BREAKING: “House of Cards” Officially Cancelled

The blockbuster Netflix series, “House of Cards” is officially coming to an end.  In the wake of star actor Kevin Spacey’s homosexual pedophilia scandal, it was announced that the show will end after its sixth season.

Netflix’s hit series “House of Cards” is going to end with its sixth and final season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The series began production on its now-final season only a few weeks ago.

Media Rights Capital and Netflix are deeply troubled by last night’s news concerning Kevin Spacey,” a joint statement from both companies released Monday read. “In response to last night’s revelations, executives from both of our companies arrived in Baltimore this afternoon to meet with our cast and crew to ensure that they continue to feel safe and supported. As previously scheduled, Kevin Spacey is not working on set at this time.”

This follows actor Anthony Rapp’s shocking interview with BuzzFeed News yesterday, accusing Spacey of trying to have sex with him when Rapp was only a 14 year old boy.  Spacey invited him to his apartment and got him into bed – even climbing on top of him before Rapp could squirm away and escape.  Rapp says he was compelled to come forward now in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein accusations.  To his credit, Rapp is naming names and not simply making vague, blanket accusations against the whole of a corrupt Hollywood system.  Unless predators are confronted and stopped, nothing will ever change.

Spacey responded with a statement, apologizing to Rapp but claiming to have no memory of the incident.  He writes it off to “drunk behavior”.  Needless to say, his statement was not received well.

The final season of “House of Cards” will be 13 episodes long and air in 2018.

BREAKING: First Charges Reportedly Filed In Russia-Trump Investigation

The first heads may soon roll as a consequence of the Special Counsel investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 election.

A federal grand jury in Washington, DC, on Friday approved the first charges in the investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller, according to sources briefed on the matter. 

The charges are still sealed under orders from a federal judge. Plans were prepared Friday for anyone charged to be taken into custody as soon as Monday, the sources said. It is unclear what the charges are.

As Special Counsel, Mueller has led the investigation into Russian collusion and potential obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump and his associates, since James Comey’s firing in May.  Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller and has ultimate oversight, due to AG Jeff Sessions’ recusal.  Rosenstein would have been aware of the charges before filing.

While nothing is yet known about these charges, it is known that the investigative team has been examining former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, and others over ties to Russia.  So that could be an indication as to who if not yet what.

Following the back and forth this week over the Russia-Trump dossier, this is certain to only enflame the situation even more.  Some will take these charges as proof of Trump’s guilt, and others will instantly scream witch hunt.  But political wishcasting doesn’t make them true or false.  That is the purpose of a trial.

Any charges against individuals should be seen as just that – charges against INDIVIDUALS.  They don’t prove anything one way or the other regarding anyone else.  With that being said, it is not uncommon to have indicted persons flip and start testifying against bosses and colleagues.  So depending on what happens, more dominos could fall and bigger fish could be caught, which may be Mueller’s ultimate goal here.  Only time will tell.

Math Is Racist! – If You’re A Leftist

Math is racist! – at least, that’s according to a University of Illinois Math Education Professor – Rochelle Gutierrez.  In a newly published book for math teachers, Prof. Gutierrez argues that mathematics promotes “white privilege” and brings politics into the classroom through its inherent racism.

“On many levels, mathematics itself operates as Whiteness. Who gets credit for doing and developing mathematics, who is capable in mathematics, and who is seen as part of the mathematical community is generally viewed as White,” Gutierrez argued.

Gutierrez also worries that algebra and geometry perpetuate privilege, fretting that “curricula emphasizing terms like Pythagorean theorem and pi perpetuate a perception that mathematics was largely developed by Greeks and other Europeans.”

Math also helps actively perpetuate white privilege too, since the way our economy places a premium on math skills gives math a form of “unearned privilege” for math professors, who are disproportionately white.

Newsflash: Algebra WAS heavily shaped by the Greeks.  And much of modern mathematics was advanced in Europe.  Gasp!  History is history.  It doesn’t affect any student’s ability to learn math today.

If math discriminates and promotes Whiteness, then why are Asian students the ones dominating math and science programs in America?  It’s not their race.  It’s because they show up to class, do the homework, and study for tests.  What a novel concept!  One that all teachers here used to promote.  Isaac Newton’s discovering Calculus isn’t stopping kids in Beijing from excelling.  Why should it stop kids in Harlem, Chicago, or anywhere else?

Rather than help students improve and prepare their skill sets for life, Gutierrez lays out politically correct excuses to preemptively prepare for their presumed failure.  What a low opinion she has of minority students!  Kids are capable of rising to meet our expectations when we encourage them, whether they’re minorities or not.

Her silliness continued:

To fight this, Gutierrez encourages aspiring math teachers to develop a sense of “political conocimiento,” a Spanish phrase for “political knowledge for teaching.”

Gutierrez stresses that all knowledge is “relational,” asserting that “Things cannot be known objectively; they must be known subjectively.”

So, do the laws of gravity cease to exist outside of white privilege?  Does 1 + 1 = 3 in left-wing safe spaces?

This woman reminds me of the old adage: Those, who can, do.  Those, who can’t, teach.

She clearly cannot DO mathematics, so she teaches it.  But that’s not even completely true, because she doesn’t even teach mathematics.  She teaches how to teach math and can’t even do that right.

She sounds like a walking, talking meme:

“Math is hard!” –  Barbie Rochelle Gutierrez

(Disclaimer: I want to say here that good teachers are wonderful and critical to this country.  My snarky attitude and frustration with Leftist crazies like Gutierrez should not be considered directed at decent, hardworking teachers in any way.  I am irritated that garbage like this is dumbing down America’s future and preventing real teachers from properly raising up the next generation.)

The simple reality is – Mathematics is the human expression of the Natural Laws that govern the Universe, which God established at the beginning of time.  Despite Gutierrez’s bizarre belief that it’s subjective, mathematics is objective and immutable as long as this world exists.  Ben Shapiro likes to say that facts don’t care about your feelings.  Well, math doesn’t care about anything.  It simply is.

Much like a concrete foundation, math undergirds our lives, economy, and world.  You cannot even go to the grocery store or pay your credit card bill without encountering it.  If liberals like Gutierrez cannot understand basic math, no wonder they embrace Socialism and Communism so readily.

The University of Illinois’ interim Provost John Wilikin defended Gutierrez’s stupidity by saying,

The issues around equity and access in education are real – with significant implications to our entire educational system. Exploring challenging pedagogical questions is exactly what faculty in a world-class college of education should be doing.”

Ah-ha!  Now I understand why the University of Illinois is always struggling with its budget and having to constantly raise the tuition.  They’re burning money, paying left-wing activists like Gutierrez to pretend to be professors.

And if “equity and access in education” is such a dire issue for minorities, then why does the University of Illinois go out of its way to recruit students from China, who pay the full tuition rather than minority students from Chicago, who pay the lower in-state tuition?  What hypocrisy!

Despite all her progressive talking points, Gutierrez does ask one good question though:

As researchers, are we more deserving of large grants because we focus on mathematics education and not social studies or English?”

You’re right, Prof. Gutierrez.  We should eliminate those bloated, wasteful grants.  Let’s start with yours.

(Full disclosure: My degree was in Mathematics.  Actual Mathematics, unlike Rochelle Gutierrez.)

Apples, Bananas, and Naked Men In Playboy

CNN likes to promote itself as the one true truth teller in cable news.  The only non-partisan arbiter without favoritism.  The place where facts come first.  (Stop laughing, please.)

In that vein, they released a tweet showing an apple and declaring, “‘Some people might try to tell you that it’s a banana.’ #FactsFirst”

Whoever is in charge of this social media account should really send out a memo reminding CNN staff of this simple truth.  An apple is an apple, and a banana is a banana.

But for some reason, CNN is celebrating the idea of a man pretending to be a woman and posing nude in Playboy.  Claiming to be a “transgender woman”, a man going by the name, Ines Rau, had a sex change operation and is the newest Playboy centerfold.  Yes, the famous magazine of naked women is proudly parading a naked man as its centerpiece for the November/December issue – its first openly “transgender Playmate”.  He has previously worked as a runway fashion model and appeared in Vogue.

CNN should really explain to Playboy that Mr. Ines Rau cannot turn a banana into an apple.  Playboy can say, “Look, an apple!”, but that doesn’t make it an apple.  Everyone knows it’s still a banana!

When someone chops up a banana and throws it in the blender to make a smoothie, it doesn’t stop being a banana.  No one thinks, “Wow, great apple smoothie!”

So naturally, Playboy is getting a ton of pushback from male readers, who didn’t buy a magazine about naked women to look at a naked man.  If someone orders an apple smoothie, they won’t be happy getting a banana-flavored one.  (Now, there is plenty to be said about the moral problems of erotic magazines, but that is for another article.)

In response to its readers not being sexually attracted to other men, the libertine deviants at Playboy decided to really dial up the stupid.  They gave their customers the middle finger and declared themselves “on the right side of history”, which is the catch-all defense for liberals excusing every type of perversion imaginable.

What’s next?  I can only imagine what else these weirdos plan to nakedly display to the world, trying to remain relevant to left-wing activists.

But Playboy wasn’t finished, because in their eyes, transsexual porn is the same as the 1960’s civil rights movement.  The company is comparing this dude to displaying their first black Playmate, Jennifer Jackson, in 1965.  Miss Jackson was met with some resistance back in the day, so Playboy is comforting itself that the backlash to both must be the same.  All critics must be racists, bigots, and members of the KKK.  They even declare in one tweet, “History repeats itself.”



Get that?  If men don’t want to look at another biological man in an erotic magazine, it’s the same as using racial epithets and supporting school segregation.

This analogy is insulting and offensive for countless reasons.  First, Miss Jackson was born a WOMAN!  Second, she was born BLACK.  She had no control over either.  Third, Ines Rau was born a MAN, is still a MAN, and had to have surgery and hormone therapy to electively appear like a woman.  But he will forever have the chromosomes of a MAN.  This whole issue is nothing but virtue signaling to a fringe element of today’s society.

And don’t get me started on Playboy claiming some moral high ground as civil rights activists.  Smut-peddling and exploitation isn’t the same as marching at Selma.  Hugh Hefner was not Martin Luther King, Jr.     

And to cap it all off, Hefner’s son and company executive tweeted:

What are we fighting to accept?  Lies?  Mental illness?  Body mutilation?  Sexual deviancy?

And what is the next cause celebre we will be expected to celebrate “for a more open world”?

Playboy is a desperate, flailing magazine run by a group of crazy, degenerate Leftists.  It’s an indication of how dwelling in sin takes people down a slippery slope into ever greater sin.  Soon, nothing seems strange or wrong.  Logic disappears.  And any rationale can be used to explain the insanity.  Eventually, facts no longer matter, and people insist a banana is an apple.

Hollywood Powerbroker Blames NRA For His Serial Sexual Harassing

Hollywood is a sleazy place.  The powerful abuse the innocent.  The elite manipulate and use starry-eyed fools, looking for fame and fortune.  We all know it, but too often, the bright lights and glitz blind us to the degeneracy that runs through the entertainment industry’s veins.  It is good to have a periodic reminder of the seedy reality that really exists behind the glamourous façade.

Enter Harvey Weinstein as today’s reminder.  The major Hollywood producer and powerbroker is facing multiple charges of allegedly sexually harassing female employees and actresses over the course of several decades.  This professional degenerate and hypocrite enjoyed abusing his power at a room inside the posh Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel.  He would often invite actresses up to meet him there to “discuss” their careers.

Apparently, the incidents were myriad, including:

  • He asked Ashley Judd to massage him and watch him shower in 1997.  Ewww!
  • He was forced to pay Rose McGowan a $100,000 settlement for an unknown incident, just after her big break in the movie “Scream”.
  • He paid out another settlement to Italian model Ambra Battilana in 2015 after she accused him of groping her and reaching in her skirt.
  • He evidently has paid out AT LEAST eight settlements for sexual harassment over the last 30 years.

Geez, Harvey!  No means No!

Perhaps even worse than this, he liked to strip naked and forced his female employees to massage him.  Needless to say, the intimidation of refusing the boss was obvious.  No one needs to spell out the consequences of rebuffing someone as powerful and rich as Weinstein.  “You’ll never work in this town again!” is not just a line from a movie.

This is typical activity from Hollywood elites, who run around screaming about “rape culture” and how men need to be feminists.  They are lying hypocrites, who get away with their deviancy, because of their position and left-wing political beliefs.  Being pro-choice and a “male feminist” mean carte blanche to be the worst womanizing scum of the earth imaginable.

There is no way that his behavior wasn’t well-known.  It was too frequent and for too long a time to be some great secret.  Only now that Weinstein’s actions have become publicized is anyone outraged.  But Weinstein is a major Democrat donor and fundraiser, so don’t expect the publicity or outrage to last very long.

Just like the pedophilia rings in the entertainment industry, this too will be swept under the rug.

In response to the MANY allegations, Ol’ Harvey has released a statement, and it is AMAZING!  You ain’t never seen deflection and obfuscation like this before – well, not since the last national Democrat politician gave a campaign speech.

I came of age in the 60’s and 70’s, when all the rules about behavior and workplaces were different. That was the culture then.

I have since learned it’s not an excuse, in the office – or out of it. To anyone.

Say what?!  This was on-going behavior for the last 30 years.  This wasn’t back in the Summer of Love.  None of these allegations happened at Woodstock.  He paid out a settlement to Ambra Battilana only TWO years ago!

But that’s not all.  It gets better… soooo much better.  For you see, this is not the time to self-reflect and admit one’s failings.  No!  That would be the mature, responsible thing to do.  Instead, it’s time to go after the people really responsible for this terrible behavior.  Because Weinstein’s serial sexual harassing is all the fault of… the NRA.  Yes, he’s full of anger and is going after Wayne LaPierre and the National Rifle Association.

I am going to need a place to channel that anger so I’ve decided that I’m going to give the NRA my full attention. I hope Wayne LaPierre will enjoy his retirement party. I’m going to do it at the same place I had my Bar Mitzvah. I’m making a movie about our President, perhaps we can make it a joint retirement party.

I have to admit one thing – Weinstein knows how to work the system.  He realizes that the fastest way to win back the affection of the Hollywood elites is to spew radical left-wing talking points and attack conservatives.  He’s a consummate manipulator and charlatan till the end.  That’s why he’s survived and thrived in Hollywood for so long.

BREAKING: Rock Legend, Tom Petty, Being Taken Off Life Support

Legendary singer and songwriter, Tom Petty, is reportedly being taken off life support following a massive heart attack.  He was discovered Sunday night in his Malibu home, unresponsive and not breathing. He was rushed to UCLA Santa Monica Hospital in critical condition and placed on life support.

His heart began to work again, but reports say he no longer has any brain activity.  The decision was reportedly then made to pull life support.

His exact condition at the moment is unknown, but it is safe to say that the prognosis is extremely grim.  It is evidently only a matter of time.

The 66 year-old rock legend is known to any of us who grew up in the  late 70’s, 80’s, or early 90’s.  He dominated the music scene as first the lead of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and then with his solo efforts.  He carved out a massive following with hit after hit.  His distinctive sound made his work instantly recognizable the moment it hit the radio waves.  And the psychedelic, trippy music videos stood out on MTV for being bizarrely amazing.  I, for one, will never forget the first time I saw the music video for “Don’t Come Around Here No More”.  Watching Alice in Wonderland being turned into a cake and eaten by the Mad Hatter was quite the freaky experience growing up.  That did more to keep me off drugs than any school anti-drug program ever could.  (And don’t even get me started on the music video for “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”!  I had SOOOO many questions for my father after watching that.)

With hits such as “I Won’t Back Down”, “Free Fallin'”, and “American Girl”, Petty sold millions of records and packed tour venues around the world.  He just finished up his latest tour that honored the 40th Anniversary of the debut of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

He was also a member of the Traveling Wilburys, a late 1980’s supergroup comprised of himself, Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynne, George Harrison, and Bob Dylan.

The loss of such a music icon is truly heartbreaking and feels like the death of an era in many ways.  He was definitely one of a kind in an industry with countless shades of grey.

BREAKING: Roy Moore Wins Alabama Senate Primary Run-Off

Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has won the Senate GOP primary run-off tonight, defeating Sen. Luther Strange.  This election was triggered by Jeff Sessions’ appointment to be Attorney General in the Trump Administration.  Sen. Strange was the former Alabama Attorney General, appointed to Jeff Sessions’ Senate seat by disgraced Gov. Robert Bentley amidst questions of corruption.

Moore and Strange were the two top vote getters in the initial primary election back on August 15.  Since neither got over 50%, they went to a run-off.  The GOP establishment went all-in for Strange, pouring millions into the race on his behalf.  Mitch McConnell, Karl Rove, and other liberal Republicans slandered Moore with millions of dollars in false attacks.  Donald Trump even endorsed Luther Strange and campaigned for him.  Despite all this, Roy Moore consistently led in polling throughout the run-off campaign, so tonight’s result is not a surprise.

He will now face off against Democrat nominee Doug Jones in the special general election on December 12.  As the Republican nominee in Alabama, Moore is heavily favored to win.

Roy Moore rose to prominence in his defense of traditional American values, refusing to apologize for being a Christian and a conservative.  He was first elected as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court in 2000.  In 2003, he was farcically removed from office by the Alabama Court of the Judiciary (COJ) for refusing to remove a statue of the Ten Commandments from the Alabama Judicial Building.  He was elected again to be Chief Justice in 2012.  Chief Justice Moore would again be farcically removed from office in 2016, this time for refusing to bow to the Rainbow Jihad in the wake of Obergefell v. Hodges.

The corrupt GOP establishment believed that Roy Moore and his political career was dead.  Then, he announced his candidacy for Senate.  Then, he won the GOP nomination.  Next, he’ll be US Senator Roy Moore, and there’s not a damn thing Mitch McConnell, Karl Rove, or an Alabama judicial review board can do about it.

We will have a man in office, who reflects the conservative nature of Alabama, rather than the corrupt cronyism that is so common in Washington D.C.  If his past is any indication, he is also a man who is fearless in standing up for conservatism.  Let Roy Moore be a lesson for all of us in what perseverance and conviction can do.

With Bob Corker announcing his retirement and Roy Moore one step closer to the Senate, today was a good day for conservatism.

BREAKING: Sen. Bob Corker Retiring

Moderate GOP Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) has announced his plan to retire at the end of his current term, ending in 2018.

He released a statement today indicating his decision.

After much thought, consideration and family discussion over the past year, Elizabeth and I have decided that I will leave the United States Senate when my term expires at the end of 2018.

When I ran for the Senate in 2006, I told people that I couldn’t imagine serving for more than two terms. Understandably, as we have gained influence, that decision has become more difficult. But I have always been drawn to the citizen legislator model, and while I realize it is not for everyone, I believe with the kind of service I provide, it is the right one for me.

The two-term senator from Tennessee is Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  Before this announcement, there had been some speculation of a primary challenge from the right.  Sen. Corker has drawn repeated criticism during his time in the Senate for betrayal of conservative principles and his support of moderate positions, despite coming from a strongly conservative state.

A long time saboteur of conservative legislation, it would take all day to list the ways he scuttled conservative legislation and broke campaign promises.  But here are a few recent examples:

He was instrumental in passing Obama’s Iran nuclear deal, which has facilitated the nuking up of the state sponsor of terror.  He has also pushed Donald Trump to preserve the disastrous deal, despite blatant breaches by Iran.

He helped kill Obamacare repeal efforts and tried to water down any attempts to repeal its onerous taxes and regulations.  He publicly supported keeping Obamacare taxes, claiming their elimination was a tax cut for the rich.

He backed amnesty, including the 2013 Gang of 8 Amnesty Bill.  He proposed a meaningless amendment to give cover to voting for it.  When the bill ultimately failed, he chastised conservatives for being “demagogues” on immigration.

These are just a few of the big issues, in which he sided with liberals over the conservatives, who elected him.

Corker would periodically make public statements that espoused conservative ideas, but when push came to shove, he was usually a key vote in stopping conservatives and aiding liberals on Capitol Hill.  Suffice it to say, he will not be missed by conservative voters.

Expect a major fight by Mitch McConnell and fellow moderates to keep a liberal Republican in that seat.  Despite Tennessee’s strong conservative voting tendency, it will be a fight to get a real conservative, like Mike Lee or Ted Cruz, in there.

You can read the entire statement below: