have tried to come up with any of a variety of excuses for Hillary Clinton’s loss while expressly avoiding blaming her and her campaign. That may finally be about to change.

A new book has come out by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes that chronicles the missteps and failures of Team Clinton, concluding the candidate herself could have won if she was a better candidate.

And that is the truth. Clinton won the popular vote because she had liberals in her pocket. But she, not the Russians or James Comey, failed to engage white working class voters. In fact, when her husband openly suggested they needed to, he was ignored and rebuked.

It was not James Comey or the Russians who kept Hillary Clinton out of Wisconsin or out of white working class neighborhoods in Michigan. That was her campaign strategy. They were so convinced of the inevitability of her win, they never really considered she might lose. They were so convinced the country had gone so far left, they never really grasped the shift back right.

Clinton ran a terrible campaign and in 480 pages more than 100 of her confidants and former campaign staff finally admit it and, in fact, seemingly throw Clinton under the bus. You can get a good sense of it all from this review at the Daily Beast.

Perhaps they’ll figure things out finally and move beyond elaborate conspiracy theories.

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