Ashamed To Be Prolife

My wife came home to tell me what she saw. I just saw it again on the news.

As she drove down a major highway she saw a sign that said something along the lines of “Warning: Pictures of American Injustice Ahead.”

There on the street corners, just up from an elementary school, were anti-abortion protestors with massive pictures of aborted fetuses all up and down the road. These, to me, weren’t “prolife” supporters. They were anti-abortion supporters.

People like this give the prolife cause a bad name and lose credibility. They may think they are getting their message out — but I just want to beat the hell out of them. Abortion is not a right or a choice in my mind, though I might have made an exception for these people.


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  • Erick,
    Jesus said that Christians would be persecuted for their beliefs. Why should we care about our reputation? Why should we fuss about our credibility? It doesn’t matter what they think. We should expect verbal retaliation! If we try to be liked by prochoicers, we would have to compromise our appearance and standards. Then what would be the point of protesting? Many people respect the Missionaries because of their bravery and strength not to give in to insults. My brother went with them on two country-wide tours. Coffee, soft drinks, and food were thrown at him. Women, men, and police squads yelled at him and his friends. It’s a good sign when they’re angry. Then they start to think. And that is how the MTTP missionaries do the job. Remember, a picture speaks a thousand words.

  • There is no difference (except one) between pro-life and anti-abortion. Pro-lifers are against it and believe that the baby is a life. Anti-abortioners are also against it but say that the baby is not a human.
    And to you people that complain about the “disgusting” signs,do you yell at the TV whenever they show a picture of a murdered person on the news? Do you write letters to NBC and complain that your children were supposed to be ignorant of what a murder was? All the children of America need to see this injustice, no matter how ugly looking. The truth is not always a pretty thing. These kids who see these signs won’t have an emotional breakdown, they will simply ask, “Mommy, what happened to that baby?” You won’t lie to them, will you? If you tell them the truth, these children will leave the intersection with their hearts touched, feeling compassion for the infants torn limb from limb by the choice of their own mothers.
    Do you people want “fuzzy-feelgood” signs along the highway that simply say “Abortion hurts women”? What affect will that have? You might as well put up a sign that says “I think we should get rid of abortion.” NO! We Christians have a duty to stop these abominations to The Lord God! We must act upfront and straight forward!
    I listened to the radio in the car one afternoon. James Dobson had a guest that had done an expirement to expose this awful form of murder. He said he had done an ultrasound of an abortion. He said that as he watched, the baby’s arms and legs were being torn from it’s body. It’s head was being crushed, and it’s mouth was opened wide, crying in the womb, crying for help. Just listening to that moved me to tears. How long will the church let these so called “doctors” continue to kill children? Paul Hill didn’t let them. He didn’t wait for them to slaughter thousands more babies. He was a hero, and he saved eight lives that day when he shot the murdering doctor. I believe that God has given him high honor in heaven for that. (By the way, Paul didn’t commit a murder, he was simply defending helpless infants.)
    I hope you now understand why the Missionaries to the Pre-born have to take these drastic measures.

    Amanda, 12

  • You can have the term “pro-life”. It has become a term that means nothing, just like “choice”, “gay” and “love” have been obfuscated and lost their real substantive meaning over time, so has “pro-life”. You are so “pro-life” Erick and Christy, that when the truth is shown for what it actually is, you cry out against a depiction of what should be INTOLLERABLE. In essence, you are part of the problem because you focus on feelings instead of the problem. Your sentiments are exactly why I do not want to be called “pro-life”. In fact, being anti-abortion is not accurate, because it tacitly deprives the little babies in the womb of their humanity – I am Pro-Justice. It is always wrong to kill the innocent and it is always right to stand up in the face of such justice with unmitigated terms. Being “pro-life” is why we are at the 31 1/2 year mark of legalized baby-murder with no end in sight. PRO-JUSTICE!!!

  • Erick,

    I have sympathy with your position, but I always have sympathy with the anti-abortion protestors too. Yes, the signs are disgusting, but that is exactly the point. No one talks about the actual result of an abortion, and no one discusses the emotional damage may suffer. I think the anti-abortionists are forced to do this because they are getting nowhere.

  • These freaks call themselves the “Missionaries to the Preborn”. I have thought and thought about the spectacle that I saw yesterday, and keep going back and forth from wishing that I had gotten out of the car and pummelled them all, to being thankful that I don’t have children. I would probably have had a car wreck trying to distract my child from the absolutely horrible pictures that were being displayed on the side of the road. Yes, I realize that pummelling these people is not the Christian thing to do. Lucky for me, I’ve been focusing my scripture memory on anger lately, so I started going through the verses and by the time I got through them, I was thankfully past the “activists”. That’s my strategy. If I learn enough verses about anger, I’ll already be out of the situation that provokes me by the time I finish reciting all the verses to myself.

    At any rate, it was terrible, and the idea that we had a choice as to whether or not to look is asinine. No we don’t have a choice whether or not to see the signs. When you are driving, you are required to observe your surroundings. You don’t know what kind of trash and filth is being displayed until you see it, at which time you’ve seen it. This is not a difficult concept to grasp. You don’t know to avert your eyes until you’ve seen the thing that you wish you hadn’t seen.

    Mothers who had their babies in the cars with them had no time to react or make a decision to take another route, because by the time they were within viewing range of the pictures, their children had already seen them. Plus, they were sitting at one of the largest intersections in the city, which means that cars were stopped, waiting for the traffic lights to cycle back to green.

    Why do we allow this crap? You know how sometimes you’re in a situation and only after the fact do you think of the witty comeback that you wish you had thought of when you were in the moment? Well, I talked myself out of getting out of the car and kicking some butt by telling myself that it would certainly NOT be very Christian of me. Then I tried to think of how I would have handled the sitaution if I had been a Mom with children in the car with me. My first idea was that I would have grabbed a piece of paper out of my purse and told my child to “Quick! Jot down this number/word for Mommy so I won’t forget it” and just make up something that would take them a while to write down, or “Draw me a picture of what you did today” or anything to keep them from looking out the window, but short of throwing my child into the floorboards which is what many mothers were doing in attempts to shield their children.

    The thing I’ve decided that I wish I would have done is this: We don’t have to allow these people to force us into listening to and viewing their garbage. Why didn’t I park my car, get out, and see how many other passers-by I could enlist to just stand in front of these people, effectively “blocking” their trash? If they have a right to stand on the sidewalks and street corners, then buddy so do I. Now as I think about it, I can imagine a whole crowd of people, just silently standing shoulder to shoulder in front of these people who were there only to insight horror. Why didn’t I think of it when the time was right?

    Here’s what you can do. These “missionaries” have a website. It’s and they list the locations where they will have these “events”. If you are close to one of these displays and want to do what you can to stop them, take a stand — literally. Stand in front of them. Bring your radio and play Chopin over their noise.

    The thing the rely on is shock and surprise. You don’t know that you’re about to be bombarded with this trash until you’re already in the midst of it. However, if you go online and see when they’ll be near you, you have two choices. You can (at the very least) protect your children and yourself from this by avoiding the area, or you can take a stand in front of them and protect the people who, like me, were taken unaware.

    Do what you can.