As Trump Campaign Promised, RNC Now Lying About Ted Cruz

The Trump campaign told Ted Cruz that Laura Ingraham would attack him if he did not endorse Trump. She did that on stage tonight and will no doubt do it on the radio in the morning.

They told Ted Cruz they’d organize booing, which they did. As soon as Cruz said to vote conscientiously, the delegates booed before he’d finished the sentence. It was clearly organized.

They also told Cruz that the RNC would start planting negative stories. And that has already started.

The RNC is now claiming that Cruz altered his speech and everyone was caught off guard. This flies in the face of claims by the Trump camp that Cruz did stick to his script. It also contradicts Newt Gingrich who claims he and the Trump camp saw the speech.

As promised, the RNC is now lying about Ted Cruz for the Trump campaign.

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