At Least They’re Thinking About It

From the New York Times

A plan developed by the Bush administration to deal with any possible outbreak of pandemic flu shows that the United States is woefully unprepared for what could become the worst disaster in the nation’s history.
A draft of the final plan, which has been years in the making and is expected to be released later this month, says a large outbreak that began in Asia would be likely, because of modern travel patterns, to reach the United States within “a few months or even weeks.”
If such an outbreak occurred, hospitals would become overwhelmed, riots would engulf vaccination clinics, and even power and food would be in short supply, according to the plan, which was obtained by The New York Times.

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  • just another reason to scale back spending bigtime.

    Our Party has acted as if their at Ryan’s when it comes to spending.

    We are on the edge of a financial collapse. The stock market has been soft for more than a year. Buffett, Greenspan and others say we are on the edge of a housing bust with serious economic implications. How is the federal government preparing itself to be able to respond to such calamities?

    I thought the market would spring back from its slump due to the demand for hard goods in the gulf coastal region. High fuel costs are stalling this rebound. If the impending epidemic is fact, my hunch is that we are going to be facing very difficult times.

    I’m very disappointed in our leadership. We had many an opportunity to reduce our debt, maintain sound budgets and reduce the scope of government. We’ve failed miserably. We’ve instead have played out of the Democrat playbook of spending like a drunken sailor.

    With the tax cuts spending should have also been addressed. I guess it was, we spent more…