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As Planned Parenthood Celebrates 100 Years, Some Key Stats and Some Good News

Yesterday, Planned Parenthood celebrated 100 years of existence. Like many other pro-life organizations, The Stream launched an effort to raise awareness about the real practices of the “women’s health” organization, and to highlight the power of life.

Here are just some of the key stats and related news they published:

An abortion center near Washington, D.C. is about to be evicted by its Catholic landlord. Like the persistent widow in Christ’s parable, Mercy Missions’ Lauren Handy and others were prayerfully unwavering.

A study of mice has led British researchers to conclude that the human heartbeat can first be detected at 16 days — the earliest detection yet.

Compelling graphics from my colleague show that nearly one in four babies are killed by abortion, and over 58 million children have been slaughtered in the womb. And in 2011, Planned Parenthood killed a child for every 12 born.

David Daleiden told me he’d launch his videos again “in a heartbeat,” despite the persecution he’s received from lawmakers, abortion advocates, and others in the last 15 months.

I calculated that about one in sixteen of the girls who would have otherwise been born in 2016 (158,000 or so unborn girls) will be killed in Planned Parenthood centers in 2016. That’s just part of the War on Women engaged in by the abortion industry, and Planned Parenthood in particular.

A colleague provides points of comparison for people who wonder what it means that Planned Parenthood has aborted at least 7.2 million people since its creation.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) updated The Stream’s readers on her panel’s investigations into the fetal harvesting industry.

On the bad news front, as reported by The Resurgent’s Steve Berman and my colleague Anika Smith at The Stream, the Ninth Circuit Court ruled on Friday that pro-life crisis pregnancy care centers must provide information about abortion to women. (Disclosure: The plaintiff in the case is the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates. They are a client of mine.)

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