As Democrats protect Planned Parenthood, this Senator wants everyone to know what abortion’s really about

Earlier this month, President Barack Obama proposed a regulation that would effectively ban states from defunding Planned Parenthood. Senate Democrats have likewise decided to hold hostage funding to research and stop Zika unless Planned Parenthood can get grubby fingers into a $95 million pot.

Senator James Lankford (R-OK), meanwhile, wants the American people to know what abortion — AKA the reason that Planned Parenthood exists — is really all about: The total and complete destruction of a human being.

“This bill brings to light what actually happens to an unborn child during an abortion,” Lankford told TheDC. “This bill doesn’t stand alone – it is part of a larger effort to protect innocent life, like redirecting funding from Planned Parenthood to community health centers, prohibiting taxpayer dollars for abortion, prohibiting abortion after twenty-weeks when we know a child can feel pain, and ensuring that a child born alive is given care.”

“We disagree on many issues as a nation, including the issue of abortion,” continued the senator. “Surely, we can all agree that dismantling a child in the womb during a late-term abortion is inhumane and is not reflective of our American values.”

The bill in question is a ban on dismemberment abortions, which are 95 percent of the second trimester abortions. Literally, children are ripped limb from limb in order to provide abortionists a tidy little profit.

I’d go one step further than Lankford, and say that the murder of any unborn human “is not reflective of our American values,” something I know he believes, as well. While this bill has almost no chance of getting a vote, let alone passage into law, it’s good to see Lankford unabashedly continuing the work of David Daleiden and highlighting the ghastly realities of abortion.

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