Atheist Journalist-turned-Apologist Reveals What Shocked Him Into Becoming a Believer

Author Lee Strobel’s conversion story continues to transform lives, as the former atheist journalist-turned-apologist shares how he ironically found God after going on a quest to disprove the Bible.

Strobel, who was once the legal editor of the Chicago Tribune, set out on a complex and multifaceted quest in the early 1980s to disprove the Christian faith, recounting his story in the hit book “The Case for Christ.”

Now, Strobel’s journey as well as his conversion story is set to be told on the big screen, with a feature film hitting theaters across America next spring. The movie, also titled, “The Case for Christ,” stars Mike Vogel of “Bates Motel” and Erika Christensen from “Parenthood,” and will explore how Strobel abandoned his atheism and embraced the gospel.

The movie is “based on the true story of an award-winning investigative journalist — and avowed atheist — who applies his well-honed journalistic and legal skills to disprove the newfound Christian faith of his wife … with unexpected, life-altering results,” reads a description of the film.

Watch “The Case for Christ” trailer below:

Strobel said in a 2015 interview with TheBlaze that a negative relationship with his father was a key factor in his initial path toward atheism.

“It propelled me toward my atheism. It sent me on a path looking for the kind of grace we know is there,” he told TheBlaze. “We can all imagine the perfect dad, loving and affirming and there for you … and that’s God, but so many don’t have perfect dads.”

It wasn’t until Strobel later went on a two-year quest to explore the Bible and ask questions of theologians that he eventually came to a shocking conclusion: Christianity is real, viable and the most sensical explanation for human existence.

Strobel’s journey into the faith began in 1981 when his wife, Leslie, became a Christian — a conversion that shocked the then-journalist into trying to essentially disprove Jesus’ divinity.

“It was the positive changes in her life that made me investigate if religion might be true,” he told TheBlaze. “I began to look into questions — ‘Where does science point? Where does history point? What about Jesus — did he ever claim to be the son of God?’”

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