Lankford to GOP: Keep the Adoption Tax Credit

In an interview with Hugh Hewitt, Sen. James Lankford (R-Oklahoma) implored the GOP to put the Adoption Tax Credit back into the tax reform bill.

Hewitt expressed said he’d be surprised if the adoption tax credit was eliminated, to which Lankford concurred.

“I would be surprised if it’s eliminated, as well,” he said.”You are correct. [Adoption tax credit] is not just a pro-life issue, it is a pro-family measure that is built into the [tax] code.”

“Adoption is very expensive, much more expensive typically than delivering a child in a natural way in a family. So, there has always been an incentive. We want children to be adopted. We want to actually encourage this connection of families and connection of children in family. And if we can help a family offset the cost, that is beneficial to all of society.”

Lankford, who assumed office in 2015, has been consistent in his support of the pro-life agenda, including adoption.

Lankford joins Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) and Rep. Mark Walker (R-N.C.) in publicly supporting the adoption tax credit.

Conservatives encourage adding Thune Bill to tax reform legislation

Conservatives are encouraging the addition of Sen. John Thune’s (R-SD) New Economy Works to Guarantee Independence and Growth (NEW GIG) Act of 2017 (S. 1549) to the House tax reform legislation.

The legislation was introduced by Thune and Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC) in July.

“My legislation would provide clear rules so these freelance-style workers can work as independent contractors with the peace of mind that their tax status will be respected by the IRS,” Thune said of the bill then.

Conservatives say adding the bill would simplify and update the tax code to bring in order to bring it in-line with the modern economy – making it easier for independent contractors who work on these “on-demand economy” platforms to file their taxes.

“The new and growing gig economy is an exciting new feature of modern life, but it has unfortunately run up against numerous challenges posed by outdated tax law. Tax reforms that account for the gig economy would allow for workers to engage in mircro-entrepreneurship without worrying about running afoul of the IRS,” says Matt Feeney from the Cato Institute.

Jenny Beth Martin from Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund agrees.

“Tax laws not only need to be reformed but they need to be updated to reflect today’s economy,” she said.  “More and more people are working multiple jobs as contractors because it fits their schedule, lifestyle, and financial needs. They can spend their mornings doing graphics or website design while driving for Uber or Lyft the rest of the day, and perhaps even do a third job in the evening. The reform proposed by Senator Thune and Congressman Rice would simplify the tax code for Gig Economy companies and their independent contractors, and therefore incentivize more people to participate and succeed in these new jobs.  There’s no cost to taxpayers and it’s true reform.”

The House tax reform bill was slammed last week by Sen. Marco Rubio and others, who feel like the bill doesn’t do enough to help working class families.

Rubio: Tax Reform Should Help American Families

In an op-ed for The New York Times, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fl.), implores his colleagues in the Senate to work harder to ease tax burdens on American middle-class families.

Rubio, who owed more than $100,000 in student loans after graduating law school, says comprehensive tax reform would allow American families to get the most out of their-hard earned money.

“Tax reform is a key part of reinvigorating the American dream so that couples have the flexibility to choose how to best start and raise a family. The status quo means the cost of having children makes those choices for them, resulting in smaller families, riskier pregnancies, longer commutes from more affordable exurbs and more missed recitals.”

“Families are how our values are passed down from generation to generation. We simply cannot have a strong nation without strong families, and working Americans face a challenge in the cost of raising children that threatens the health and vitality of our country.”

The Senator says that a comprehensive tax reform plan like the one he and Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) proposed not so long ago would do just that.

The plan would double the per-child tax credit to $2,000, making it refundable against the largest tax paid by families, the payroll tax.

Rubio says the House tax plan introduced last week simply doesn’t provide enough relief American families.

“We can begin the work of reconciling our social contract to the realities working families face by committing the resources of tax reform to a robust expansion of the per-child tax credit. Doing so would ensure that lower-income Americans will not be left out of the biggest legislative undertaking of this Congress.”

“Most important, expanding the child tax credit would align our nation’s tax code with what every parent already knows to be true: Raising children is the most important job we will ever have.”

NEW: Anti-Northam Ad Appeals to Black Voters in Tight Virginia Gov Race

A new ad appealing to black voters has is set to hit the web less than twenty-four hours before Virginia elects its next Governor.

The ad, which accuses current Lieutenant Governor and Democrat Ralph Northam of “throwing Justin Fairfax under the bus” implores African-Americans to vote against Ralph Northam.

“Don’t be taken for granted and don’t get played,” the ad reads. “Send a message to Ralph Northam loud and clear. We won’t be thrown under the bus. We won’t stand for Northam because Northam didn’t stand for justice. Our votes matter.”

The PAC campaign is led by a group of black Republicans including former Congressman JC Watts, Star Parker (President of CURE), Dean Nelson, Elroy Sailor, Jennifer Carroll, and others.

Northam was criticized last month when his campaign dropped Fairfax, an African-American Democrat running for Lieutenant Governor alongside Northam and current Attorney General Mark Herring.

Northam’s opponent, former RNC Chairman of Virginia and Republican Ed Gillespie, has been gaining ground in recent polls.

The recent $50,000 ad campaign is sponsored by the North Star Leadership Fund and Frederick Douglass Foundation, and focuses on radio, digital ads, and pamphlets. The ad will be distributed on Election Day, and will focus on polling locations in Northern Virginia, Richmond, and the Tidewater water.

The digital Facebook ad can be seen here.

Democracy for America, a progressive group focused on getting Fairfax elected, withdrew its support of Northam’s campaign.

“Ralph Northam’s gutless, politically senseless, and morally debased decision yesterday to openly backtrack on his commitment to standing up for immigrant families is a picture-perfect example of why Democracy for America never endorsed him in the primary and focused the entirety of our efforts in Virginia on down-ticket races, like Justin Fairfax’s campaign for lieutenant governor. It’s also why, today, we’re announcing that we will no longer do any work to directly aid Northam’s gubernatorial efforts,” DFA executive director Charles Chamberlain said.

Polls in Virginia will close at 7:00 p.m. EST.


BREAKING: Rand Paul assaulted at Bowling Green, Kentucky home

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) was assaulted at his Bowling Green, Kentucky home, a spokeswoman for the Senator confirmed.

Kentucky State Police arrested Rene Bousher, a 59 year-old white male that is reportedly a registered Democrat. Bousher was charged with 4th degree assault, causing a minor injury to the conservative Senator.

“Senator Paul was blindsided and the victim of an assault,” Kelsey Cooper, a spokeswoman for Paul, told The Hill. “The assailant was arrested and it is now a matter for the police. Senator Paul is fine.”

Paul was also a player at the Congressional Baseball Game in July, where Rep. Steve Scalise was critically injured by a gunman.

NEW: Top Charlottesville newspaper endorses Gillespie for Governor

Just days before Virginia’s much anticipated gubernatorial election is set to be held, Charlottesville’s most prominent newspaper has endorsed Ed Gillespie.

The Daily Progress notes the former RNC Chairman of Virginia earned their endorsement for his detailed economic policies that have “has the best chance of leading Virginia to a brighter economic future.”

“Mr. Gillespie’s overall philosophy is that a wise government should support the conditions in which businesses can thrive and in which Virginians can to keep more of their hard-earned money — a premise with which we agree.”

“Mr. Gillespie would promote regional approaches to development, such as GO Virginia; emphasize technology growth, including the tech and bio-tech business accelerator projects in and around Charlottesville; push for “workforce transformation” opportunities to help workers qualify for today’s jobs; collaborate with schools and universities to improve workforce readiness; enact policies to help Virginia businesses capture more venture capital; and advance efforts to create ready-to-build sites throughout Virginia, since many industry prospects are seeking such locations — and competitor states are providing them.”

Gillespie has been gaining grounds over his Democratic opponent and current Lieutenant Governor in recent weeks, leading many to believe the race will be much closer than anticipated.

The election will be held on Nov. 7.

Rubio breaks with GOP, slams House Tax Plan

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL.) said on Thursday that House Republicans are not working hard enough in their attempts to help working class families.

“House #TaxReform plan is only starting point.But $600 #ChildTaxCredit increase doesn’t achieve our & @potus goal of helping working families,” Rubio tweeted.

The former 2016 presidential candidate teamed up with First Daughter Ivanka Trump to boost tax credits to help middle class families.

The proposed GOP plan would increase the child tax credit from $1,000 per child to $1,600 per child.

In an op-ed for Breitbart in August, Rubio called the current $1,000 tax credit “inadequate and inaccessible to some working class families.”

“As the party of working families, Republicans must not let this opportunity go to waste. We must ensure comprehensive tax reform includes specific and meaningful tax relief for parents. After all, families are the fundamental building blocks of our communities, and the health of our society depends on families being able to provide safe and secure homes, raise active citizens, and love their children unconditionally in ways no other social institution can. Families are how values are passed on from generation to generation. We simply cannot have a strong nation without strong families.”

Rubio instead argues the credit should be increased to $2,500 per child, applying it to both income and payroll taxes. Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) has also sponsored this proposal.

Marco Rubio to Virginians: “This election is about you”

On Monday night, former 2016 presidential candidate and current Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fl.) visited Sterling, Virginia, to campaign for Republican gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie.

Rubio, a longtime favorite in the Commonwealth of Virginia, highlighted Gillespie’s conservative principles and dedication to all Virginians.

Gillespie, the former RNC Chairman of Virginia, is running against current Lieutenant Governor and Democrat Ralph Northam.

In his speech, Rubio discussed the importance of the free market, American values, and the diversity of the United States.

“I haven’t given a campaign speech in about a year, so I’m a bit rusty,” Rubio joked.

“[This election] isn’t about the press corps in New York, it isn’t about the press corps in Washington, it isn’t about any of these things. It’s about YOU. And it’s about your future. And it’s about your children’s future.”

In addressing to community safety, Rubio referenced Gillespie’s detailed immigration policy ad commitment to cracking down on gang violence.

“He’s going to work for you. He’s here to solve problems for everyone because he understands fundamentally that it is impossible for our nation and for Virginia to get ahead if we end up leaving anyone else behind. He will be a Governor for all Virginians, and that is something that is interesting that we have to say in the 21st century but we do, and he’s committed to it, and his policies show what is the core of that campaign. The core of that campaign is to keep you safe.”

Rubio also highlighted the conservative principles of former President Ronald Reagan. He also discussed why he became a Reagan Republican, implying that Gillespie’s commitment to fiscal conservatism and traditional values plant him firmly in the Gipper’s camp.

Rubio also referenced the diversity of Virginia and of the nation as a whole, noting it is our differences that bind us together.

“We are endowed by our Creator with the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I’m a Republican because I believe in what our country stands for. That’s why I support the free market. It’s the only system in the world where someone can get ahead without pulling anyone else back. I’m a Republican because I believe that a strong America is good for the world and in America, where people are safe in their communities, it’s good for our nation. And that’s why I just think it’s so important that this race goes where it goes and Ed Gillespie needs to win.”

Jordan Russell, a spokesperson for Senator Rubio’s office, explained why electing Gillespie would be beneficial to all Virginians.

“Ed Gillespie is running a campaign focused on the issues important to Virginia families,” Russell said. “He is a strong conservative who has a vision for economic growth, fighting crime, and making sure all Virginians receive a quality education. Senator Rubio was proud to be in Virginia to help get out the vote for Ed ahead of next week’s election.”

The election will be held on Nov. 7th.