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In Macon, Georgia, where I live, there is an epidemic of Asian spas. We have the “China Doll Massage,” the “Tokya Health Spa,” the “Inn of 7 Happiness Spa,” the “Peace and Good Tidings Spa,” the “Taste of Asia Spa,” and those are just some of the ones on my drive into work each morning, which is only 3 to 4 miles.

These are houses of prostitution. I know a couple of well intentioned people who went for a legitimate massage and were told they could pay extra for “added pleasures” complete with a price guide for various forms of sex.

I have heard that these places are run by outgrowths of Asian mafia who bring in indentured servants with the promise of freedom in America if the girls prostitute themselves for a few years.

Well, the lady I discussed earlier, Marlene Gaskill, was kind enough to send me this link. The AJC titled it “Persistence beat massage parlor.” As I’m sure Ms. Gaskill will tell you, prayer beat the massage parlors.

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  • Hello.

    I understand your frustration IF IN FACT you have illegal businesses crwoding your community. However, I wouldlike to highlight that your post may be considered libel and you may be sued (and lose) because of it. You should be more careful what you say.

    To name a business and say that “these are houses of prostitution” is an actionable offense. To repeat hearsay (as you do) is immoral – and wrong.

    Ever wonder why there are so many Asian massage parlors opening up in your area? It an only be because there are many active customers of asian massage parlors in your area.

    I hope you will educate yourself and those around you, instead of promoting hate and prejudice.