Erickson on Fox & Friends: “There is more to life than politics and the news.”

Erick joined Fox and Friends to discuss his new book “Before You Wake: Life Lessons from a Father to His Children”.

Brian: You wrote this book, why?

Erick: I want my kids to remember what happened last year and to remember when they grow up, but also to remember that if my wife and I arn’t there, we have ways we want them to be raised and values we want them to share. We want them to know there is more to life than politics and the news.

Brian: Did you have to learn that?

Erick: Yeah I think I did.

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WATCH: “My buddy next to me took three shots to the chest.”

As the stories continue to unfold from the horrific events in Las Vegas, several powerful firsthand accounts have emerged.

Mike Cronk was at the Vegas concert with a friend when the shooting began. Here is what happened:


Roger Stone: Collusion Was Impossible Unless I Owned a Time Machine

STONE: “None, whatsoever. And I had made that public yesterday. We released the entire exchange which takes place I believe between August 15th and September 9th. Many weeks after the publication by WikiLeaks of the DNC material, meaning collusion with Guccifer and the hacking and release of that material would be impossible unless I owned a time machine, which I do not.”

NEW: CNN Rescues Trapped Man On Live TV

CNN’s Drew Griffin was covering the impact of Hurricane Harvey when he noticed a man trapped in a truck in the dangerous floodwaters. Griffin left a live shot with John Berman to help rescue the man.

Here’s what happened:

Griffin and his crew were able to use a rope and rescue the man, later identified as Jerry, before it was too late.

Jerry later came on camera and said, “I want to thank these guys for saving my life”.