Bearing placards and signs, Washington marchers paraded through the city to the Capitol in Washington, Dec. 6, 1932, where their petition for the relief of unemployed was presented to house speaker John N. Garner. Here is one section of the parade, which numbered in all about 3,000. The Worcester, Mass., delegation is in center foreground. (AP Photo)

Are We Still In the Summer of Recovery?

The economy sucks. Only 38,000 jobs were added and supposedly unemployment went down because of the number of people dropping out of the workforce.

This is not a good thing. Barack Obama has done everything possible to reshuffle and alter economic accounting to make himself look very good and still this sucks. The left has no idea how to get the economy going again, largely because the left thinks the government can create jobs.

Instead, what is happening, is a bureaucratic regulatory structure on steroids making it harder and harder for businesses to actually do business in America. Wealth and capital are fleeing to overseas havens because of taxes and costs of doing business in this country. The President seems oblivious to it.

This, more than anything else, is why Trump is doing so well and if he makes this a singular focus of his campaign, he actually could win this thing.

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