Turns Out Americans Overwhelmingly Agree With Mike Pence’s Marriage Values

After the hoopla and media debate over Vice President Mike Pence’s policy of not dining alone with women other than his wife, it seems substantial proportions of men and women actually agree with the nation’s second-in-command.

According to a recently released New York Times poll, 60 percent of women and 48 percent of men believe that it is inappropriate to have a drink alone with someone “who is not your spouse.”

On the flip side, 29 percent of women and 41 percent of men said doing so is appropriate.

And it doesn’t end there, as 53 percent of women and 45 percent of men also said that having dinner alone with someone who isn’t a spouse is inappropriate, though 35 percent of women and 43 percent of men have no problem doing so.

It’s important to note, though, that people seemed to differentiate between leisurely and work-related meetings, as the proportions dramatically changed when the poll asked whether it is inappropriate for a married individual to have a work meeting with a person of the opposite sex.

In the aforementioned case, only 25 percent of women and 22 percent of men find such a work gathering inappropriate. You can read a full analysis of the poll results here.

As Faithwire previously reported, earlier this year, Pence’s personal policy of not eating dinner alone with a member of the opposite sex — comments he made in a 2002 interview that resurfaced in 2017 — created quite a stir, with conversations ensuing over whether his marital rule puts women at a disadvantage.

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Star NFL QB Explains the Secret to His Successful Marriage: Jesus is the Foundation

Los Angeles (formally San Diego) Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is known for many things. Since taking over the reins as starting quarterback in 2006, Rivers has never missed a start, thrown at least 20 touchdowns a season, and passed for more than 4,000 yards in eight of the last nine. He is well on his way to being the greatest QB in Chargers history, and while his records and accolades are readily bandied about, less discussed is his unwavering commitment to his family and his strong connection to his faith. In a recent sit-down with Rock Church’s Pastor Miles McPherson (a former San Diego Charger himself), Rivers opened up about his Catholic upbringing and how his relationship with Christ informs every decision that he makes.

Watch the conversation below:

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The Story Behind a Christian Missionary’s Daring Rescue of Girl Trapped by ISIS

Former special ops soldier and American missionary David Eubank has been on the front lines in some of the deadliest war zones in the world in an effort to spread Christ’s message and save people from danger. Earlier this month, the director of the Free Burma Rangers made headlines for the dramatic rescue of a young girl in Mosul, Iraq, who had been forced to take shelter under her dead mother’s hijab for nearly 48 hours after ISIS tore through her community and killed her entire family. He prayed as he ran:

Eubank and his organization regularly share updates and photos of their heroic work on social media, and the group posted haunting images of this particular search and rescue mission, which recovered the young girl and two adult men—one of whom sadly died in transport—on Instagram.

This week, Eubank appeared on CBN News to discuss his experience in the fight against ISIS. He shared examples of the strength and resolve of both American and Iraqi soldiers, while shedding light on the Bible verse that keeps him going amidst the danger and tragedy.

“I consider myself forgiven by Jesus and blessed to do something. And it was, I believe, God’s power that helped us rescue that girl,” Eubank said of the daring mission that involved the careful coordination of both American and Iraqi forces.

He explained that ISIS seized the village on June 1, killing more than 70 people. The extremists remained camped out and ready to fight off anyone who tried to provide aide to the few remaining survivors. Eubank said that he and his team watched the young girl and other survivors from afar for nearly two days before they were able to swoop in for the rescue. He described the waiting game as “horrible,” and he ultimately ran some 150 yards under enemy fire to retrieve the petrified child, who was hiding under her mother’s burka.

“I just said, ‘Lord help us’ and if I die my wife and kids would understand,” Eubank told CWN. “It’s to save a little girl and I ran and I had to pull her away from her dead mother.”

Through his military service and organization, Eubank has been on the front lines for more than two decades, and there is a particular Bible verse he credits with…

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Christian Baker Discusses Harassment, Death Threats as SCOTUS Debate Nears

On Monday, the Supreme Court ended its most recent session by revealing that it will determine whether a Colorado baker discriminated against a gay couple when he declined to bake a cake for their 2012 wedding in its next term.

The controversial case, Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, gained national attention after bakery owner Jack Phillips declined to make a wedding cake two gay men, citing his Christian beliefs. Phillips said he didn’t refuse the couple service and offered to sell them anything in the store, but he would not actively participate in the couple’s wedding by making a cake specifically for the occasion.

With the SCOTUS is set to debate the balance between religious liberty and equal treatment under the law, Phillips spoke with Fox News about the years of harassment and threats he, his family, and his workers have faced as a result of the incident.

Phillips has grown somewhat accustomed to the lost business, hate-filled online reviews, and nasty phone calls he has faced, but it still bothers him when the vitriol meant for him is—intentionally or not—passed on to others.

“In all of this, the threats against me or disparaging comments, the worst part is that I have to answer the phone so they’re not threatening my wife or my daughter when they pick it up,” Phillips said. “They don’t wait to see who’s on the phone. You pick up the phone, they’re already talking.”

He recalls receiving two specific death threats—one involving his daughter—that were obviously troublesome, but one of the most hurtful moments came when a member of the Colorado Civil Rights Commission compared him to a Holocaust sympathizer.

“Freedom of religion and religion has been used to justify all kinds of discrimination throughout history, whether it be slavery, whether it be the Holocaust,” Commissioner Diann Rice said in a brief. “I mean, we can list hundreds of situations where freedom of religion has been used to justify discrimination.”

The comments hit close to home for Phillips, whose father was severely injured in World War II, while part of a team that helped liberate a Nazi concentration camp.

“For her to compare standing for my faith and not making a cake to Hitler’s…

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These Good Samaritans Rushed TOWARD Danger to Help Terrified Congressmen to Safety During Shooting

Another story to emerge from the infamous shooting on Wednesday morning that left a congressman in critical condition surrounds a husband and wife in Alexandria, Virginia, who helped members of Congress after they fled the scene of the shooting.

The good samaritans — Ben Childers and his wife Elizabeth — live on the second floor of an apartment building that overlooks the baseball field where authorities say James T. Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville, Illinois, reportedly opened fire on Republican congressman and their staffers.

After the shooting began, Ben Childers, 31, rushed outside to try and flag down some of the congressmen who were fleeing across the street, proceeding to usher them to safety inside of his apartment.

Describing the politicians as being “in shock,” he and Elizabeth said they gave the officials their cell phone so that they could call their loved ones. “All they wanted to do was talk to their families,” Ben said.

The impact of the shooting was still working its way through their systems, as Elizabeth said they were visibly shaken.

“Their hands were clearly shaking,” she said.

Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) confirmed to CNN that a good samaritan had let him and his peers into their apartment so they could call 911 and their families.

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‘God is Moving and Doing Great Things’: Massive Revival in Syria Keeps Getting Stronger

A pastor in Syria is speaking out to note that, despite the tragic mass exodus of Christians in the Middle East, there’s a sizable number of Muslims and religious minorities in the region who are converting to the Christian faith.

A man identified only as “Pastor Simon” told humanitarian group Open Doors USA that he feels God has called him to remain in Syria, despite the ongoing dangers that Christians face there.

And while he and his family have been forced to move due to violence, he continues to work to help those in need.

“God is moving and doing great things around us,” he told the organization.

Many of the Christians living in his city have fled, dwindling from 900 at the start of the crisis to 310 today. More specifically, the number of evangelical families decreased from 25 to just three, according to Open Doors USA.

Despite that negative development, Pastor Simon said that he has seen scores of people from Islamic and Druze backgrounds embrace the Bible.

“In the past years, we were able to baptize many people from a Druze background. Some of them were elders in their religion, they were baptized in their religious clothes,” he said. “Also, some believers from a Muslim background were baptized.”

With the help of Open Doors USA, Pastor Simon said he’s able to provide food and resources to help those in need. In the end, he said he feels a responsibility and burden to remain in Syria to help newly minted Christian converts.

“When I see the number of people coming to know the Lord, this puts a pressure on me,” he said. “I know that if I were to leave, no one would stay to serve these people. I pray to God: ‘If we leave, Lord, send someone else.’”

The preacher also offered up some inspirational words — and a powerful reminder — for anyone in the midst of struggles.

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Here are the Two Heroic Capitol Police Officers Who Saved Dozens of Lives

Crystal Griner and David Bailey.

Those are the two names, hopefully, that history will remember from this harrowing day. The disturbed man who tried (and failed) to kill Republicans because he disagreed with them, his name should die along with him.

Here’s David Bailey:

And Crystal Griner:

Bailey has been a federal police officer for nearly a decade and is reportedly in “good” condition.

Grines, according to Heavy.com, is described as a “woman to be reckoned with” by former classmates:

A former college classmate gave that description and said Griner was an athlete with a “lively presence.” Griner played college basketball for Maryland’s Hood College. Regarded as a talented athlete with a powerful determination, it’s good fortune that she was one of those assigned to protect the politicians and staffers gathered in the park on the morning of June 14. Her quick instincts, and those of fellow Capitol police officer David Bailey, may have averted a massacre of many of the nation’s leaders.

House Speaker Paul Ryan yesterday commended both officers assigned with protecting Rep. Steve Scalise. More from USA Today,

Bailey and Griner were among five people injured Wednesday morning when a gunman opened fire on Republican lawmakers at a baseball practice. Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise, the third-ranking Republican in the House, was shot in the hip. The team was preparing for the annual congressional baseball game set for Thursday. The gunman died in the ensuing shootout.

Rank-and-file members of Congress do not usually have security details, but Bailey and Griner were at the baseball field because of Scalise’s role in House leadership.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., a member of the baseball team, told CNN on Wednesday morning the only reason everyone was alive was because of the Capitol Police.

“Our lives were saved by the Capitol Police. Had they not been there I think it would have been a massacre,” he said. “The field, I mean, was basically a killing field.”

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Pence: ‘No People of Faith Today Face Greater Hostility or Hatred Than the Followers of Christ’

On Thursday, Vice President Mike Pence addressed hundreds of Christian leaders at the first-ever World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians in Washington, D.C. Rev. Franklin Graham of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association led the four-day, multi-denominational event aimed at encouraging and empowering faithful Christians at home and abroad.

The vice president began his speech by thanking Rev. Graham and Christian leaders “across this country and across the world.” He then took a moment to honor President Donald Trump, “a champion of the freedom of religion and the freedoms enshrined in our Bill of Rights”:

I’m here on behalf of the President as a tangible sign of his commitment to defending Christians and, frankly, all who suffer for their beliefs across the wider world. I stand here today as a testament to President Trump’s tangible commitment to reaffirm America’s role as a beacon of hope and light and liberty to inspire the world.

Pence went on to address “the courageous men and women … who have stood without apology for their faith in Christ and suffered persecution across the wider world.

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