An Open Letter to Marco Rubio

This has gone on long enough. It is no longer funny. It is no longer a joke. The direction things are heading, Donald Trump is all but certain to be the Republican nominee for President. That is, as long as you and Ted Cruz remain in the race as competitors. So I am calling for a united ticket beginning Wednesday morning – the Cruz-Rubio ticket, yes with you Senator Rubio as the Vice Presidential choice. You might balk at that, but please read on before deleting.

For transparency sake, let me say my choice for President is Ted Cruz. I am from Florida. I met you Senator Rubio while you were campaigning in 2010 and in the words of Donald Trump was a YUGE fan. I have your National Review cover signed and framed above my desk. I told you (as I am sure many others did) that you will be running for President next. I also told my father that if you cannot trust Marco Rubio, who can you trust in DC? And let me also say that I, like many others have felt betrayed by you. Having said all that, let me tell you why joining Ted Cruz is in your best interest, contrary to what your financial backers may tell you.

Let’s start with the reality of the situation. Trump is far ahead of both you and Cruz is in this race with no signs of stopping. It seems pretty clear that the only way to defeat him is for either you or Cruz to bow out, but neither of you will because you are playing some high stakes chicken. But the reality is that Cruz is going to come out Wednesday morning having won his home state and with considerable more delegates than you. Is it fair that Texas is two weeks before Florida? Maybe not, but it does not really matter at this point.

So here is my list of reasons why you should call Ted Wednesday morning:

  1. Cruz won his home state, plus 2 others, you probably will not wins yours, but you finally got a victory in Minnesota. Even if you did win Florida, it is going to be too late in the game to stop Trump, your momentum will not begin until March 16.
  2. Even if you can overcome Cruz eventually, Cruz is in the more commanding position right now to have you join him. It would be illogical to reverse the situation.
  3. You think you can win at a brokered convention? Let’s pretend we got to a brokered convention and you did win. Congratulations, the Establishment got their man. You are the nominee winning how many states and delegates compared to Trump? So what is Trump’s next move once you steal the nomination from him… he RUNS AS AN INDEPENDENT! Furthermore, you have angered people who do not want Trump, but very much resent the Establishment handing you the nomination. I do not believe you will become President if the Establishment appoints you.
  4. If Ted Cruz wins the nomination with you on the ticket, but loses to Clinton, the entire Establishment and media will say “see we told you so, just like Goldwater” and you are the heir apparent after whomever screws up America some more. The base and establishment will rally to you in 2020 faster than Hillary can delete classified emails.
  5. If you win the nomination and then the general election, you are Vice President. It may not be President, but again, you are Vice President with political life left. Is it worth a bucket of warm piss? Well that is another issue.
  6. You do not have a seat to go back to in the Senate. If you lose this race, what are you going to do, challenge Adam Putnam for Governor and then run for President immediately afterwards?
  7. And lastly, please do not take this the wrong way, but your financial success is directly correlated to your political success. You have the opportunity to be Vice President now and then run for President afterwards. Again, if the party rallies around you at the convention, after being so far behind, I do not believe you will be President – not in 2016, not ever. The Establishment determining our future is almost as offensive as Donald Trump and you will be branded something worse than Jeb.

Take the lifeboat. Yes you may be able to amass more delegates than Cruz ultimately, but ultimately will be too late. If the Cruz-Rubio ticket is formed Wednesday morning, 95% of the anti-Trump Republicans will rally to you both like we have not seen in decades. Don’t let your financial backers fool you. This is your ticket.

Paul Ryan’s Finest Hour

Does anyone remember the Election of 1860…the monumental election that essentially served as a prerequisite for the War Between the States (for those who are confused, read as the Civil War)? For those of you who need a refresher, Abraham Lincoln won and became the 16th president of these United States. But that is not my point. The point is that this election was not your typical 1 on 1, mano-e-mano matchup. Instead it was a 4-way race, where the victor won 39.8% of the popular vote defeating Douglas, Breckinridge, and Bell. Obviously we have had races since that time which were not just Republican v. Democrat. Remember Bush v. Gore v. Nader in 2000? Bush v. Clinton v. Perot in ’92? In fact, these races happen all the time, the difference is that it is rare for that third party to have a large enough impact, never mind a legitimate shot at winning the White House.

This brings us to November 2016. There is speculation of Trump v. Clinton , Trump v. Sanders or maybe Cruz/Rubio v. Clinton. And there is also some talk of Bloomberg entering as an Independent. With that in mind, consider this scenario.

As of late February, Trump is best positioned to win the Republican nomination. Personally, I still do not believe he will be the nominee, which is why the below scenario is more likely. Let us suppose for a minute that Trump wins the nomination and Clinton escapes Sanders (as well as federal prison). Bloomberg has the best opportunity since who knows when, to come in as an Independent and redefine himself as the likeable alternative to two widely despised people. With $1 billion or more to spend he would probably throw the race to Trump as the story always goes in a 3-way race. But I do not believe this is the likely scenario. Instead imagine…

Trump loses the Republican nomination to Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio because as the field winnows, the majority of the party will back the guy who will stop the Conservative imposter. Let’s say its Cruz, who I personally believe should be (but that’s another article) the guy. So you have Cruz for the Red Team and Clinton/Sanders (what difference does it make) for the Blue Team. Bloomberg still gets in because the Red and Blue teams are still allowing soft drinks to be purchased in grocery stores nationwide. But here is the kicker – Trump gets in as well because the only reason he lost the nomination was because he was lied about and stuff (which is bad) and he will be good, very good and never mind what he said about not running as an Independent.

Now we a have a 4-way battle between (1) the Conservative who used to be a Conservative and is now a Conservative, (2) an Independent who recently said he was a Conservative, previously a Democrat, but now just all around Good Guy with billions of dollars to spend, (3) an Independent, who claimed to be a Republican for a few weeks, but is now pushing the 28th Amendment to ban the manufacturer, sale, or transportation of sugary beverages…with billions of dollars to spend, and (4) a Liberal or Socialist (again what difference does it make) who believes your house is only your house because you stole it from the guy on the street corner.

We could very easily have the first well-funded contest between 4 well-known candidates in 150 years. So what does that mean? It means there is an excellent chance (read as sure thing) no candidate wins a majority of the popular vote. It means there is an excellent chance no candidate receives a majority of the electoral votes. It means Hilary Clinton could win South Carolina and Ted Cruz could win California. It means everything is on the table and the voters in Hawaii might see presidential candidates campaigning in person as every state is competitive. That also means Clinton/Sanders, Sugar-Free Mike, and Great Guy Trump will not be the victor because the House of Representatives will be the ones determining the next President of these United States.

It means this could be Paul Ryan’s finest hour.

But be beware, the War of Liberal Aggression would start shortly afterwards.