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What Nearly Dying Taught Me About Politics & Family – Erick Erickson

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“How to Run For Office” is a weekly Podcast published at My Campaign Coach!

Creating a resurgent culture includes encouraging men and women of principle and faith to run for office. My Campaign Coach helps make that happen!

Erick’s ICU doctor thought the chart he was looking at was for a corpse. Erick should have been dead. He’s been working in politics for more than a decade, but that experience taught him more about making an impact than any campaign study.

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One of my favorite things about being involved in politics is the incredible relationships you get to build. I’ve known this week’s guest for nearly 8 years now and he’s been an incredible supporter of the work we’re doing at My Campaign Coach.

Erick Erickson is a recovering lawyer and former editor of Redstate. He currently runs, is host of the Erick Erickson Show on the nation’s most listened to news/talk station, WSB Atlanta and a contributor at Fox News. Additionally, he’s one of the chosen few who get to fill in for Rush Limbaugh behind his golden microphone.

The Atlantic magazine named Erick the most powerful conservative in America and the Hollywood Reporter called him the most influential conservative blogger on the internet.

He’s also an author and we’ll spend some time talking about his latest book, ”Before You Wake: Life Lessons from a Father to His Children“.

Erick has been observing, supporting, advising and commenting on political campaigns for most of his adult life. It’s an arena within which he’s built an incredible reputation. But he was also a candidate himself and won a seat on the Macon, GA City Council. Georgia’s 4th largest city.

Erick is a good man, a great friend and somebody I’m always happy to hop in a political fox-hole with.

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Winning the Media War with Alice Stewart

CNN’s Alice Stewart knows how the Media War is won

This week’s guest has been in the inner circle of more presidential campaigns than anyone we’ve had on the podcast…and probably more than about anybody I know!

Alice Stewart has worked for Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz. After Senator Cruz’s exit from the Presidential race, Alice joined CNN as a political commentator.

If you turn on CNN or log into Twitter, chances are that you won’t have to wait long before you find Alice providing poignant commentary on the political issues or campaigns.

As we got to know each other during the Cruz campaign, I quickly came to like and respect her for the way she handled herself and the media. She keeps her wits about her under fire and always treated those around her with respect.

She has an incredible wealth of knowledge to share with us and I’m excited to have her on the show to talk about crisis communications and how to work with the media.

You want to push your Message, Momentum and make it Memorable – Alice Stewart

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“How to Run For Office” is a weekly Podcast published at My Campaign Coach!

Creating a resurgent culture includes encouraging men and women of principle and faith to run for office. My Campaign Coach helps make that happen!

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How Trump’s Digital Team Broke the Mold in 2016

Love him or hate him, Trump’s campaign was a new animal. Today we’re talking with his Director of Digital Content about how they won the Presidency!

2016 was definitely a unique year in politics and we’ve talked to alumni of a couple different presidential campaigns here on the podcast. But we haven’t had the opportunity to sit down with anyone who served on the yugely successful campaign of President Donald Trump. Today we get to fix that!

Before we do, I want to remind y’all that we’re in the process of releasing a couple new free campaign resources through our website and launching our highly praised Advanced Candidate Course as a self-paced online class with live q/a. If you want to be a better candidate or run a stronger campaign, go to, check out our resources and sign up for our weekly tips email!

Now to the interview.

With a strong background in digital media strategy, implementation, writing, marketing and content creation, Theresa Hong brings more than 15 years of agency, private, nonprofit and government industry experience, creating and managing numerous marketing, digital marketing, communications and political campaigns.

While one of Theresa’s favorite components of working with clients is the opportunity to sit, listen and collaborate, she is the first to admit she is a proud sci-fi and tech geek – most notably, she loves integrating technology to relay powerful messages, fast.

Theresa finds satisfaction that the world of communications has managed to preserve the art of face-to-face relationship building, traditional media and advertising, while intertwining this art with the power of digital media. The power to share an idea, tell a story, and instantly disperse the message that, if done right, has the potential to promote action and change behavior is one of the many reasons why Theresa loves what she does.

In her past lives, Theresa has served as an account executive managing a variety of diverse clients for McNally Temple, a political consulting agency located in Sacramento. She’s also served as communications and digital media director for a California state senator, as well as worked in the tech and energy industries. In 2016, Theresa served as digital content director for the Donald J. Trump for President Digital Media Campaign and Presidential Inauguration Committee.

Right now, Theresa is the Senior Vice President of Communications for Political Branding Associates, where she works closely with Bonnie Siegel, who was our guest a few weeks ago.

A San Antonio native, she’s incredibly happy to be back in the Alamo City – where her heart and family reside. After hours, you’ll probably find her being a tourist in her hometown, accidentally photo-bombing families in front of the Alamo.

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“How to Run For Office” is a weekly Podcast published at My Campaign Coach!

Creating a resurgent culture includes encouraging men and women of principle and faith to run for office. My Campaign Coach helps make that happen!

Ted Cruz’s Brand Strategist Talks Campaign Branding and 2016

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“How to Run For Office” is a weekly Podcast published at My Campaign Coach!

Creating a resurgent culture includes encouraging men and women of principle and faith to run for office. My Campaign Coach helps make that happen!

Branding played a definitive role in both the 2016 Republican Primary and the General election and it’s changed the way we view campaigns.

I’m excited to have Bonnie Siegel joining us this week to discuss campaign and candidate branding. She first crossed my radar screen due to her incredible work on the Ted Cruz for President campaign and I’ve become increasingly fascinated with her work.

In 2015, Bonnie became the first person to utilize and successfully implement a new strategy that inevitably changed the game in campaign management – political candidate branding – a crucial ingredient for a successful campaign.

Bonnie works with political campaigns and teams, leading, guiding, melding, creating, implementing, managing and ultimately bringing to market a candidate’s political brand identity.

Additionally, Bonnie is responsible for steering advance teams, overseeing and executing campaign and donor events, reviewing messaging, content and marketing material, and providing campaign merchandise consulting.

We’re going to talk about the work she did pioneering this facet of campaigns, how she deployed it so successfully on the Cruz campaign and get her advice on how you can use those same strategies and tactics on your campaign.

Check out some of the other podcasts we’ve done with Cruz Campaign Alumni: Chris WilsonJon McClellanDr. Mark CampbellJohn LappeJosh Perry and John Drogin.

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Connect with Bonnie Siegel on Twitter, LinkedIn, or on the Political Branding Associates website.

Check out and subscribe to her blog on for some great insights on branding your campaign!

Many thanks to Dave Kaup Photography for allowing us to use the wonderful portrait he took of Bonnie on the campaign trail!

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Texas Republicans Sell Out the Free Market

Warren Buffett is getting a special carve-out that smells rotten…

But grassroots organizations across the state are pushing back!

Last Monday, Warren Buffett met with Texas Governor Abbott and Lt. Governor Patrick. Hours later, the “Buffett Bill” was born. This would be remarkable at most points of the legislative cycle but because the deadline for filing new bills was weeks ago, the Texas Senate had to use emergency powers to file the bill. Since filing, the bill passed every hurdle and is slated for a floor vote in what amounts to record time.

One might be forgiven for assuming that in a Red State with Republicans running the show, any major emergency item might be at least reasonably conservative and support the free-market. However, you’d be wrong.

Carve-Outs for Billionaires are Not the Answer

The Buffett Bill is aimed at writing an exception into Texas’ arcane auto-manufacturer/dealer laws that will allow the automotive companies that he owns to operate fully in Texas. I’ve written before about the need to gut these laws, but giving special carve-outs to individual companies only compounds the special-interest fueled problem.

JoAnn Fleming, one of Texas’ strongest grassroots conservative leaders, told the Texas Tribune,

I do have a problem with a gazillionaire blowing into Texas and meeting with our officials and suddenly a bill gets fast-tracked. Republicans all run on being free-market people except where there’s an asterisk, and then there’s a bunch of exceptions.

True Free-Market Legislation is the Answer

Fleming is not alone. 32 organizations and 60 prominent conservatives from across Texas signed on to an open letter addressed to Mr. Buffett. It’s worth a read and makes a clear argument for what the Legislature should do:

Dear Mr. Buffett,

Thank you for drawing attention to Texas’ protectionist auto dealership laws. For decades, the auto dealership lobby has funneled millions of dollars into the campaign coffers of politicians who claim to be free market champions in order to protect dealer markups from the free market. Welcome to the fight.

Unfortunately, we have concerns about your proposed solution. While we agree that ownership of an RV production facility should not preclude ownership of an auto dealership in Texas, your turbo-tracked SB 2279 by Texas Republican Sen. Kelly Hancock offers limited relief – much too limited.

Senator Hancock’s bill relies upon what Ross Ramsey of the Texas Tribune called “the kind of distinction lawyers are paid to conjure” to allow a politically favored entity access to the Texas auto market. If this bill were to pass, Texas consumers would still be held hostage to the dealer markup of the auto sales lobby. Too bad for us – right, Mr. Buffett?

While other industries are allowed to innovate and modernize, creating efficiencies, saving consumers money, and improving customer service, the Texas auto industry remains stuck in the past. Worst of all, they rely on government protection to maintain their monopoly. Yes, the reality is that most of our Texas politicians who claim to be free market champions are happy to engage in protectionism and to use our tax dollars to pick winners and losers.

In picking winners and losers, politically directed allocation of capital impoverishes us all. As the Texas Public Policy Foundation explains in their 2016 publication Policymaker’s Guide to Corporate Welfare: “proponents of corporate welfare suffer from a false belief in central planning. They believe that either they or government planners can best determine the [business model] that has the best chance of success, which jobs and products best supply society’s needs, and where best to expend scarce supplies of capital. They believe that they just can’t sit back and let the economy take care of itself; they have to take money and property from citizens in order to solve the citizens’ problems for them.” This special interest-laden intermingling of business and government inevitably begets fewer jobs and a higher cost of living.

Fortunately, Mr. Buffett, a better alternative exists. SB 2093 and HB 4236 have been filed in their respective chambers by free market champions Texas Sen. Bob Hall and Texas Rep. Jason Isaac. These direct sales bills would repeal the laws in question. If those bills were to pass, you would be able to own dealerships in Texas,while Texas consumers would benefit from more options at lower prices. It’s a win/win or what economists call a “positive sum outcome.”

Unlike your special SB 2279, which was written, filed, and passed out of committee in three days’ time – more than a month AFTER the official deadline for filing bills – these clean “no carve-out, no special perks” direct sales bills have been languishing in committees chaired by Texas Sen. Kelly Hancock and Texas Rep. John Keumpel. The opportunity still exists for these free market alternatives to cross Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk. Your support for SB 2093 and HB 4236 would be greatly appreciated.

Mr. Buffett, we are just ordinary Texans fighting to keep some of our hard-earned money through true free market choice, unhampered by government meddling. Since you obviously have much more influence over our state officials than we do, we ask for your help in passing the direct sales bills that would benefit all Texans.

Noted philanthropist that you are, your assistance in passing SB 2093 and HB 4236 in the Texas Legislature is eagerly awaited.

Quit Picking Winners and Losers!

Every single Republican in Texas says they want to see crony capitalism stopped and an even playing field for all…but they they’re elected and try to pull these kind of shenanigans down in Austin.

It’s time for this to stop.

My Campaign Coach Podcast Interview - How to Run for Office with Rick Green

Building a Political Legacy by Training Young Conservatives

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“How to Run For Office” is a weekly Podcast published at My Campaign Coach!

Creating a resurgent culture includes encouraging men and women of principle and faith to run for office. My Campaign Coach helps make that happen!

Rick Green’s Legacy is Going to Be Training Patriots and Equipping Future Candidates for Public Service.

Today’s interview is a special one for me because I’m talking with somebody who has had an enormous impact on my career. His recommendation shortly before I graduated opened the door to my first job and his mentorship has been of incalculable value to me both before and after that point.

Rick Green an attorney, author, former elected official, father, mentor, radio host, inspirational speaker, and soon he going to be a grandfather.

The work that Rick and his family have done to promote our nation’s founding principles has been a great source of energy within the conservative movement.

Beyond the incredible family that Rick and his beautiful bride Kara have raised, I believe his greatest legacy is going to be the organization that first cemented our friendship, Patriot Academy.

Over the 14 years that Patriot Academy has been training patriots, they’ve turned out hundreds of motivated, principled conservatives who are impacting policy and campaigns across the country.

Links from the Podcast:

Connect with Rick on Twitter and Facebook! Check out the Patriot Academy website as well as for more info about what Rick and his amazing family are up to.

Important Time Stamps and Descriptions:

00:00 Podcast Introduction

00:50 Rick Green Background

02:52 How Rick Green became involved in Politics

07:00 What was it like becoming a State Representative at 27 years old?

08:41 How do I know if I should wait before running for office?

17:40 What are some of the top lessons you learned during your time in the State House?

24:24 How did Patriot Academy come about and why did you start it?

29:58 How big is Patriot Academy at this point?

31:51 What can I learn at Patriot Academy?

37:42 Can people still apply to attend Patriot Academy this year?

45:28 How Patriot Academy can help you

52:19 Where can people connect with Rick Green online?

54:36 Final words of Wisdom from Rick Green

56:30 Adios and outro

Video: Oklahoma Congressman’s Town Hall Outburst

Bald-faced lies and uncontrolled outbursts are unacceptable from a child, let alone a Congressman.

At least a Congressman should know better!

3rd term Congressman Markwayne Mullin, however, continues to lower the expectations bar. Between a recent town hall rant and laying the groundwork to break his term-limit pledge, Rep. Mullin is showing unbounded contempt for his constituents.

“That’s bull crap. I paid for myself”

Holding town hall meetings during Congressional recess provides Representatives with an important opportunity to hear directly from their constituents and give them an unvarnished appraisal of what is going on in DC…But Markwayne Mullin’s constituents got more than they bargained for when they showed up for the meeting in Jay, Oklahoma last week.

While responding to a constituent’s question, Mullin further solidified a reputation for condescension by telling Oklahoma voters that he owes them nothing, because his lifetime taxes paid exceed his Congressional salary.

You said you pay for me to do this? That’s bull crap. I paid for myself.

The video above isn’t the only time that Rep. Mullin has tried to tell his constituents that he doesn’t owe them anything. Apparently he’s made a habit of using that line but it’s only recently become widespread in the news.

As an Oklahoma voter pointed out on Markwayne’s Facebook, “A man who believes that he is paying his own way in Washington will never feel obligated to represent the needs of his constituents. He only works for himself and therefore cannot lead.”

Since the outburst, Rep. Mullin’s constituents, news outlets and even international attention have all weighed in and the response is unanimous: Rep. Mullin needs a civics lesson.

Lying is Apparently OK if God Tells You To…

During his first campaign for Congress, Mullin gained significant traction as a result of a 3 cycle term limit pledge. If elected, Markwayne promised that he would only run for two subsequent terms, capping him at 6 years as a Representative…Well, he’s laying the groundwork to break that pledge by running a 4th time…and he’s blaming God for the lie

Oklahoma has a growing tradition of legislators self-imposing term limits on themselves. Sen. Coburn is a great example of this, both during his tenure in the House and Senate. Oklahomans repeatedly rewarded his conviction and Dr. Coburn stayed true to his word. In fact, Dr. Coburn endorsed against Rep. Mullin in the 2016 primary race in large part due to the fact that Mullin was already back-tracking on his term-limits pledge.

Recently, Mullin has filed his 2018 Declaration of Candidacy with the Federal Elections Commission, further stoking the idea that he plans to officially break his word.

Through it all, Mullin’s staff have pushed the narrative that basically amounts to, “He hasn’t broken his word YET!” At the same time, they are putting out statements declaring that Mullin wants to “be a career legislator.

The fact of the matter is that if Rep. Mullin had an ounce of conviction, related to keeping his word, he would have done what Rep. Bridenstine last cycle and clearly stated that he would be keeping his promise and not seeking another term in 2018. All this waffling and blaming God for encouraging him to lie is absolutely embarrassing.

Mullin is Everything Wrong with DC

Rep. Mullin is a prime example of everything wrong with Washington, DC. His word can only be counted on if it currently aligns with his personal best interest. From his ignorance of basic civics and absence of even an ounce of humility to his casual relationship with the truth, there is no doubt that Oklahoma’s 2nd District deserves better than Rep. Mullin has to offer.

EXCLUSIVE: Poll Shows Florida Governor’s Race Wide Open for Ron DeSantis

Conservative’s Need Ron DeSantis to Run for Florida Governor and Polling Shows He can Win!

Next year’s race for Florida Governor is a long way off but reputations are already being tested and top contenders compared. Exclusive access to new polling from WPA Intelligence gives Resurgent readers a clear view of the state of play in Florida.

Rep. Ron DeSantis has been previously endorsed by the conservative Madison Project and the organization’s President, Former Congressman Jim Ryun, summed up the situation in Florida beautifully:

Ron has been a common sense conservative from the day he won his seat in Congress and I think the voters in Florida realize this. He’s not just a regional candidate-Ron is a Congressman who has worked hard to represent the entire state of Florida. Running for governor is a no brainer for him. Because of his demeanor and the way he approaches the decisions he makes in politics, his opponents are going to have a hard time attacking him. This speaks highly of Ron. He’s taken some tough votes in Congress, votes that he promised to take on the campaign trail and I think that’s what people are looking for in elected officials today-people who say what they mean and then back it up. – Former Congressman Jim Ryun, Madison Project

The Florida Gubernatorial Race is Wide Open for DeSantis to Run and Win

WPA Intelligence statewide polling shows no clear favorite in the Governors race, evidence that establishment favorites have failed to position a blocking candidate in this race. More than 2000 Republican Primary voters were surveyed to gauge the favorability of the most likely candidates and the results are very encouraging for DeSantis.

Rep. Ron DeSantis and Ag. Commissioner Adam Putnam both have strong early support and great name ID. DeSantis has 49% name ID with a 14% favorable to 10% unfavorable opinion split. Putnam’s statewide office had benefited him somewhat in terms of favorability (23% favorable and 7% unfavorable) but has done nothing for him in terms of increasing name ID.

When asked who they would support, if the election were held today, Putnam took 17% and 9% went to DeSantis, while 3% were carried by each Corcoran and Latvala. While DeSantis may trail Putnam at this early date, with 52% of voters undecided and 51% not knowing who he is, this race is wide open.

DeSantis is Strong Statewide, Not Just Regionally

The greatest question raised about Rep. DeSantis’ ability to run for Governor is about his viability statewide. As a Congressman, high name ID and favorability in ones home district is assumed but turning that local fan club into a statewide election machine is another matter.

Ron’s renown for standing up for conservative causes and putting principle before personal aggrandizement have catapulted him to a significantly broader reputation than one might expect from a House member. In 2016, Ron started out to run for open U.S. Senate seat, but when Marco reentered the Senate race following his Presidential campaign exit, DeSantis deferred to Rubio and endorsed him in the race.

Doing the right thing has a knack for making people like you and DeSantis’ selfless actions, as well as his strong conservative policy positions, have built a statewide base of support. Should he enter the Gubernatorial challenge, this foundation will grow quickly.

Ron is the Clear Choice for Conservatives

As Former Representative Ryun said at the beginning of this article, Rep. DeSantis has been a common sense conservative through the entirety of his term. His high marks on conservative score cards exhibit consistent conservatism and he never shrinks from a fight when principle is threatened.

Floridians need a Governor who can articulate the arguments for conservative policies and whom they can trust to fight for their best interests. That’s Ron DeSantis’ record in Congress and that’s exactly the kind of public servant he’ll be in the Governor’s Office.