PayPal, Toilets, and Hypocrisy at the RNC

When PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel took the stage at the RNC last week, one might have expected him to speak only about the great innovative spirit that is allowed to blossom into new products, services and creations when government steps out of the way.

Instead, this self-proclaimed homosexual activist chose to flush his credibility down the toilet with a “throw away” line that was deliberately spoken in order to demean the concerns of moms and dads everywhere:

“When I was a kid, the great debate was about how to defeat the Soviet Union. And we won,” he recalled. “Now we are told that the great debate is about who gets to use which bathroom. This is a distraction from our real problems. Who cares?”

Who cares about the bathroom debate? You do, Mr. Thiel. And that stench America smells is your hypocrisy.

What Mr. Thiel did not tell the faithful gathered in Cleveland is that he is involved in targeting a Republican governor in North Carolina who is up for reelection this fall. What he did not reveal at the RNC and to the delegates from North Carolina is that his company, PayPal, is boycotting their state. Why? It’s all about the bathroom debate. You know, the one Mr. Thiel doesn’t care about.

The very brave and principled Governor Pat McCrory dared to protect the rights of business owners in Charlotte who were being forced – FORCED – by their local politicians to allow men in ladies’ bathrooms; boys into girls’ restrooms. As governor, he also boldly declared that public schools would continue to keep boys out of the girls bathrooms and showers – like we have always done in America.

That’s when Mr. Thiel and his company, PayPal, showed that they very much care about the bathroom debate: as part of a terrorizing effort to punish the people of North Carolina, PayPal announced they have cancelled their plans to build a global operations center in the state. The 400 jobs the center would create are being moved out of North Carolina as part of a mass effort to unseat Governor McCrory, financially punishing the people of North Carolina in the process. While simultaneously punishing US citizens for supposedly “discriminatory” policies, PayPal is just fine continuing to operate offices in countries like Saudi Arabia where the law allows homosexuals to be stoned to death. Let me clear: PayPal refuses do business in a state where boys are prohibited from using girls’ locker rooms, but has no problem making big bucks in Muslim countries that murder people for their sexuality. And the RNC featured the man behind this vile hatred. Let that soak in a while.

Republican Governor McCrory has a big target on his back, with millions of dollars are pouring into the state to help defeat him this fall; and Mr Thiel is aiming his political guns squarely on the bullseye. Yet, this political assassin of a Republican governor took a prime time speaking slot at the Republican National Convention, all the while pretending like he doesn’t care about the very fight he is leading. Do you smell the stench?

Stop the GOP Lynching of Ted Cruz

So, practically everyone I’ve run into at the RNC today – the morning after Ted Cruz’s powerful speech last night – is saying that Ted Cruz has committed, “political suicide.”

If you ask me, it’s more like a conservative lynching.

Stop. Breathe. Calm down.

The media is relishing this death sentence for our constitutional scholar and fighter. They are stirring the pot and hyping the craze.

Here’s the reality: We should be praying that Ted Cruz lives to fight another day, because we are all going to be counting on him in his position as a sitting US Senator to fight for us.

Whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton wins the White House, we are going to need Senator Ted Cruz to fight for constitutional principles, as he always has.

Whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton wins the White House, we are going to need Senator Ted Cruz, in his critical position on the Senate Judiciary Committee, to lead the charge to help confirm constitutional jurists or defeat liberal activist nominees.

I personally hope that Ted Cruz will come around and support the most conservative vice presidential nominee our nation has ever seen, Mike Pence. I pray that wounds will heal and that Ted Cruz’s conscience will allow him to support Mike Pence, which means he will also have to vote for Donald Trump. But I am not angry that he is following his conscience. In fact, I was grateful that he boldly told everyone to vote their consciences.

Ted Cruz told us in his speech to vote up and down the ticket; to show up and vote; that Hillary Clinton must not be elected president. What he did not do is utter the words, “Vote for Donald Trump.” Yet, too many of us are willing to sign his political death warrant. How very, very sad.

Yes, Ted Cruz signed the pledge along with the other candidates that he would support the party nominee. But Donald Trump went on national television saying that he releases Ted from that pledge; that he did not want Ted to support him if Ted felt in his heart that he should not.

Still, many feel as if Ted Cruz betrayed his promise. I understand. And I pray that he will, sooner than later, find a way to support the ticket in a manner that does not violate his conscience. But I would never, ever beg someone to violate his or her conscience. Ted, you and I, all of us, will be held accountable alone before our God for all of our decisions. Including this one. And I will not judge the heart or the motive of a man like Ted Cruz, who I know seeks God’s guidance every day.

If you read my column from last week, then you know that I am 100% percent behind Governor Mike Pence, and I will do everything in my power to help this most conservative vice presidential candidate in history to secure that seat; the seat that is one heart beat away from the presidency.

My good friends General Ed Meese, Richard Viguerie, Morton Blackwell, and Becky Norton Dunlop, all heroes of the Reagan Revolution, have taught me over the years that “personnel is policy.” It means that you can tell a lot about how a person is going to govern by the people they choose to work with them. Donald Trump didn’t just choose a conservative for his VP. He picked a conservative warrior with a proven record for fighting for conservative solutions to challenges in all areas of life: fiscal, social, international, security, education, you name it, and Mike Pence has fought and secured victories that promote freedom, faith and family. And he has done it in Congress as well as in his current role as governor of Indiana.

Although I still have reservations about Donald Trump, his choosing Mike Pence to serve with him is a concrete action that causes me to believe he may very well be serious about also choosing from his list of conservative jurists when it’s time to make a Supreme Court appointment. And that he will really fight for religious freedom and the right to life. Maybe he will even actually build that wall.

So here’s my challenge to my conservative friends: let’s not be too quick to kill our own. We need each other for the long haul. Please join me in praying that Ted Cruz will live to fight with us another day.

The Intersection of Faith, Family and Freedom

As a Christian and an across-the-board conservative author, I write about a variety of topics: economic freedom, national security, international relations and social issues. My Christian faith informs all areas of my life, and it enables me to share wisdom that is much greater than my own.

As long-time readers of my columns and books know, my biggest passion is to help family members grow stronger in their relationships with each other; to help moms and dads raise children of character; and to provide tips to parents so that our children might understand that they are deeply loved. I also frequently focus on how certain government programs weaken families, how regulations often interfere with the rights of parents, and how parents sometimes unwittingly relinquish to others much of the tremendous influence they have over their own children.

There’s an old saying that many seem to have forgotten. But truer words were never spoken:

“As the family goes, so goes the nation.”

America’s families are fractured like never before, and our country is breaking apart at the seams as a result.

While the Scriptures don’t necessarily give specific policy prescriptions for every issue we face, they do provide very specific principles for how to live as both as free people and decent human beings. And these principles for nourishing human interaction apply to each member of the family. God himself created marriage, and the Bible is filled with stories about what makes families thrive and what pits members against each other. If everyone were to perfectly follow the principles given throughout the New Testament, our country would be a slice of “Heaven on Earth” and our homes would only be filled with bliss!

But as my friend Dr. Larry Arnn, the president of Hillsdale College points out, men are not angels. We fail. We rebel. We fail again. We are selfish. Did I mention that we fail?

Our great country’s prescription for federal government was formed through a beautiful document called the Constitution, which recognizes that individuals need a limited government to protect us from others who try to control us or deny our rights. The Constitution protects the God-given rights of individuals, as well as protecting us as a nation from enemies who would destroy us. But the power of the government is finite and limited. In fact, the 10th Amendment specifically says that if the powers aren’t listed in the Constitution itself, then it is left up to the states and individuals to make every other decision about how we will live.

Our government was not designed to usurp the power of moms and dads to raise their children as they see fit. Nor is it empowered to take care of or make decisions for our children (as those who support a “Nanny State” seek to do.) As parents, our job is tough – but it is the most important undertaking of our lives. In fact, the book of Malachi makes clear why God created families: to produce godly children. As I said, that is a tough calling. But our very Constitution allows us to openly and boldly share our faith with our children in word and deed without fear of government intimidation or sanction.

When moms and dads work within the framework of Scripture–which shows us how to have fulfilling, happy relationships–and as we defeat government policies that attempt to encroach upon our rights to raise our children in the way we deem best, our families will find great freedom and joy.

However, even with strong faith and the freedom to “parent”, the fact remains that we will often fail as moms and dads.

God himself pointed out mankind’s inevitable failings long ago. But the story did not end there. In a marvelous display of his immense love for us, he provided abundant grace through his only son, who took on our sins and paid the ultimate price that we might be forgiven.

God gives grace – abundant grace, amazing grace – when we fail in our interactions with him and others, including our family members. Such grace (defined as “unmerited favor”) comes to those who are truly repentant, who truly seek forgiveness and who are truly “turning from our wicked ways.”

My husband and I are going through Ephesians together and a description of that beautiful grace from chapter one keeps filling my heart and mind with absolute joy. It’s the message I want to share with moms everywhere during these days leading up to Mother’s Day.

“In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace which He lavished on us…”

Read that again, and focus on the word, “lavished”. Think for a moment about what “lavish” means: “to bestow something in generous or extravagant quantities.” Wow! How beautiful is that word picture? God doesn’t just tolerate us when we fail; he lavishes us with grace. He does not say he forgives and then holds a grudge; he lavishes us with grace, with favor! Say that aloud. Voice the truth and feel the power. Then meditate a moment on the sheer joy that comes with experiencing that kind of love!

To the moms who might be entering Mother’s Day feeling a bit regretful about past mistakes, or who have not taken every advantage that comes with living in a country that still mostly allows you to raise your children as you see fit, let God lavish you with his abundant, rich, delicious grace! Take the time to close your eyes, ask his forgiveness, and bathe your soul in the hope and joy that comes with a new beginning.

God’s grace is here for the asking. As long as there is breath in you, there is always a chance to mend the relationships in your life that are damaged. Breathe in his grace like rich, life-giving oxygen. Focus first on your relationship with God, then your family members (being deliberate to ask their forgiveness too), then turn your attention to other relationships. Finally, commit to fighting to restore and protect the freedom God gave you to boldly teach your children to how to experience His lavish grace too.


Note from Erick: Rebecca’s new book, “30 Ways in 30 Days to Strengthen Your Family” that hits bookstores on May 1 is available for pre-order in case you know a mom that needs encouragement on Mother’s Day. You can order through several book sellers including Amazon and Barnes&Noble.

Note to the Donald Trump: April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

What unfortunate timing for Donald Trump: April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, yet he revealed yesterday on the “Today Show” that he thinks it is perfectly fine for a man – a stranger – to be in a public restroom with a little girl.

As someone who has spent much of my adult life working to help parents protect their children, it’s more than disturbing to think that a serious contender for the GOP presidential nomination is making it easier for predators to abuse our children. My goodness, if there is anyone who should be standing up for our sons and daughters it is a presidential candidate! It’s down-right frightening to think that “The Donald” is more concerned with being PC than he is about protecting our kids. But……not surprising.

Mr. Trump has been masquerading as a conservative for many months now. His record of supporting partial-birth abortion and his call for continued funding for Planned Parenthood, combined with his awful sordid remarks about women and recounts of his many sexual escapades (read my previous column: Meet Donald Trump: The King of Sleaze) should be enough to alert Republicans that he is a phony, and unfit to be the leader of our nation. But for those who are still hanging on to the hope that he has changed, Donald’s Today Show interview should be the wake up call they never wanted, but must answer.

“The Donald” doesn’t seem to care that perverts have already started taking advantage of inane policies in some areas that allow men to use women’s restrooms and vice versa. He must not be bothered by the fact that recently in Seattle, Washington a man entered the girls’ restroom and started taking off his clothes in front of a youth swim team. When asked to leave by management, the man simply returned later in the day and did the same thing, stating the laws allowed him to be there. Or the case in Pennsylvania (read the story here) where a man was arrested for allegedly watching a 10 year old girl go to the bathroom. In this case, he had his cell phone and was also viewing porn in the stall next to her. Yet, in Donald Trump’s world, that man had the right to be there – and it would only be AFTER the predatory behavior had occurred that the man could be arrested.

Thank God, as Republicans are discovering that Donald Trump is a actually a leftist only pretending to be a conservative, they are flocking to support Ted Cruz. I’m so honored to also support the only true conservative running for president – someone who has fought for parental rights, religious freedom and common decency. Someone who cares so deeply about America’s children that he is not afraid to be politically incorrect. It did my heart good to hear Ted Cruz boldly say yesterday, “Donald Trump is no different from politically correct leftist elites. Today, he joined them in calling for grown men to be allowed to use little girls’ public restrooms. As the dad of young daughters, I dread what this will mean for our daughters – and for our sisters and our wives. It is a reckless policy that will endanger our loved ones.”

To do my part in countering Donald Trump’s advocacy of a policy that will only lead to mischief and potential harm of our children, and in honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month, here are ten safety tips (some of which are in my new book, “30 Ways in 30 Days to Strengthen Your Family”):

1) Don’t vote for Donald Trump (ok, so that one is not in my book, but it is now at the top of the list.)

2) If you are a female and enter a public restroom in a venue that allows men to be in the restroom with you, carry a gun. (Ok, so this one isn’t for children, and it isn’t in my book either. But those of us who practice our 2nd Amendment Rights will have a secret weapon should a Peeping Tom appear!)

3) Don’t let your children go into a public bathroom alone. In a “bathroom emergency”, stand outside the door of the restroom and let your presence be known by everyone in that restroom. Better yet, ask a store manager or security guard to stand with you at the doorway with both of you making your presence known.

4) Enroll your children in basic self-defense classes. Look for classes that are age specific – your very young child might not be able to fight back, but they certainly can be taught to scream bloody murder if they feel threatened. Remember, a polite or shy child will need your permission and encouragement to throw etiquette to the wind when they are in danger.

5) Make sure your teenagers always have trusted friends with them when they are out. Talk to your teens and their friends about safety and the need to watch each other’s backs.

6) Take the time to get to know the parents of your child’s friends. I can not emphasize this point enough. It’s important to know what type of home your child of any age is entering. A simple call of introduction to the other parent might suffice for older teens; for younger children, you must get to know not only the parents, but the older siblings of the friends as well.

7) Teach your children that just as they should never talk to strangers when alone, they should not talk to strangers online either. (For comprehensive tips on how to keep your children safe online, visit – a terrific tool from the internet safety organization, “Enough is Enough!”)

8) When your older teens are out on the town alone or driving, make sure they have a cell phone. The age and maturity of the child will help you determine whether or not that phone should also have an internet connection. Make sure your drivers know that the GPS tracking system must remain on so you can know where they are in case of trouble.

9) Teach children of all ages that if they feel threatened or uncomfortable in a situation, they should leave or look for help. My mom used to say, “Becks, if you feel the hair standing up on the back of your neck or if something just doesn’t seem right – it means it is time to go.”

10) Above all else, make it a point to let your children know EVERY day how much you love them. And make meaningful conversations a regular part of your lives – if you do so, they will always know they can come to you in times of stress or trouble.

Of course, the list above is not exhaustive – the brevity of a column does not allow for that. So my biggest tip is to decide right now – this very day – that you are going to become your child’s strongest advocate and most trusted friend. And let them know beyond any doubt that you will always stand up to protect them; and that you, unlike Donald Trump and other social liberals, will never bow to political correctness when it comes to their safety.

A Civics Primer for Fifth Graders (and Donald Trump)

There is much about America and our system of government that every child in our country needs to know. Fifth grade is the year most schools begin teaching “Civics” and American History, but since the majority of public schools do it so poorly, I’ve prepared a list of 7 basic items that every ten-year-old should know. If anyone sees Donald Trump please share this list with him. I’ve explained them very simply so that he can understand.

Mr. Trump desperately wants to become “the boss” of America – but it is painfully clear that he doesn’t know how our government works. I’m not even sure that he knows that congressmen, senators and judges are not employees of the president, and that he can’t tell them, “You’re fired!”. If Mr. Trump finds out that the Constitution actually limits the power of the President, maybe he will drop out of the race and try to become the king of some unsuspecting country. Or perhaps he will decide to simply remain a billionaire businessman. (That way, he still gets to order everyone in his empire around and fire his employees! What fun for him!!)

1) There are three branches of our federal government: Judicial, Legislative, and Executive. These separate parts are designed as a system of “checks and balances” on each other, which makes certain that one branch doesn’t become too powerful. This ingenious system also means that the president—even if it were Mr. Trump—can’t tell everyone what to do or sue people who don’t follow his orders.

2) America’s foundational document is the United States Constitution. It outlines the very limited powers of the three branches listed above and secures our rights as citizens. Even the president is bound by the Constitution. (So don’t worry, students: Our armed military members can’t operate outside of the law either – not even if Mr. Trump orders them to, like he said he would do if he were president!)

3) America’s system of government is set up so that the states and the people get to decide everything that is not specifically listed as a power of the federal government. This is called “federalism”, and you can read about it in the 10th Amendment. (If you see Mr. Trump, be sure to show him the 10th Amendment in your Pocket Constitution and remind him that it’s part of what we call “The Bill of Rights”. Better yet, give him your copy of the Constitution and ask him to read it for homework.)

4) America is a republic. Contrary to Mr. Trump’s many recent tweets, speeches and statements, America is not a democracy. (If Mr. Trump knows the Pledge of Allegiance, you would think he would know that we are a republic. After all, it says: “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”) Our republic is a representative form of government, where voters get to go to the polls and elect the representatives who “represent” them in Washington, D.C. (Maybe some day you – and Mr. Trump – will read The Federalist Papers, which explain why a republic is better than a democracy; namely because “unalienable” rights of individuals are better protected by a republican form of government, versus a pure democracy where rights can easily be destroyed by the whims of a simple majority at any given time.) In the presidential race, we have an ‘Electoral College”, which is composed of people who get to make the final vote on who is elected president. States appoint their Electoral College members, and each state gets the same number of electors as the combined number of Congressmen and Senators they have. (Article 2 of the Constitution and the 12th Amendment create the structure and the process for the Electoral College. Perhaps Mr. Trump will read them one day too, since he is, you know, running for president.)

5) The political parties hold national conventions in which each selects just one presidential nominee. The process of how the parties operate, and the way they interact and create the rules with the various states are all agreed to in advance. It is a bit complicated, but all presidential candidates agree to follow the rules before they enter the race (they obviously should take the time to find out what the rules are before they decide to run.) The process allows each state to have a lot of say in how their delegates are chosen, rather than some powerful politician or rich man telling them how they have to operate. (The rules in the states can be changed before the next election, but just as a baseball team can’t change the rules in the middle of the game if they start losing, a candidate can’t change the rules in the middle of the primary season when he starts losing. Nor should he sue states after the primaries or caucuses are over simply because he lost. (Every time Mr. Trump loses a primary or doesn’t get the number of delegates he wants, he stomps his feet and screams “Not fair!” just like that spoiled kid on the baseball team who struck out. Here’s an extra credit essay challenge: If Mr. Trump had bothered to read the rules before he entered the race, do you think that he would still be having temper tantrums and threatening to sue states when he loses? Or do you think he will always be a poor sport?)

6) Once all the delegates are chosen and go to their conventions, the delegates have the power to change some of the rules that will govern the actual convention. Although committees meet and get to suggest changes, it is the delegates who decide whether or not to adopt those changes. (In other words, Mr. Trump, or the “leader” of the Republican Party, can’t stand up at the podium and dictate a bunch of new rules like a king might try to do.) To become the nominee, you have to capture the votes of a majority of the delegates during the convention. For the Republican Party, that number is 1,237. On the first round of voting the delegates are legally bound to vote according to the way their states voted or caucuses decided. If no candidate wins the majority of the delegates on the first ballot, then another vote is taken and some states then allow their delegates to change their votes to another candidate. This process continues (with delegates able to change their votes as their states permit) until a majority of the delegates agree on one candidate. That person then becomes the official party nominee for the President of the United States. All of the delegates know the rules, and they agree to follow the rules before they go to the convention. And the candidates (including Mr. Trump) are supposed to know and follow the rules too.

7) Sadly, Donald Trump is not alone in his ignorance of the Constitution and the way our government in structured. Many current government leaders have been operating outside of the Constitution for years and are trampling our basic rights every day. One such person is our current president, Barack Obama. We don’t need another power-hungry Barak Obama! Some politicians have created a huge debt that you and your children will have to deal with. Some of them are trying to control nearly everything about your life – from where you go to school, to what you can eat, to the whether or not your mom and dad get to make decisions about you and your family. Our great Constitution that protects your right to say what you want, to think what you want, to choose what religion you will follow, is in danger of being destroyed. It is very important that we do not elect a president who wants to be “the boss” of you, or who thinks they can ignore the Constitution. We need someone who will follow the Constitution, and inspire and lead other politicians to do so too.

Luckily, there is a person running for president who as a child (just like you) took the time to learn about and even memorize the Constitution. He studied very hard to know American History and what makes our country special. As an adult, he took an oath to “uphold and defend” the Constitution of the United States. Ted Cruz follows the rules that people have agreed on, and when he thinks a law is bad or outdated, he works to change them through the methods that the Constitution allows.

Ted Cruz knows and loves that ours is a government, “of the people, by the people, and for the people”; that we have a Constitution that protects the basic rights of all citizens; that we are a nation where every citizen has an equal voice.

The United States of America has the best system of government in the world, and we must understand and protect the Constitution that provides it. Don’t you think that someone who wants to be president – like Donald Trump – should understand and protect it too?

An Open Letter to Trump Supporters: The Principles and Person of Ted Cruz, and the Political Realities for Donald Trump

It does my heart good to see millions of Americans rising up and boldly proclaiming that we are DONE with Washington politics as usual.

To all of those who want to take America back, who want to restore the greatness of our country, and who see Donald Trump as the one who shares their rage – I get it. I understand.

I’ve spent most of my adult life in the policy arena fighting both the liberals and those in the GOP whose policies are nothing more than “liberal lite”.

After eight years of Barak Obama, America is on the brink of destruction and in grave danger of no longer being that Shining City on the Hill that is a beacon of hope for the world. Basic freedoms like the ability to say what we please, to openly live out our faiths, and to raise our children as we see fit are disappearing before our very eyes. If we do not get this election right, our children and grandchildren will live under the strong fist of government and their opportunity to thrive will be diminished. Our very Constitution is in peril. Please hear me: if we do not elect someone who both understands the Constitution and has a proven record of working to restore and preserve the Bill of Rights, WE WILL LOSE THOSE RIGHTS.

And without first having the protections that the Constitution provides each of us as citizens, America can never be great again.

We can build a wall as high as you want and renegotiate all the trade agreements you can dream of, but if we do not get the Supreme Court right, while simultaneously slicing and dicing government agencies, programs, and departments in order to restore the limited government the Constitution portrays, we will each become a person of servitude to a corrupt and stifling system.

Ted Cruz has spent his entire adult life fighting to restore the Constitution. He has argued nine cases before the United States Supreme Court. He has fought for the First Amendment, The Second Amendment, The Tenth Amendment and more as both a Senator and a Constitutional expert. He has always been pro-life and has successfully fought to protect the right to life as well as parental rights. A lifetime of studying the Constitution and American history developed Ted Cruz’s thinking and approach to governing, and provides the basis for his public policy prescriptions. The Constitution is Ted Cruz’s compass, his North Star.

Please understand this: The public policy prescriptions that will make America great again are all rooted in the Constitution. This is why Ted Cruz’s proposals will work: they are all fundamentally grounded in Constitutional principles.

The Constitution plays no such role in the person of Donald Trump. I’m not criticizing him for it; as a businessman and entrepreneur, Donald Trump chose to place his focus elsewhere. And that’s fine. But it is going to take more than a businessman to turn the nation around. We need more than good intentions. What we must have at this critical juncture is a president who understands that he is going to war in Washington for the document and principles that made America great in the first place; someone who does not have to be taught that it is the Constitution itself that provides the map for how to make America great again.

A simple overview as well as detailed plans of Ted Cruz’s policies can be found on Yes, I know it became a joke during the debates when candidates extolled their websites. But please do your homework and read exactly how Ted Cruz will restore your rights, your opportunity to prosper. He knows how to create jobs, restore freedom, and make America secure.

For example, do you want to protect America? Read his plan to rebuild our military, secure our borders, and untie the hands of our service men and women so that we can utterly defeat ISIS. Interested in economic prosperity? Read his Simple Flat Tax plan that will get rid of government loopholes, get rid of payroll taxes, and allow the IRS to be abolished. See how allowing you and your small business to keep more of the money you earn by the sweat of your brow will result in an increase in the GDP of 13.9% over current projections, create over 4.8 million new jobs, and see a rise in wages of 12.2%. Learn how Ted’s plan to cut the bureaucratic regulations and agencies that are stifling the free market system will cause opportunity and prosperity in America to boom! Find out how a Cruz presidency will abolish Obamacare and replace it with a system that enables health insurance accounts to be personable, portable and affordable – and expands the use of HSA’s.

If policy prescriptions of Ted Cruz are not enough to convince you, take a look at his personal and courageous efforts as a United States Senator to take America back.

Ted Cruz fought the Washington establishment before fighting the establishment was cool.

He lead the charge to defeat the Washington cartel and the Gang of Eight that tried to give blanket amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. Think about what that took for a moment – about how the young Senator was willing to anger the Establishment in fighting boldly for us. Still, he fought on. He led another bold charge – the charge to defund Obamacare, daring to cross his party leaders. He led the charge against the federal budget increases, daring to out party leaders. Ted Cruz created fissures in the concrete foundation of the Washington Establishment, weakening their death grip on the process and on us. So while not always ultimately successful, it is Ted’s courageous acts that showed America and other conservative leaders that you CAN stand up to the Establishment, and not only survive, but live to fight another day. And in Ted’s case, to fight the next time as President of the United States.

As President, Ted Cruz will encourage freedom fighters in Congress to boldly continue to dare to stand for Truth and the Constitution. And as president, he will have the authority to destroy the unconstitutional schemes and executive orders of Barak Obama. Ted Cruz knows what needs to be done, he knows how to do it, and he has a proven record of doing it over and over again.

If I haven’t convinced you so far on the principles or the personal record of Ted Cruz, then please bear with me as we explore the politics of why you must support him.

In order to be president of the United States of America you have to win at the ballot box. And Donald Trump will not be able to do that in a general election.

In the bluster and noise of endless news coverage of this very interesting (to say the least) presidential race, the simple facts often get lost.

Facts like those revealed in national polls:

  • 74% of women have a negative opinion of Donald Trump (ABC/Washington Post)
  • 80 % of young adults view Donald Trump unfavorably (Washington Post) ; only 17.5 % view him positively (Monmouth College)
  • 85% of Hispanics have a negative opinion of Donald Trump (Washington Post-Univision)
  • 80 % of Blacks have an unfavorable view of Donald Trump (Washington Post)

And get this: The ABC/Washington Post poll reveals that while only 37% of Americans think that Hillary Clinton is trustworthy, only 27% believe that Donald Trump can be trusted! It’s a sobering reality that the current GOP frontrunner is less trusted than even Hillary Clinton.

These are just some of the reasons why poll after poll also shows that in a contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton contest, Hillary Clinton wins hands down.

As encouraging as Donald Trump’s message has been to some, we now know with absolute certainty that a vote for Donald Trump in the GOP primary is a vote for Hillary Clinton. The reality is that even if Republicans were to coalesce behind Mr. Trump, it would not be enough to win in the key demographic groups that we must win in order to gain the White House.

Despite many in the media who are ready to crown Mr. Trump as the GOP nominee, he has only received about 38% of the votes in Republican primaries and caucuses thus far. Why? Until recently, the GOP field was composed of numerous conservatives who were splitting the other 62% of the vote between them. Now that the field has narrowed to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz (oh, and John Kasich), Ted Cruz in surging. (Mathematically, only Trump and Cruz can still reach the required 1,237 delegates before the convention to receive the nomination outright. Kasich can not reach the required number, and is excluded from having his name placed in nomination due to the fact he has only won one state, seven short of the required GOP rule of a minimum number of eight state victories to be considered for nomination. Kasich is holding on to some illusion that he will mysteriously become the GOP candidate, which is an impossibility. It can only be concluded that John Kasich is in the race as a spoiler, either due to the Establishment using him to keep delegates from Ted Cruz, or due to Kasich’s own ego.)

Ted Cruz is surging because Republican voters are starting to understand and think about what is at stake in this election. Many who were enamored with Donald Trump’s large presence and exciting rallies are beginning to look deeper and are discovering that he is not prepared to be the leader of the free world. And even Republican leaders who were angry with Senator Cruz are coalescing behind him. Why? Because he earned their respect; because they know he is a fighter who he is true to his word; because they understand that he is the only one that can beat Hillary Clinton.

Ted Cruz is more than prepared – he is steeped in the wisdom that comes with years of understanding how freedom thrives, and he is experienced in battle. On day one of a Ted Cruz presidency, you and I will begin to feel the exhilaration that liberty brings as it is unleashed from the shackles of oppressive government. And you, your family and America will be great again.

I Get It, But Tell Me Who You’re For

The “anybody but Trump” efforts are noble and worthy. There is no doubt that Donald Trump’s MO, temperament, judgement and 40 years of support for liberal policies and politicians would make him incredibly dangerous as POTUS.
But in spending tens of millions of dollars in advertising in the Super Tuesday II states, the Super Pacs failed to deliver the knock-out punch to Trump that conservatives so desperately need.

So what was missing?

It ain’t enough to tell people who you are against, you gotta tell them who you are for.

In the media-frenzied-ratings-love-fest that feeds Donald Trump to voters 24/7, conservatives are clearly looking for an alternative to support. Rubio and Kasich’s failures to bow out of the race before last Tuesday added further confusion for good folks who want to know who to believe in. The ads that filled the airwaves served to further (and rightly) disgust conservatives as they learned more about the real Donald Trump, but the alternative remained unclear. The ads failed for one key reason: they did not clearly tell conservative viewers who they should support.

If the same millions had been spent to expose Trump AND extol Ted Cruz, conservatives would have understood that Ted Cruz is the leader they have been looking for. And those votes would have made all the difference in states like Missouri, Illinois and North Carolina.

Even in Florida where the Ted Cruz efforts were always an uphill battle, I found myself nearly screaming at the TV as ad after ad bashed Trump and Rubio, but said nothing, nada, zippo in support of Ted Cruz. Many conservative Floridians watching television who don’t eat, drink and sleep politics were left with the impression that the crush Trump ads were actually paid for by their own senator, simply because Ted Cruz’ name was nowhere to be found. So the good folks who know that Trump is a fake, but who already felt betrayed by Rubio, just stayed home on Election Day not ever understanding they had a clear conservative to support. While one can argue that Ted Cruz would have, at best, still come in second place in Florida, that would not have been the case in the three other states on Tuesday night. Ted Cruz would have won.

Yes, Rubio and Kasich’s failure to exit the race before Tuesday split the anti-Trump vote. But that awful reality only underscores why pro-Ted Cruz ads were needed.

The strategy going forward is more evident than ever: if conservatives want to defeat Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, they must coalesce behind Ted Cruz. And in order for that to happen, they first need to understand why they should coalesce behind Cruz. News coverage will not clarify that for voters. Fox News deliberately intends not to clarify that for voters. The establishment media will continue to bury that for voters. And you will rarely hear from any TV news host or pundit the reality that it is mathematically impossible for
Kasich to win the nomination. The hard cold math that even a fifth-grader could do reveals that Kaisich would have to get over 100% of the remaining delegates to secure the GOP nomination. Viewers will not hear that a vote for Kasich now equals a vote for Trump. And they will never hear that national polls show Trump losing miserably to Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head battle, so that same vote for Kasich is also a vote for Hillary.

But where earned-media will continue to fail conservative voters, paid media can get the message through loud and clear. It’s time for the pro-Ted Cruz ads to roll out forcefully in the key states where the Senator can win.

Yes, the social media and email efforts must continue (as well as columns by Cruz volunteers and supporters like me). But the vast majority of voters will never be on the emails lists; will never be Facebook fans of candidates; will never tweet or even twerp a note about a presidential race; and will never read one of my columns. Most Americans – even conservatives – just aren’t that “in” to politics, so we must communicate directly, effectively and unfiltered with them via the media they consume if conservatives are ever going to win. Millions upon millions of decent Americans are watching their local television stations every night enjoying entertainment shows and their local news. If the message about Ted Cruz is not clear and direct and visionary in this medium we will not secure their votes.

A key area in which conservatives have failed miserably over the years is articulating our beautiful vision for both individuals and our nation – to clearly and joyfully proclaim what we are for. The result of our failure is an electorate and younger generation that only sees us as stogey-old-prudish people who are against just about everything. And that’s being generous.

I’ve argued for years that if we are ever going to win over decent Americans to our cause of freedom and the restoration of timeless values that will enrich their lives, it will require us to boldly champion the solutions and the leaders that can restore us, our families, and our nation. I pray that those with the funds to be forces for good through paid advertising will move quickly to do introduce conservative voters to Ted Cruz, the candidate we have all been waiting for.

Cruz Surges in Florida While Rubio Loses His Way

A new CBS News poll published Sunday shows Ted Cruz flying past Marco Rubio in the final stretch of Florida’s race for the White House.

The new three point lead of Cruz over Rubio reveals what Florida conservatives are beginning to realize; what former Marco Rubio supporters like me have to face: Senator Rubio is like the high school jock who became so obsessed with looking good on the field that he forgot that the real goal was for the team to bring home a victory. He is akin to the star football player who abruptly goes out for track and field, failing to realize that he actually needs to prove himself in practice before he can win the javelin throw.

In Marco’s case, he so desperately wants to prove to himself that he is still the darling of Florida conservatives that he is willing to deny the GOP the national championship. And he does not yet seem to realize that his failure to practice conservative principles as a United States Senator means conservatives now know that he is incapable of throwing our spear in victory.

Like champion shooters and archers who understand which targets to aim for and which ones to avoid, principled political leaders that are “in it” to win for the country know how to set and measure their mark.

In Florida’s race for the White House, Marco totally misses the mark. In fact, he set his sights on the wrong target altogether. Marco Rubio’s refusal to recognize that the Florida GOP Presidential Primary is a race he should have withdrawn from will surely be his personal undoing, and it may seriously end up handicapping the effort to reclaim the GOP from a charlatan named Donald Trump. Make no mistake: Even if Marco were to win Florida (which is not possible), his dismal performance in primaries and caucuses around the country to date means he can not win enough delegates to clinch the GOP nomination. Period. There is only one candidate who can beat Donald Trump on the national stage: That person is Ted Cruz. And in the majority of national polls, Ted Cruz is the only GOP candidate who soundly beats Hillary Clinton.

Even while the former Florida champion enjoys the home team advantage, the proven senator from Texas has moved into the lead. You can hear the voices of conservatives across the country cheering Cruz on in state-after-state as he continuously conquers the reality show entertainer that would be president. Florida is the latest race where conservative voters are working hard to replace the front-running Democrat Donald (who is only dressed in Reagan clothing) with the real Reaganesque conservative, Ted Cruz.

The question for Florida Republicans is: will you be part of that victory?

Spence Rogers, Florida State Director for Ted Cruz puts it this way on Sunday, “We are seeing major momentum on the ground here in Florida before March 15. I think the Miami debate made it very clear that there are only two candidates who can amass enough delegates to win the nomination, and Ted Cruz is one of them. Floridians are starting to see that and are coming our way in big numbers, enough to move us to number 2 in a CBS poll that came out today.”

America is at a crossroad; Florida is at a crossroad. Our choice is to choose the path of victory for America, or to shuffle down the road that leads to defeat. Ted Cruz has proven over and over again that he is willing to battle the establishment in order to save our country. I pray that Floridians will decide to join him in that singular effort.

There is still time for us to take our party back; to take America back.

A a former supporter of Marco Rubio, I appeal to my fellow Floridans: It’s time to join arms with Ted Cruz. We must take decisive action so that the GOP can regain its footing and win. When Republicans step inside the voting booth on Tuesday, the one way to shut down Trump for good is to vote for Ted Cruz. A strong finish in the Sunshine State increases the speed at which Cruz will to overtake Trump nationally, and thus secure the gold medal for conservative principles and for a better America.