Arizona Rising

One hundred and five years ago today, Arizona entered the Union as the 48th state. Fast-forward just over a century, and this Valentine’s Day baby has truly come into its own. Move over, Texas, here comes the Copper State!

Arizona’s title as one of our most successful conservative states comes by way of bold leadership, an eye for modernization and a deep-seeded love for western rugged-individualism that would make Barry Goldwater smile from the Great Beyond.

Governor Doug Ducey, who took Cold Stone Creamery from a mom and pop ice cream shop to a billion-dollar corporation, has entered his second legislative session with tremendous popularity and a litany of policy success in his short tenure. Ducey pledged tax and regulatory reform…and delivered by eliminating and consolidating entire departments while reducing the burden of government over Arizona’s citizens’ lives. Like Texas’ Gov. Abbott, Ducey has stood fast against the rise of sanctuary cities. When it comes to job creation, Ducey has regular announcements of Arizona’s economic expansion, most recently joining President Trump’s elation over Intel’s $7 Billion investment plan…located in Arizona. When pointing to his success, the Governor speaks of stability and free market principles, coupled with the fact that California’s bottomless pit of big government happens to be right next door. As California sinks, Arizona rises.

Ducey’s successes couldn’t be possible without an Arizona legislature fully committed to limited government as the best path to prosperity.  House Speaker JD Mesnard is Arizona’s Marco Rubio. Young, thoughtful and committed to the vision of economic and social conservatism, Mesnard has shown maturity beyond his years and has gone a long way in tempering Arizona’s “wackobird” reputation, yet moved meaningful big ideas through his chamber. This includes weaving an agenda of statewide fiscal responsibility, school choice and a preservation of life, while shepherding Arizona’s commitment to an Article V convention for a balanced  budget amendment to the US Constitution. You name the important issue, Arizona is taking a front seat at the state level in its implementation.

On the legal front, the Goldwater Institute and the Alliance Defending Freedom continue to fight for liberty at the Courts. Both organizations’ successes have far-reaching influences outside of the Copper State. From Right to Try to Religious Freedom, all of us can live a little freer because of these two Arizona gemstones.

Outside of politics, one cannot mention Arizona without appreciating its unbelievable natural beauty. From the Grand Canyon up north to the blooming Tucson desert, Arizona, on its birthday, can truly lay claim to being the jewel in the crown of our fifty great states.

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