Attacking Roger Simon

That’s right, the United Nations is unhappy with Roger daring to criticize the Oil-for-Food scandal while ignoring such brilliant American taxpayer subsidized wastes like UN efforts to build a sustainable future and rebuilding lives in Afghanistan— lives the UN ignored until the United States tossed the Taliban and now seeks to use as a counterpoint to inconvenient stories like UN Peacekeeper rapings of children in Africa, corrupt handling of Iraqi oil money, blindness towards the genocide in Darfur, indifference to North Korean nuclear buildups, stacking the Human Rights Commission with Human Rights violators, and blatant anti-semitism among its staff.

The UN Dispatch, which was established by the UN Foundation, is written by Peter Daou, formerly the author of leftwing drivel at Salon. Being a lefty former Salon writer, Mr. Daou is no doubt predisposed to turn a blind eye to any criticisms of the UN and to have no sense of humor and thus attacks, without any recognition of the point being made, Mr. Simon pointing out that the coverage of his UN-critical posts has generated a lot of traffic for his site. Putting cart before horse, Mr. Daou implies that Roger Simon writes about the Oil-For-Food scandal to generate traffic and completely ignores the obvious fact that tens of thousands of people are turning to Roger Simon’s blog for information about the scandal that the UN refuses to discuss through vehicles like Mr. Daou’s UN Dispatch.

Perhaps Mr. Daou and the UN should spend less time criticizing Mr. Simon for his proper criticisms of the UN and more time firing kleptocrats, rogue regime enablers, and pedophiles.

Update [2005-5-11 14:37:5 by Erick]: Michelle Malkin chimes in.

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  • Of course Mr. Daoueuoueaou has a purity of interest here, not concerned with remuneration for his writings. I had a few ideas of my own on how to get the UN out of its current problems. But in the meantime, the UN should remember its hard to swallow your medicine without first shutting your mouth for a minute.

    PS: Nice comment policy by the way, I hope it works.