Roy Moore; Allegations and Duke Lacrosse

It is dangerous to wade into a hot-button breaking news issue that is less than 24 hours old. Far too often, additional information comes to light which either renders the article meaningless or worse; totally erroneous.

This breaking news about Judge Roy Moore is a bit different, this claim of sexual molestation is either true or it’s not. The Washington Post has additional information it plans on rolling out over the next few days, or it hopes this article will open the door to other women coming forward with additional claims of sexual assault. The other possibility is there are no additional claims against the judge; rendering this an isolated claim from 1979.

The last possibility is this alleged crime never occurred. This is Judge Moore’s position on the matter:

In a written statement, Moore denied the allegations.“These allegations are completely false and are a desperate political attack by the National Democrat Party and the Washington Post on this campaign,” Moore, now 70, said. The campaign said in a subsequent statement that if the allegations were true they would have surfaced during his previous campaigns, adding “this garbage is the very definition of fake news.”

The near unanimous reply from the courageous Republican senators in DC is a qualified “if true” position:

A growing chorus of Republicans, including President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), have called on Senate candidate Roy Moore to withdraw from a special election in Alabama if allegations prove true that the former judge initiated a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old girl nearly four decades ago.

These men know what I know, there is almost zero chance of solid proof appearing which would substantiate this claim. What they are really saying, is if any other women come forward and this turns into an avalanche of sexual molestation claims, we’re on record calling for his removal. Brave men, one and all.

I am not in a postion to offer an opinion of guilt or innocence; however, three observations come to mind immediately.

The first being most men who sexually molest children are repeat offenders. Studies have proven this to be true, similar criminal activity such as the Roman Catholic Church, and Jerry Sandusky have shown a pattern of repeat offenses and the fact that these offenders are monitored post incarceration prove recidivism is a major problem. While a one-time event is a distinct possibility, if the claim is true, it wouldn’t be surprising to soon hear of other young girls being molested. Thus far, the Washington Post has offered a single alleged event. Time will tell if this claim is supported by other women coming forward.

Second, the rape allegations and subsequent prosecution of members of the Duke Lacrosse team comes to mind. Remember the massive uproar which built so rapidly once that story broke? Those young men were almost universally judged to be guilty by everyone. Many in the media immediately piled on with stories and opinion pieces slants decidedly toward the pro-prosecution viewpoint. The story and resulting indictments were written so very convincingly, it was nigh unto impossible not to believe these young men were guilty.

Over time and with considerable effort, those three Duke lacrosse players were proven to be unequivocally innocent. The accusation was a complete fabrication. This was such a debacle, the District Attorney was later disbarred for some of his questionable decisions and actions as lead prosecutor. Rolling Stone Magazine literally paid a high price for their journalistic contributions.

I’m neither defending the judge, or condemning him. I do believe a prudent position, particularly for an Alabama voter, would be patience. If Judge Moore is guilty of sexual molestation, the chances of additional victims coming forward is very possible. I would also keep the Duke lacrosse case in mind. While the story can appear compelling, that case did as well.

Lastly, I would consider the past 35 years. Has the Judge lived an exemplary life for the past few decades?  Are there any allegations of sexual crime that are more recent? If not, then the question is Judge Moore the 32 year old man of which an unsubstantiated sexual molestation claim has been made? Or is he a man that is 70 with over 35 years of  unblemished public service, and proven devotion to his family and faith in his Creator and Savior. While the liberal community might not understand sanctification, Christians do understand the life long road of personal spiritual growth and sanctification, and both value and cherish it.

I’m inclined to take Sen. McConnell at his word, or the flip side of it anyway. If these allegations aren’t proven true, then Judge Moore has every right to continue soldiering on toward the election. Then, the voters will be the final judge come December 12. Neither the press or other politicians should usurp their rights.

In Virginia – The Swamp Voted and The Swamp Won

On the heels of Tuesday’s election, Democrats and the MSM are awfully smug, all echoing the party line that the New Jersey and Virginia Democratic gubernatorial victories foreshadow a 2018 Democratic electoral tsunami.  Concurrently, the conservative never-trumpers are slyly gleeful. To them, this is proof that their endless prognostications that the impending burst of  Trump bubble has begun, with Virginia being Exhibit A.

At a macro level, both conversations seems somewhat on target. However, following the threads down the rabbit hole show facts that not only seem to disprove their thesis, but in actuality negate them.

The New Jersey election can be dismissed quite quickly. If this election weren’t following two terms of a high profile Republican, this would just be another dark blue Democratic state electing yet another Democratic governor. Not only is New Jersey overwhelmingly liberal, Gov. Christie gave the voters no reason to continue to vote Republican. He is brash loudmouth, tainted with a petty scandal involving creating traffic jams at a bridge. Additionally, Mr. Christie evidently thought it was good local politics to be a Dallas Cowboy football fan, and pictures of him lounging in the owner’s box undoubtably didn’t win him the love of Garden State citizens. The results of this race was a simple reversion to the norm. Nothing more, nothing less.

But it’s in Virginia where the facts are misunderstood and distorted. Yes, Democrats came out in larger than average numbers. Yes, Democrats proved to be highly engaged voters. And yes, in some area suburbs went against the norm, and voted Democratic, not Republican. Also, it doesn’t seem Republicans were either enthused or motivated to bring victory to Mr. Ed. Gillespie.

But Virginia isn’t a normal state, and these talking points are too simplistic and distort reality. First of all, Virginia is a blue state. Calling it purple just isn’t correct. It might not be deep blue, but it is at least a nice Carolina blue. While Mr. Trump won traditionally democratic states such as Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania; Virginia went for Hillary Clinton by 5 percent over Mr. Trump. Republican it’s not.

The outgoing governor, Terry McAuliffe is a life-long Democratic Party hack, being tied to the Clintons for decades. He was Co-Chairman of Bill Clinton’s 1996 Presidential reelection campaign, was the DNC Chairman for several years, and was Chairman of Hillary’s first presidential campaign.

But the real issue was northern Virginia demographics. Hillary won this region of the state by over 20 percentage points. Northern Virginia is basically a suburb bedroom community to our nation’s capital; therefore, it’s no small wonder the federal government is by far the largest employer.

There is perhaps no liberal Democratic group more highly aggrieved toward President Trump than public sector unions, which are essentially federal government employees. They are the swamp he is attempting to clean out, and they have resisted him since the beginning. Considering some of the deep state shenanigans, voting against Mr. Gillespie was perhaps the most ethical and legal method of resistance against the President they’ve attempted thus far.

Have no doubt, the deep state hates Mr. Trump. They cannot abide the thought of him in the White House. Whether it’s Mr. Tillerson either clearing out the State Department, or Mrs. DeVos shaking up the Education Department,  or Mr. Pruitt completely rearranging the EPA, or ICE rounding up illegal aliens, most federal employees in DC have been in an enraged snit since election night a year ago.

When you top all of this off with a bland, uninspiring, establishment Republican candidate with deep ties to the Bush family and the RNC, an 8% win for the Democrat is easy to understand and even predict.

These facts, a highly enthused single-issue Democrat base, a much higher percentage of suburbanites voting Democrat and an under motivated Republican base doesn’t mean the final results can be extrapolated to any other state. There are too many distinctives attached to the commonwealth, not the least of which is the bureaucratic deep-state’s hatred of our President.

Perhaps the best way to see these results is as an affirmation for the President Trump. He must be doing something right for these swamp things to have such an abiding animus against him. And it is this continuing rage which will rebound to his favor in fly-over country in 2018. You know,,,where the basket of bible clutching, gun clinging, beer drinking deplorables live?

There’s a Deep South saying: “If you wrestle a pig, don’t be surprised if you wind up filthy.”  Well, the swamp has voted, and the swamp MSM is now cheering the victory as some kind of long-term indicator of Trump ruination. But it’s really just swamp things doing what swamp things do. Nothing more. Nothing less.


Donna Brazile Points the Way Left – Far Far Left

An excerpt from Donna Brazile’s soon to be released book “Hacks – The Inside Story of Break-Ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House” garnered a huge amount of attention this week. To say it came as a surprise to Democrats is an understatement, with the Bernie supporters saying “I told you so!” and the centrist Clinton Democrats shrugging with “This is in the past, nothing to see here, lets move on.”

This short excerpt has been dissected seemingly from every angle; however there might be a couple of take-aways worth discussion. But it is instructive to briefly recap Ms. Brazile’s background. A native of New Orleans, and an early 80s Poly-Sci major from LSU, Donna began in politics right after college. She was an advisor to both Bill Clinton presidential campaigns, and was the campaign manager for Al Gore’s presidential campaign. She was the interim DNC Chairwoman following the ouster of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and  has been described in the 2002 book Gay and Lesbian Americans and Political Participation: A Reference Handbook as  “openly lesbian”.

Suffice it to say, Ms. Brazile is a party loyalist and insider at the very top levels. Which is what makes all of this so startling. The three observations which cannot be ignored are:

  1. Hillary Clinton has been put out to pasture. The party is moving on, and the Clinton family isn’t invited.
  2. Donna has set herself up as the moral compass for the Democratic Party and as the bridge to the minority south.
  3. Perhaps most importantly, the Bernie Sander’s progressive Socialist Neo-Left is on the ascendency, and is THE force to reckon with.

Don’t underestimate the third point. Ms. Brazile has made her living as a southern centrist. When she speaks, people listen, and she has always understood the pulse of the party, and where it is headed.

The discussions about the civil war within the Democratic Party will continue. Obama, Perez and the Clintons’ will continue to attempt to exert control, but in realty for the immediate future, this fight is over. Obama left the party so decimated it has nobody in the wings with the gravitas to combat the Neo-Progressive’s inexorable rise.

This leaves the DNC as a shell of it’s former self, in debt and out of favor. Congressional democrats are in the minority, and almost every pundit predicts this will remain the case for a decade or so.

Putting it bluntly, the Democratic Party is a spent force, with power on each coast, and in a few urban cities. They are fixated on “identity politics” with no inclination to even begin an internal discussion on policy.

This is the culmination of seven decades of rule, each decade becoming increasingly liberal. The result? A Socialist-Democratic Party, armed with a violent military “Antifa”, bleeding labor support at an alarming rate, and increasingly losing at the federal level.

For all of their problems, these Neo-Socialist cannot be taken for granted. The truth is foreign to them, American exceptionalism and patriotism is an anathema to them, and the “ends will always justify the means”.


Why Is The FBI Ignoring A Congressional Subpoena?

The FBI is and has been ignoring a subpoena from Rep. Devin Nunes R-CA, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and has done so since it was issued August 24.

This past Wednesday, Speaker Paul Ryan R-WI announced he supported Chairman Nunes, and stood behind the subpoena 100%:

“We’ve had these document requests with the administration, the FBI in particular, for a long time, and they’ve been stonewalling,” Ryan said in an interview with Reuters. “The FBI and the Justice Department need to give Congress the documents it has been requesting, and they need to do so immediately.”

While it’s always important for Congress to strenuously enforce its outstanding subpoenas, one has to wonder why they are being put in this position by the Trump Administration in the first place.

It is puzzling why a GOP congressional committee is having a difficult time with a GOP led Department of Justice. Attorney General Jeff Session, (a former Republican senator), who was appointed by President Trump, and was the first senator to endorse his candidacy. Furthermore,  FBI Director Christopher Wray had served in more than one role within President Bush’s administration and was appointed by President Trump for his current position.

So, why are two Republicans now serving in President Trump’s administration resisting a subpoena which is seeking information about the Russian Steele Dossier. Which as we all know by now, is a Trump opposition research document, funded by the DNC and the Clinton campaign.

There are a few reasons, which while understandable, cannot be supported nor condoned. Each of these reasons involve one of the players in this ongoing saga:

  1. Christopher Wray: You’d think Director Wray would have no problem complying with the subpoena. He wasn’t there during the time in question, being a a litigation partner with King & Spalding. However, there is no doubt this is going to be a huge embarrassment to the FBI.  It is possible that some in the FBI might lose their jobs, or be demoted. There is no question this is a huge black eye,  and morale has to be a concern for the newly appointed Director. I believe he is waiting on a directive from his superiors at the Department of Justice ordering him to comply. Waiting on an order would give him some semblance of cover inside the department. This would allow him to show he put his people and the department first, but in the end had no choice but to obey his boss at the DOJ.
  2. If that is the case, then why hasn’t the DOJ stepped in and ordered the FBI to obey the House Intelligence Committee subpoena? It is quite possible Attorney General Session, having recused himself from all things Russia and Hillary Clinton, can’t legitimately climb over that Chinese wall in an attempt to push past this imbroglio.
  3. If this is the case, then the responsibility falls to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. As U.S. Attorney, appointed by President Bush, he was the lead DOJ supervisor for the secret FBI investigation into the corruption case. He worked alongside then Director Robert Mueller, and with Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe. Additionally, he appointed Mr. Mueller to his current position of Special Counsel in charge of the ongoing Russian collusion investigation.

It would appear Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein is responsible for disregarding the congressional subpoenas. This wouldn’t be surprising, given the fact that he has done the President no favors since being appointed. His decision to appoint Mueller was hasty at best, at worse it was a shot across the President’s bow. Perhaps he is just another swamp creature inhibiting the administration’s progress.

It is incumbent on the President to order the Deputy Attorney General to obey these and future subpoenas forthwith. This disrespect for the rule of law and Congress gives the appearance of either a chaotic DOJ or a disloyal one. Heaven help us if it’s both.


RINOs in a Vineyard of Sour Grapes

Like the Chaldean King, Belshazzar; Sen. Jeff Flake R-AZ has seen the handwriting on the wall. The difference? While Daniel interpreted the King’s imminent demise, Steve Bannon has shown Flake the end of his political life.

Yesterday, Flake called it quits:

“Here’s the bottom line: The path that I would have to travel to get the Republican nomination is a path I’m not willing to take, and that I can’t in good conscience take,” Flake told the Arizona Republic. “It would require me to believe in positions I don’t hold on such issues as trade and immigration, and it would require me to condone behavior that I cannot condone.”

If he had only left it at that. But like his senior Arizonian colleague, Mr. Flake had to lash out at the President with a mouth full of sour grapes, spewing bile all over the senate floor.

“It is clear at this moment that a traditional conservative, who believes in limited government and free markets, who is devoted to free trade, who is pro-immigration, has a narrower and narrower path to nomination in the Republican Party, the party that has so long defined itself by its belief in those things,” he lamented on the Senate floor.

Make no mistake, Sen. Flake is a moderate establishment Republican who has mimicked Senators McCain and Graham from day one. While traditional conservatism does encompass the values of limited government and the sovereignty of states over the federal government; the senator has only shown himself loyal to the coterie of establishment party leaders.

As such, he has failed to advance any meaningful conservative agenda, instead choosing to align with the Democrats in an ongoing battle to maintain an ussecure open southern border. He has consistently supported the neocon position, voting for each and every defense budget increase, all the while betraying conservative social values in order to further his statist neocon pro-immigation agenda.

What Mr. Flake won’t admit, is the truth about “free trade”.  While free trade sounds great, the U.S. has never truly embraced that ethic and never will. The sad truth is America hasn’t had a coherent trade policy for several decades, if ever.

The Commerce Department has been subservient to both the State Department and the Pentagon for far too long. Both State and the Pentagon have used trade policy as bargaining chips to achieve their oft times dubious goals. This has brought about a hodgepodge of policy and values, which has brought real harm to our economy for far too long.

What Sen. Flake also won’t admit, is his open borders policy is a sop to the Chamber of Commerce and to his home state. It is of no concern to him that free unbridled immigration keeps domestic wages artificially low, and takes job away from Americans.

Make no mistake, it is Republicans like Flake who have inflicted the most damage on our party. They trot out conservative values every campaign season, then promptly go back to Washington and it’s glitz and glamour forgetting and ignoring the citizens they swore to represent.

So, while Sen. Flake can get on his high horse and act so superior to the President and his supporters, in reality his whining is muffled by the sour grapes he’s stuffing in his mouth.

Why Do The Liberals Rage?

“All of civility depends on being able to contain the rage of individuals.”  Joshua Lederburg

That America is in the midst of turmoil seems an obvious understatement. Anger, resentment and vitriol is escalating exponentially, rumor,  conspiracy and scandal appear to lurk around every corner.

As summer recedes into a gloriously beautiful fall, a look back at the last six months shows a time of hostility not seen in our country for some time. That the conservative populist community on the right is angry is undeniable. This anger isn’t new, it has grown from a simmer to a full boil over the last decade or so.

This is anger grown from frustration, frustration of the common U.S. citizen over excessive government regulation, and over the growing stench from the swamp in our nation’s capital. It is anger that comes when hope for the future dims, and when aspirations for one’s children seem too much of a mountain to climb.

Where many writers have erred is in conflating this anger with the happenings on the liberal social justice progressive left. Since the election of President Trump, liberals have morphed from resentment, resistance and anger into rage. Boundless, unlimited full-blown rage.

A rage which has manifested itself into physical violence against those who disagree, judicial violence against the constitution, and immoral violence against centuries of our closely held and cherished Judeo-Christian ethic. It is this rage which is so bewildering at times.

It’s high time to ask ponder the origins of this rage. It is a gross oversimplification to cast this as an anti-Trump thing. The White House changes hands every eight years, and we’re all accustomed to that change, in fact we expect it.

I believe this rage emanated from the hope based on the previous presidency. Former President Obama attempted to fundamentally change America as we know it. He made no secret of it, he bowed to foreign leaders, he fomented racial and class divides, his administration flouted the rule of law and the constitution in a myriad of ways, not the least of which was open borders, and socialized medicine.

The liberal mindset coming into the 2016 election cycle was one of a predetermined path for our country. Hillary would win, and would continue the America leftward movement, would continue to build upon the liberal’s hostility to conservatives, and use a heavy hand to protect any and all liberal gains.

Liberals believe they are better then conservatives and the common citizen. They believe we are a bible-thumping, football loving, tobacco chewing basket of deplorables who lack the intellect to understand what is best for us. They burn with white-hot anger over losing power, and the privileges that go with it. Their belief in central government is all-encompassing, and they believe we ought to trust their hand at the helm of the federal ship. Which means the following:

Their rage is understandable once you realize their God is the federal government. They bow down to the alter of an all-knowing, all-seeing federal seat of power upon which their Queen Bee was supposed to reign.

It wasn’t and isn’t President Trump the person, it is President Trump the Destructor.  It is Justice Gorsuch tilting the court to the right, it is Tillerson reforming the State Department, it is Scott Pruitt completely revamping the EPA, Rick Perry righting the Energy Department ship, Betsy DeVos championing charter schools, and Jeff Sessions’s insistence on the rule of law and a secure southern border.

The liberals see their gains in abortion, and gay and trans rights being thwarted in legislation and in the courtroom, they understand fraud at the ballot box is being challenged, and they no longer have access to the easy money Obama illegally provided via the Treasury Department.

It is as if a crowd has thrown a rope over the statute of their god and has toppled it to the ground. Make no mistake, they hate us for this rebellion against their god. They bubble over with a malevolent rage, and will stop at nothing to stem the conservative populist tide before its too late.

This is why Antifa is allowed to thrive regardless of their thuggish violent activities. This is why the MSM or Democratic Congressional leaders won’t condemn this terrorist group. Don’t be misled, Antifa is actually their military arm. It attacks without reason, accuses all who resist and believes only in their cause.

This is why Hillary was so protected and worshipped, even though she and Bill are so very flawed. It is why Hillary never understood “Its my turn” was such a losing proposition. They can’t fathom the deplorable not comprehending the role of federal government and in turn worshiping at its throne as well.

This is also why Democratic leaders continue to appease the fringe left even though poll after poll shows that to be a losing solution. No longer are they content to hide their true colors, no longer are they interested in compromise, instead they take pride in being “The Resistance”, and as a result have obstructed in every way imaginable.

King David in Psalm 2: 1 ask this simple question:

“Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?”

You see, the people’s rage, and the devising of futile and empty schemes isn’t new. When through several generations, a people trade respect for God’s law and His church, and a genuine sense of shame, for a false god and overt lawlessness; this rage is inevitable.

1 Kings 18 details the wonderful story of Elijah challenging the false prophets of King Ahab, pitting them against the one true God. Just as the false prophets were worked into a rage as the impotence of their false god Baal was exposed, so liberals today burn with the same rage at all who would deny the omnipotence of their federal god.

This rage exist where there is no grace and ultimately no hope. It is a rage built upon the importance of self, and is woefully lacking in love for others. It is the prideful hubris of social justice rather than the works of kind and faithful stewardship. It is joyless, empty and dark, built upon shifting sands presenting a perilous future.

Yes it’s true, we are in an age of rage. But we don’t have to succumb to that same destructive rage. We can be angry and yet have hope and love. We can demand change and yet have patience. Also, and most importantly, we can preach truth to power and still have love.

It would be far better to have civility in our political discourse, sadly though for now, the people rage. However, as the Psalmist King David answered in verse 4:

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.

O’Care: Teddy, Scott and the Blue Dog Democrats

This past Friday, true to his campaign promise, President Trump’s administration removed a key Obamacare birth control requirement. 

The Trump administration on Friday rolled back an ObamaCare requirement that employers include birth control coverage in their health insurance plans. Under highly anticipated rules published Friday, any for-profit or non-profit employer or insurer can stop following the birth control mandate on moral and religious grounds. The changes also let publicly traded companies obtain a religious exemption but not a moral one. The rules take effect immediately. The changes follow an executive order President Trump signed in April that instructed the Department of Health and Human Services to address “conscience-based objections” to the mandate, which has faced strong opposition from religious schools, charitable organizations and priests and nuns. The decision is a big win for social conservatives, a voting bloc that strongly supported Trump in the presidential election.

Within hours, liberal organizations were announcing plans to file lawsuits with the intent of obtaining an injunction barring the government from removing the birth control mandate.

The action has already drawn lawsuits. Both the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Women’s Law Center said Friday  they would challenge Trump administration’s changes in court. “Today’s outrageous rules by the Trump Administration show callous disregard for women’s rights, health, and autonomy. By taking away women’s access to no-cost birth control coverage, the rules give employers a license to discriminate against women,” said Fatima Goss Graves, president and CEO of the NWLC. “This will leave countless women without the critical birth control coverage they need to protect their health and economic security. We will take immediate legal steps to block these unfair and discriminatory rules.”

The game plan for challenging the administration’s removal of the birth control mandate is highly flawed and specious. This leaves liberals and the MSM with little choice but to attempt to control the narrative through deception and historic revisionism. This is the backstory they don’t want you know, and hope the courts won’t consider.

Along with President Obama being elected in 2008, the country also chose to give the Democrats a majority in the House of Representatives, and a 60 seat super-majority in the Senate.  The super-majority in the Senate meant the president could virtually get any legislation he wanted passed. He wanted healthcare legislation, and in the spring of 2009, both the House and Senate began work in various committees with the goal of producing a comprehensive healthcare bill.

But, along the way they hit a major roadblock. On August 25, 2009, Sen. Ted Kennedy D-MA died of brain cancer. By that time the Tea Party movement had gathered steam and had become a major voice opposing any national healthcare legislation. In January 2010, a Republican, Scott Brown won the Massachusetts special election to replace the late Sen. Kennedy.

The Senate no longer had a Democratic super-majority, putting healthcare legislation at very real risk of failure. Senate Republicans were in lockstep vowing to filibuster any healthcare legislation, and this forced the Democrats to find another avenue for passage of one of President Obama’s major campaign promises.

Enter Budget Reconciliation. This seemed to be an ideal path for Democrat success because any bill coming from the House of Representatives to the Senate through this method required only a simple majority for passage. But this path also had potholes, and those were very real threats to the party leadership.

While the Democratic Senate leadership was working to solve several objections from various Democrat senators, Rep. Bart Stupak D-MI was leading a small pro-life Democratic caucus, and their demands were centered around eliminating all federal funding for abortion, abortion counseling, and any birth control mandate. Coupled with the Republican members of the House, this small group had the leverage to kill the bill.

In order to bring these Blue Dog Democrats back into the fold, the President and Nancy Pelosi agreed to their stipulations. It was only after the bill passed, that these pro-life Democrats realized party leadership had lied to them, and had crafted a bill which  allowed the Secretary of Health and Human Services the latitude to implement a birth control mandate within Obamacare.

Back to the present. An Executive Branch mandate isn’t law, rather it’s part of the Executive Order category. Rolling it back requires nothing more than another Executive Order, which happens routinely when the next president takes office.

The MSM, liberals and the Democratic Party Leadership will begin their campaign of deceit making various claims, none of which are actually based on legal grounds. They are following a staged script, one which no doubt will end up at the Supreme Court.

First, some liberal organization will find a liberal federal judge sympathetic to their cause, and will file suit for an injunction seeking to preserve this mandate. The Executive Branch will appeal, and one way or another this will end up in the Supreme Court.

It is highly doubtful this will end up in success for Democrats. The Supreme Court gives far too much weight to the Chevron Doctrine.

In its 1984 decision, the Supreme Court said that when Congress passed a law that did not have a clear meaning, courts should defer to the federal agency applying the law unless its interpretation was unreasonable. The court reasoned that experts at agencies had been trusted by Congress to make informed decisions. This has become the doctrine. In the decades since, courts have commonly deferred to agencies not just on the environment but in areas touched by laws such as the Federal Communications Act and the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

While this will be red meat for the far left, this is just another issue which will push mainstream Americans away from their party.  Once again, the fringe is controlling the party, giving Republicans a very real Nancy Pelosi issue to run against.

The bottom line is they mishandled the entire legislative process in passing Obamacare, and now that incompetence is coming back at them with a vengeance.

Liberals and MSM: Resistance or Elimination?

You brood of vipers! How can you speak good, when you are evil? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Matthew 12:34

Whether it’s the murder of the unborn, facilitating the abuse of young girls in a public restroom, or promoting violence through Antifa, the liberal faction in this country have shown a total lack of conscience, a failing of the American ethic of morality.

It is this lack of moral compass that allows liberals to push their agenda so stridently and aggressively, in their mind anyone or anything that stands between them and their agenda has to be eliminated. The problem conservatives have with this fact is disbelief. It is so difficult for someone with a Judeo-Christian ethic to comprehend such a wicked seared conscience in a human being.

Once again, we are presented with fact. Undisputed, undeniable cold hard fact engraved on stone via social media. Once again, the MSM has reacted with a gigantic yawn. Nothing to see here conservatives, move along. It is this reaction which should be the final proof, the real smoking gun proving without a shadow of doubt liberals views conservatives as a dangerous enemy.

Following the tragedy in Las Vegas, Hayley Geftman-Gold, CBS News Vice President and Senior Counsel tweeted the following;

“If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that Repugs will ever do the right thing,” wrote Geftman-Gold on Facebook, perhaps referring to Sandy Hook. “I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans often are Republican gun toters.”

Ms. Geftman-Gold was fired by CBS News on Monday, with CBS releasing the following statement:

“This individual, who was with us for approximately one year, violated the standards of our company and is no longer an employee of CBS. Her views as expressed on social media are deeply unacceptable to all of us at CBS. Our hearts go out to the victims in Las Vegas and their families,”

This is just about as tepid a response as can come out from a major corporation:  “violated the standards”? “views expressed are deeply unacceptable”? 

How about “violated” every known moral norm known to mankind. How about so clearly heinous that firing this young lady seems not to be enough. How about this individual has shamed each and every one of us working here at CBS News, and we are abjectly apologetic.

This isn’t the first time CBS News has shown their true colors though is it?

CBS has a history of hostility towards Republicans. Shortly after the attack on the GOP congressional baseball team gravely injuring Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise in June, former CBS anchor Scott Pelley questioned whether the shooting was “foreseeable, predictable and to some degree, self-inflicted.”

There are two points to this story which should be sickening to each and everyone of us.

This first point is the boldness in which Ms. Geftman-Gold made this on Facebook. Think about this for a moment. She is a vice-president at a major news corporation with a global reach. Not only a vice-president, she’s a lawyer for CBS News. Not only a lawyer for CBS News, she’s Senior Counsel. For a senior lawyer at a global organization to ignore every social more and organizational protocol to make such a shocking statement shows the freedom she felt in making it. Without a thought of being fired, without a consideration of offending fellow executives, you can only come to the conclusion she felt totally safe in posting those comments.

The second point is just as shocking:

Not only did this post show how secure in her job she must have felt, it also exposed the whole of CBS News. It is a certainty Ms. Geftman-Gold didn’t feel like an outlier when posting this wicked comment. She had to have considered herself among like-minded liberals. Members of the resistance who wouldn’t be and weren’t offended, but would chuckle knowingly and secretly wish they had been the ones posting such a delicious riposte. You see, Ms. Geftman-Gold posted this comment to friends and fellow employees who think exactly as she does. She wasn’t alone with this evil emanating from her heart, she was and is the norm. Ask yourself how many Democratic politicians have rushed out to condemn her and CBS News.

Finally, do not be confused. This is not resistance of conservative christian thought and ethic, this is destruction of the conservative Judaeo-Christian ethic in its entirety. Those at CBS News, those liberals in Congress, those socialist democrats attacking peaceful assembly all across America, they are only interested in our total elimination. Reduce the First Amendment to nothing, void the Second Amendment, and step by step eliminate all of who we are.

If you think this is Chicken Little hyperbole, then go back and read that post one more time. See it for what it is, a hate-filled miniature manifesto condoning the murder of well….you. In all probability, just about everyone who will read this article. Then consider how weak the CBS News response was, it was so evident their hearts weren’t in it. I wonder how long it will take before some other liberal organization moves to employ Ms. Geftman-Gold. Of course, unless we hear it from Fox News, it won’t be on TV.

We are the enemy, and they aren’t even remotely timid about proclaiming that fact. I fear these liberals will only grow more and more bold in their wicked desires to control America. Turns out, we might have to become The Real Resistance after all. Brood of vipers indeed.