Trump’s Redford Style Indecent Proposal

Donald Trump has made an indecent proposal.

He’s actually made many over the years towards women and has bragged about it in books, radio interviews, and hot mic moments. It appears that he views women as possessions to be acquired by seduction, negotiation, or (as his own words attest) by force if the situation presents itself.

However, the indecent proposal I’m talking about today is not sexual. It’s not one he’s made in beauty pageant dressing rooms, airplanes, or hotel rooms. It’s a proposal he has made to you, the American voter. Particularly, it’s one he has made to conservatives.

Donald Trump has proposed that he be your President, our nation’s standard bearer. His history, character, and temperament disqualify him from that lofty position yet here we are facing his name on the ballot. Many of us are incredulous as to how we arrived at this point. I can’t help but to think of parallels between our situation and a morally disturbing movie from a few decades ago.

In 1993, Indecent Proposal hit theaters and the ethical dilemma it portrayed became the topic of conversation in coffee breakrooms and talk shows.

Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson play the roles of Diana and David Murphy, a California couple in their mid to late twenties who face financial ruin. He is an up and coming architect and she, a realtor. When the real estate market tanks, he is let go from his firm and she is unable to make a sale for six months. All their money is invested in a property where David is building a custom house. When the bank calls in their overdue loan they face foreclosure on the house in progress as well as their own small home.

David swallows his pride and borrows money from his father but it’s not enough. Desperate, they take their last remaining funds and head to Las Vegas. At first, luck is on their side and they win big. They’re halfway to the sum needed to pay back the overdue mortgage. Then luck turns against them and they dip further below where they started. In a last ditch gamble, they bet their last four thousand on a spin at the roulette table and come up losers. They’re now completely broke.

Enter billionaire, John Gage, played by Robert Redford. He first notices the beautiful Diana in a hotel gift store, where she subtly empties a platter of complimentary chocolates in her bag. Gage smiles, no doubt calculating she is financially vulnerable. He strikes up a conversation with Diana while she admires a dress in the shop. He offers to pay for it but she declines, explaining that the dress is for sale but she isn’t.

Later, he notices the couple near the gaming tables. He asks David if he could borrow his wife as a sort of good luck charm at his high stakes game. Seeing nothing improper in the request, David encourages Diana who reluctantly agrees. Gage wins big and invites the couple to be his guests that evening at his suite.

Over a game of billiards, a discussion ensues about what money can or cannot buy. Gage’s view is that there’s not much that money can’t buy, including people. When David and Diana disagree, Gage makes a radical suggestion. “What would you say if I offered you a million dollars for one night with your wife?”

Let me interject here that the analogy I see is that Donald Trump is like John Gage, minus Redford’s good looks and charm. A portion of ‘right of center’ America is like David and Diana Murphy. People who have gone through a series of unfortunate circumstances and now feel desperate. They are filled with angst that has grown steadily over several years. An angst ridden people are prey to a manipulator with deep pockets who promises to solve all their problems. Just as foreclosure papers and threats of bankruptcy pushed the Murphys toward John Gage, healthcare crisis, unaffordable premiums, terrorist massacres, and threats to our freedoms have pushed some toward Donald Trump.

In normal times when there was food in the fridge and life was good, David and Diana would never have considered such an outrageous suggestion. But they felt desperate.

In normal times when Americans had steady, good paying jobs and felt reasonably safe, we would have never considered such an outrageous presidential candidate – vulgar, ignorant, narcissistic, dangerously dictatorial, and a proud, admitted sexual predator. But too many voters feel desperate.

So, back to David and Diana. What was their response? At first, they were appalled and said, “no”. They were #nevergage. But then they went back to their room and after a restless night, they started theorizing. Justifying. Succumbing.

Diana postulated that spending the night with Gage wouldn’t really impact their marriage because it was just her body. Gage wouldn’t have her heart or her mind. Those things belonged to her soul mate, David. Their love was indestructable and would survive one night. Though deep down she knew better, she tried to convince herself and David that sex could just be a cold, calculated physical act. A mere interlinking of body parts. Meaningless.

Of coarse the fact they were wrestling with the question and had initially refused adamantly, betrayed the truth that they knew that sex couldn’t be parsed out as a single, inconsequential exercise. Even unbelievers who don’t have a full theological understanding of why God created sex as a divine bonding between husband and wife, nevertheless know there is a power and a mystery to a sexual union even if they can’t explain the source of it.

It is frequently theorized that voting for Trump is also a cold, calculated exercise. A mechanistic act that takes place at a voting machine. It’s just a check mark on a ballot. Trump won’t have your heart or your mind. For some that may be true. A simple vote for particular positions you think Trump holds, but in no way an affirmation for Trump himself. And yet, it’s hard for me to see how that plays out because we are voting for an individual, not political positions, to sit in the Oval Office.

It would have been difficult for Diana Murphy to participate in cold, mechanistic sex with Gage without at some level, responding to the man. An embrace of him, even as her heart and mind was torn over it. Similarly, the cadre of conservative leaders (so called) who have flooded the airwaves in defense of Trump and rationalizing his sexual predatory ways, further illustrate the difficulty of endorsing Trump without engaging one’s heart and mind as well.

Gage didn’t just want something for himself – a beautiful woman. He wanted to steal something away- their marital intimacy. Why? Because he is wealthy, powerful, and he could.

Trump doesn’t just want something for himself – the presidency. He wants to steal something away – the integrity and principles of conservatism. Why? Because he is wealthy, powerful, and apparently, he can.

There are even parallels in the closing arguments that lead to the respective choices. Gage seduces the couple by saying, “The night will come and go. But the money could last for a lifetime.” Similarly, conservatives and even Christian leaders croon, “A Trump presidency will come and go. But the effects from the Supreme Court Justices will last for a generation.”

In the end, the Murphys capitulate. Diana goes to the penthouse while David commiserates with his lawyer, Jeremy (played by Oliver Platt), who is also a close friend. Of course if he were a true friend he would have dissuaded David from such a marriage havoc wreaking decision. Instead, he seeks to cheer up David by reminding him that he is a million dollars richer and after all, Diana agreed to it. Besides all that, Jeremy drew up the contract and in exchange got a lucrative five percent fee.

The lawyer is like a parody of the media. If journalists were truly concerned with informing the citizenry, they would have highlighted Trump’s easily researched scandals months ago, thereby dissuading viewers from such a havoc wreaking candidate. Instead, pundits seek to cheer up the country by reminding us all that Trumpism is going to Make America Great Again and after all, the primary voters agreed to it. In exchange, the networks got the Trump/Clinton cage match they craved and lucrative ad revenues.

David finally snaps. He jumps from the table, leaves Jeremy, and races to the penthouse to stop Diana from what he realizes is a disastrous mistake. He’s too late. Gage has whisked Diana away by helicopter off toward his yacht. David is left waving his arms in frantic anguish on the roof as the helicopter disappears.

Have conservatives had their rooftop moment yet? If Reince Priebus is flapping his arms wildly somewhere, no one has spotted him. What of the rank and file? Have we reached that moment of anguish and sober realization and asked, “What in the world have we done?”

I hope so. If conservatives aren’t having that moment now, in light of all we have learned and Trump has admitted the past few weeks, I doubt that moment will ever come. The “But Hillary…” fear is too powerful, just as the “But bankruptcy…” fear was too powerful for David and Diana.

In the end, the million dollars turned out to be inconsequential. As suspicions and loss lead to the Murphys’ separation and approaching divorce, David was willing to do anything, give up all the money if only he could have his first love back.

Will Trump promoting conservatives reach a point where they are willing to do anything to have their principles and integrity back?

John Gage wooed Diana away but in a surprising concession he ultimately encouraged Diana to return to David. Though Gage was instrumental in destroying their marriage, he admits defeat and explains to his driver, “She would have never looked at me the way she looks at him.”

When Trump’s foray into seducing America has run it’s course and Trump destroys the GOP, will he admit to any such defeat? Will he muse wistfully that Paul Ryan will never look at him the way he looked at Mitt Romney?

No. He’ll just continue to ‘hit back twice as hard’ and search out his next conquest.

Trump Campaign Manager Conway Calls Out Trump’s ‘Abuse’ of Women

Merely a week ago, Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway let slip a revealing acknowledgment of her candidate’s horrendous treatment of women.

While discussing Trump’s first debate performance in an interview with Fox News Megyn Kelly, Conway preened that her candidate had been ready to go after Hillary “and say some rough things if she was going to challenge him about his abuse…his record on women.”

Was this a Freudian slip or an ironic moment of prescience? In her gut, I believe Conway knew the truth about Donald Trump. Her ridiculous claim that Trump is a man of restraint and virtue and that “restraint is a virtue and it’s a presidential virtue” arises from pure political calculation or naive wishful thinking. Either way, it was a laughable claim. It is no laughing matter now.

Now we have definitive proof that Trump is not just a vulgar man who says vulgar things. By his own recorded admission, he is a full out sexual predator who habitually commits sexual assault. He does so because he believes he is so powerful, such a celebrity ‘star’ that he can get away with it. Others will encourage him, laugh with him, enable him.

Kellyanne Conway should salvage a few shreds of female dignity and resign her position as Campaign Manager immediately. Otherwise, she is worse than just another enabler. Her position establishes her as the payrolled Chief Enabler.

Trump Campaign Manager Conway Calls Out Trump’s ‘Abuse’ of Women

Merely a week ago, Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway let slip a revealing acknowledgment of her candidate’s horrendous treatment of women.

While discussing Trump’s first debate performance in an interview with Fox News Megyn Kelly, Conway preened that her candidate had been ready to go after Hillary “and say some rough things if she was going to challenge him about his abuse…his record on women.”

Was this a Freudian slip or an ironic moment of prescience? In her gut, I believe Conway knew the truth about Donald Trump. Her ridiculous claim that he is a man of restraint and virtue, that “restraint is a virtue and it’s a presidential virtue”, arose from either pure political calculation or naive wishful thinking. It was a laughable claim then. It’s no laughing matter now.

Now we have definitive proof that Donald Trump is not just a vulgar man who says vulgar things. He doesn’t just engage in locker room banter or Howard Sterns pornographic bragging one-upsmanship. By his own recorded admission, he is a sexual predator who boasts of committing frequent sexual assault. He does so because he believes he is so powerful, such a celebrity ‘star’ that he can get away with it. Others will encourage him, laugh with him, enable him.

Kellyanne Conway should salvage a few shreds of female dignity and resign her position as Campaign Manager immediately. Otherwise, she is worse than an enabler. Her position establishes her as the payrolled Chief Enabler.

Trump Campaign Manager Conway Calls Out Trump’s ‘Abuse” of Women

Trump Is Just Singin’ In The Rain

Getting what you wish for isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Since Trump vanquished the last of his Republican rivals in Indiana, America has had a week to behold The Donald in all his presumptive nominee glory.

It hasn’t been a pretty sight. In an interview with George Stephanopolous, Trump doubled down on the tabloid story of Rafael Cruz linked to the JFK assassination. George must have felt like Mike Myers from a scene in, So I Married An Axe Murderer, when Myers chastised his gullible mother.

“Hey Mom, I find it interesting that you refer to the Weekly World News as, ‘The Paper’. The paper contains facts.” The mom counters, “This paper contains facts. And it has the eighth highest circulation in the whole world!”

Similarly, Trump countered with the trustworthiness of the National Enquirer. It was a ‘news story’ and ‘there was a picture’. Just as there have been ‘pictures’ of a resurrected Elvis and Michael Jackson.

Trump then plods through the week with a series of reversals regarding his tax plan, the minimum wage, and his pledge to self fund his campaign. Trump zealots got in Ted Cruz’s face with signs decrying Goldman Sachs, the evil incarnate cabal with whom Heidi Cruz was once employed. Yet now, Trump hires a Goldman Sachs partner with deep Democratic connections as his Finance Chair. No word as to what the zealots make of that.

Then there was the cringe inducing Cinco de Mayo Twitter pic of Trump eating a taco bowl to appeal to ‘the Hispanics’. The bikini clad pic of his ex-wife on the table just added to the weirdness of it all.

Trump is the last man standing in the primary so he got what he wished for. The problem is that the spotlight on him is not flattering. As radio host, Steve Deace accurately assessed, “Trump has no straw men to demagogue.  There’s nobody for him to play off of. There’s no, “Rand Paul shouldn’t be here today, he’s at one percent!” No Lyin’ Ted, Low Energy Jeb, Little Marco.  There’s no foil. The bully has no one to bully.”

Trump is left standing on the stage alone and it isn’t going well, though he seems oblivious. He probably believes he has the audience in the palm of his hand.  Little does he realize he has become Lina Lamont.

In Singin’ In The Rain, Lina Lamont was the pampered, insufferable Hollywood star of silent films. When ‘talkies’ and musicals came along, the movie studios scrambled to hide the fact that Lina had a horribly annoying voice. The situation is similar to prominent ‘news’ media scrambling to hide the fact that Trump has a horribly shallow political philosophy.

Lina is a bully who uses her clout to say, “You’re fired!” to a chorus girl, Cathy, whom she views as a rival. When Cathy is brought back in as Lina’s voice to save a failing musical, Lina threatens to sue if Cathy is given proper screen credit.  Very Trumpian, that Lina.

Lina’s co-star, Don (played by Gene Kelly) is in love with Cathy and has had enough of Lina’s ego. When Lina demands a ‘vocal eminent domain’ whereby Cathy is forced to give up her own singing career to lend her voice to the greater box office star, Don has had enough.

In a memorable scene, Lina saunters onstage after a movie premier to address the audience. She finally gets her wish, to speak in her own voice to her adoring fans. They immediately wince at her grating speaking voice and implore her to sing.  Cathy is quickly dispatched behind the curtain with a microphone. Lina lip syncs to Singin’ In The Rain, complete with winks and expressive arm gestures.

Suddenly, Don and his studio cohorts start pulling the ropes backstage and the curtain parts to reveal it is actually Cathy singing for Lina. The audience bursts into uproarious laughter and humiliated, Lina runs off the stage.

I don’t expect Trump to run off the stage. His ego is too far gone. No matter how dramatically he is exposed as a fraud, he will stand there and gaslight everyone that what they are seeing isn’t really what they are seeing.

I didn’t really mispronounce Tanzania. I didn’t really claim that Supreme Court justices ‘sign bills’. I didn’t really just propose that America default on it’s loans to reduce the national debt (like I declared bankruptcy with my casinos). What ya think I am? Dumb or somethin?

The curtain is peeled back and there is nowhere to run. The audience sees and while some are laughing, some are crying. Many of us are simply shaking our heads and wondering how it all came down to this.

Speak Now Conservatives Or Forever Hold Your Peace

I almost ruined a friend’s wedding. I arrived early to the bridal parlor where Jan (not her real name) and her sisters were getting ready. Jan looked panicked. She tried to smile as a hairstylist fussed with her updo but when she looked at me in the mirror, her eyes had a ‘save me’ look.

I knew that look. Over dinner the prior month, Jan had shared with me all of her doubts about marrying Bruce (not his real name, either). The courtship had been a whirlwind culminating in a public proposal in front of thousands of people. Bruce knew how to push Jan’s emotional buttons so she accepted.

As the engagement progressed, the reality of what marriage to Bruce might look like began to shatter her early, hopeful visions. Meanwhile, her socialite parents were busy planning a lavish wedding for Jan whom they thought was overdue to get married anyway, at the age of thirty-five. I offered some constructive advice but stopped short of counseling her to return the ring and run for the hills.

I wish I had. Jan’s anxious expression in the bridal parlor made me wonder if even then it wasn’t too late for us to have a last minute talk. I started to say something but didn’t. The florist waltzed in with her bouquet and the moment was lost.

What does this tale of wedding woe have to do with Donald Trump? Simply put, Trump is Bruce. The electorate Trump is seeking to woo is Jan. Conservatives who see through the empty courtship promises of Trump are the ‘listening, observing friend’. Indiana is the bridal parlor.

Pundits agree that Indiana is crucial to this election. If Trump does well, he has a much clearer path to get the 1237 delegates needed for the nomination. He has made his proposal and potential Trump voters in Indiana are like the bride dressed in white sitting in the parlor. Will she walk down the aisle, despite her doubts? Despite the fact that Trump as presidential ‘groom’ is a disturbing prospect?

This is where the listening friend comes in; we have to be blunt with the bride. Her groom is vulgar. He speaks of women’s sexual allure as if it is the measuring rod of their worth. During numerous guest appearances on Howard Stern, Trump has said debasing, unspeakably derogatory things about women. Multiple allegations of sexual misconduct have been made against him. He defended Mike Tyson when he was convicted of the brutal rape of former Miss Rhode Island, Desiree Washington by saying, “You have a young woman that was in his hotel room late in the evening at her own will. You have a young woman seen dancing for the beauty contest – dancing with a big smile on her face, looked happy as can be.” Sure, any girl who dances in a competition is openly inviting a 220 lb. heavyweight champion to commit sexual assault.

Not surprisingly, Mike Tyson recently endorsed Donald Trump. Trump was jubilant. “I love it. He sent out a tweet. Mike. Iron Mike. You know, all the tough guys endorse me. I like that, OK?”

Is this warped vision of ‘tough guys’ indicative of the ‘best people’ Trump promises he would hire in a presidential administration? Tough guys like Mike Tyson, Roger Stone, Corey Lewandowski? God forbid. Trump’s extreme misogyny/vulgarity is merely the starting point in analyzing why he is unfit for the office of President of the United States. It should be enough.

Run, bride, run! Head for the hills!

Looking back, I’ve wondered why I wasn’t more forthright with my friend. Part of it is that I trusted her judgement. She was no fool. Plus, she already revealed that she understood what she was getting into. I assumed it was just a matter of time until she made the formal break. What I didn’t fully appreciate was the power of emotion. Jan wasn’t operating solely in the realm of reason and careful calculation. She was also caught up in a whirlwind of emotion – her desires, her fears, her family’s expectations, the fact she had already gone ‘all in’ toward this toxic relationship.

Likewise, many of us assumed our fellow Americans would see the light regarding Trump. It was just a matter of time. But now the time is growing short. The wedding march is about to start. Dear Indiana voter, it doesn’t matter if you’ve gone ‘all in’ for Trump. He is a toxic candidate and deep down, you know it. Don’t let emotion cloud your judgement. If you’re still thinking of walking down that aisle, turn back now.

Pull a Julia Roberts – Runaway Bride styled stunt. Get on the horse, gallop away and don’t turn back.

My friend Jan endured four heartbreaking years and then divorced. It took many years afterward to recover but today she is happy and thriving. If we choose to enter into a political covenant with Trump now, I’m not sure how long it would take to recover or for conservatism to ever thrive again.

Trump – The ‘Catch Me If You Can’ Candidate

Donald Trump has become the Frank Abagnale Jr. of the 2016 election.

Abagnale gained noteriety in the sixties as a con artist who successfully impersonated a Pan Am pilot, a physician, and an attorney — all by the age of nineteen. Similarly, Trump is impersonating a presidential candidate.

Abagnale lived the high life in his faux careers, donning a pilot’s uniform and spouting aviation verbiage or wearing a doctor’s coat and issuing orders somewhat medical-ish. Trump dons an Armani suit and stands onstage in front of a dozen flags, voicing platitudes he hopes sound commander-in-chief-ish.

Abagnale’s biography, Catch Me If You Can, is an interesting read and the film adaptation starring Leonardo DiCaprio is highly entertaining. As you are drawn into Abagnale’ grand deception, you are amazed at his sheer audacity. Though you know he is scamming banks out of millions of dollars via fraudulent checks and betraying many associates and lovers along the way, Abagnale still comes across as a likable sort and part of you is actually cheering him on.

A similar trend has occurred in Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy. He has allegedly scammed people with his Trump University, left contractors unpaid via bankruptcy, left scores of jilted women and wives in his wake, made lewd references in public speeches, and yet remains likable enough that he is being cheered on in his antics.

What explains the ability of Abagnale and Trump to maintain their respective facades?

Distraction – When Abagnale went into a bank to cash a counterfeit check, he would find a young and impressionable teller and then strike up a conversation about how beautiful her eyes were. When she looked up, distracted by the flattery, he had effectively steered her away from examining the fake check.

Similarly, Trump has often used gimmicks to distract attention from his campaign stumbles.  When he’s had a poor debate performance or other misstep, he has held press conferences, or trotted out endorsements from Chris Christie, Sara Palin, or Ben Carson. When an embarrassing meeting with the Washington Post editorial board revealed Trump’s Grand Canyon sized gaps in knowledge and he had a devastating loss to Ted Cruz in Utah, Trump launched an utterly juvenile and cruel twitter tirade against Heidi Cruz that effectively steered away serious scrutiny of Trump’s failures.

The Optics of a Winner – Abagnale understood how important it was to his con to look like a winner. When he went through the airport, he strolled arm in arm with beautiful flight attendants on each side. Surely this isn’t the man wanted by the FBI? He looks so successful! Yet he’s a high school drop-out.

Trump has made his ‘winner persona’ the very basis for his candidacy — the wealth, the women, the opulence. Surely he can translate his success to the White House; he’ll intimidate our foreign enemies and make America great again! Yet he can’t define the nuclear triad.

This raises an important distinction between Abagnale and Trump. Abagnale knew he didn’t know anything but he was disciplined enough to study. Posing as a teen writing for a school newspaper, Abagnale interviewed an airline official about life as a pilot. He learned the terminology and procedures within the airline industry and committed it to memory. When Abagnale decided to try his hand at law, he created a fake, framed diploma and watched Perry Mason episodes. Although he never attended law school, he studied well enough to pass the bar exam. When pretending to be a doctor, Abagnale watched episodes of Dr. Kildare.

By contrast, I don’t think Trump has even bothered to watch reruns of The West Wing. His understanding of the role of the presidency is at best, shallow, and at worst, dictatorial, such as his assertion that the military would commit war crimes at his command. Donald Trump’s doesn’t even seem to grasp basic civics and how the three branches of government work. He claimed on a debate stage that Supreme Court justices “sign bills”.   Along with The West Wing, perhaps Trump should check out the Schoolhouse Rock classic, Only A Bill.

At times the media seems almost complicit in the Trumpian ruse. He’s rarely placed in the hotseat in interviews because he is ‘saved’ by the sympathetic interviewer who spoon-feeds him the answers. He is given the diagnosis and allowed to give a satisfied nod in agreement, similar to the fake physician Abagnale who solicits the proper diagnosis from interns and then feigns medical expertise.

Bill O’Reilly recently asked Trump’s opinion about several past presidents – Roosevelt, Kennedy,Reagan, Lincoln, etc. Trump was unable to list accomplishments or offer any analysis regarding these men whose office he hopes to occupy. Only vague generalities on the level of, “Lincoln?  Yes, good man. Tremendous man!” Trump doesn’t have to be another David McCullough historian but I’m starting to wonder how Trump would fare on a Jimmy Kimmel man-on- the-street segment.

When asked who he consults for foreign policy, he responded that he “talks to himself”, relying on his, “very big brain”. He has been unable or unwilling to learn the nomination process in each state. Upon realization that he has not ‘closed the deal’ with grassroots voters who are nominating delegates to the convention, Trump explodes that the system is ‘rigged’ and ‘dirty’.  However, when the exact same system works to his favor in a given state, the system is presumed fully functional.

But a campaign for POTUS is not the place for the long con. You have to withstand the pressure of scrutiny and con men don’t withstand scrutiny very well. That’s why Abagnale kept switching careers. At some point he would no longer be allowed to ‘play pilot’. He would be asked to get out of the jump-seat and land the 747. He couldn’t fake his physician creds indefinitely. At some point, he would have to actually insert the scalpel into the patient.

It’s the same with Trump. He can’t indefinitely play the ‘winner card’ without serious examination as to his fitness for the Oval Office. Cruz has challenged Trump to a one-on- one policy debate but Trump has declined, playing his own game of ‘Catch Me If You Can’. Despite Trump’s bravado regarding his New York win, he understands when he is out of his league.  When you can’t land the 747, you can’t land the 747.

So Donald Trump is now officially on the run. Running from Cruz, running from conservative voices who demand something resembling substantive discourse on policy. Trump is at the point now where Abagnale was when he fled the U.S. for the French village where he hid away, churning out counterfeit checks on a giant printing press. Trump has fled the intellectual rigor of debating ideas and is now hiding away in plain sight at pep rallies where he is churning out counterfeit nationalistic promises.

Frank Abagnale’s undoing eventually came about because of the relentless pursuit of FBI agent  Carl Hanratty (played in the film by Tom Hanks). Abagnale had evaded capture for years, giving Hanratty the slip time after time in the most dramatic fashion. The turning point came when Hanratty figured out who Abagnale really was. Forget the suave, jetsetter image. Forget the charm. Working through the case, Hanratty finally concluded, “He’s just a kid.”

Those of us who have observed Trump’s exploits and audacity these many months and tried to sound the warning, stand somewhat in Hanratty’s shoes. We have to ask the question, “Who is Donald Trump?” Forget the billionaire mogul status. Forget the reality T.V. entertainer. We must look at him and conclude, “He’s just a bully. And not a  particularly bright one.”

Our nation is desperate for leadership and strength. We want someone tough but we don’t need a bully. We need someone strong, smart, and with integrity. Like Agent Hanratty, we need to remain relentless in our pursuit of exposing the truth about Donald Trump. Eventually, the jig will be up. Better that happen now than in November.