At War With Mexico and Losing

What is more humiliating that getting beaten by the French? Perhaps getting beaten by the Mexicans. Given that, we should expect Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to begin calling for withdrawals from Arizona. Though you or I might not have paying attention, the Arizona National Guard has lost a military skirmish to the Mexicans on American soil.

No, it was not the Mexican military that beat our American servicemen, but drug lords and other criminals.

National Guard troops at an observation post near the Mexico border were forced to flee a group of armed people, who later ran into Mexico, authorities said.

The troops, who are not allowed to apprehend illegal border crossers, withdrew safely and no one was injured, said National Guard Sgt. Edward Balaban.

As President Calderon of Mexico begins cracking down on crime and drug trafficking in the Tijuana region of Mexico, the criminals are spilling over into the United States. Our troops, hamstrung by federal regulations, are not allowed to take action against the incursion or to defend themselves. All they can do is retreat.

If Congress and the President were really taking our border seriously, this would not be happening.

As Investors Business Daily opined,

This underscores just how serious our border problem is — and how unserious politicians seem to be about solving it. From recent flippant comments by Sen. John McCain about the border fence, to a California proposal to grant health insurance to children of illegals, politicians just don’t seem to grasp the consequences of their failure to protect our border.

Al-Qaida terrorists have been eyeing our unfortified border with interest for some time. They must be looking at this rout of the U.S. military by mere lowlife Mexican dopers with pure fascination.

It’s time to fight and secure the border.

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  • It is a horrible thought for parents or loved ones of those who are caught up into the drug culture as users or distributors, but perhaps over time they will implode, i.e., kill themselves off, one way or the other. Of course, it is the residue or fall out of the matter that is so harmful and distructive. National Geographic once had an article about a tribe in South America who continued to use a certain drug and finally was wiped out due to no births in the tribe. If any babies were born, it could be they did not live very long. And yet God is in control, and does turn people over to their own sinful ways. It is sometimes amazing to think their ancestors and ours all came off the same ark, even the ones in Mel’s latest movie!

  • Just spoke to President Bush about this issue and I want to relate his thoughts to you.

    First he appreciates you blogging on this issue because it’s an important issue with importance to the nation. He’s open to hearing all voices and wants you to know that all options are on the table for dealing with this important issue which he appreciates you blogging about.

    He’s going to consult with the people on the ground and listen to their recommendations and then come up with a comprehensive plan which will address this important issue which he appreciates you blogging about. This is an issue which in this post 9/11 world we must win and not surrender on.


  • Yeah Fap,

    I talked to the Pope today to get his opinion on illegal immigration, and he said “God save the Queen.”