Young Election Prankster Draws the Attention of the FEC

Let this be a lesson to young pranksters everywhere.

When 15-year old Iowa resident, Brady Olson decided to venture into the world of politics, he maybe should have started with running for class president, or something – not for President of the United States.

Some of you may remember Olson better for his brief, trending run under the pseudonym, Deez Nuts.

It seemed pretty funny, at the time.

Well, to a teenaged boy it was probably a riot, but to the Federal Election Commission, it’s likely a crime, and they’ve sent young Mr. Olson a letter, informing him of his impending troubles.

“It has come to the attention of the Federal Election Commission that you may have failed to include the true, correct, or complete committee name, candidate name, custodian of records information, treasurer information, and bank information,” the commission wrote to Brady Olson in a letter dated Sept. 27.

Let’s just take a moment to let this settle in.

Olson filed under the name “Deez Nuts” all the way back in July 2015. So after 2 full years and several months of contemplating it, the FEC finally comes to the conclusion that “Deez Nuts” probably wasn’t a real person? Seriously, what’s the big deal?

“Knowingly and willfully making any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation to a federal government agency, including the Federal Election Commission, is punishable,” the letter stated. “Commission may report apparent violations to the appropriate law enforcement.”


I’m going to go out on a limb and say the punishment might be more than simply taking his driving privileges away for a month.

As it was, Olson – or “Deez Nuts” – withdrew from the race a month after making his big splash, once his age was revealed. At 15-years old, even if he’d used his real name, he would have been unable to run. The rules state that those running for the presidency must be at least 35 years of age.

After dropping out and throwing his support behind Bernie Sanders, the goofy youngster told Rolling Stone that he was against the two-party system, and didn’t want to see another Clinton or a Bush in the White House.

Let’s not let it get past us that at 15, he was born during George W. Bush’s run (something I doubt he has much memory of, beyond toy trucks and eating paste), and from about 8-years old, up until he pulled his dumb stunt, he was growing up during an Obama presidency.

Somebody got him “woke,” I suppose?

Well, I hope he’s “woke” enough, at this point, to face the consequences of his ill-advised prank.

The letter came after the FEC said last year that it was cracking down on “candidates” that include serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, “Master Alexander Soy Sauce-and-Taters,” “Butt Stuff” and Deez Nuts.

The FEC asked that Olson either confirm that he filled out the form correctly, which he didn’t, amend his earlier filing, or request that it be withdrawn, even though he could still face some sort of legal trouble.

I don’t know about the rest of those guys, but Olson has until November 1, 2017 to respond to the FEC.

House Speaker Ryan Says Puerto Rico Will Have What They Need

Puerto Rico has not been forgotten.

So says House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Amid all the talk of kneeling athletes, you would think the devastation Hurricanes Irma and Maria wrought on the territory was settled, but that’s not so.

Ryan said in a statement Monday that lawmakers are working with the White House “to ensure necessary resources get to the U.S. territory,” where island-wide power outages and widespread damage have imperiled more than 3 million U.S. citizens.

“The stories and images coming out of Puerto Rico are devastating,” Ryan said. “Our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico remain in our prayers as we make sure they have what they need.”

Congress is working through aid packages for Houston, Texas, still recovering from Hurricane Harvey, and the southeast that felt the impact of Hurricane Irma.

They will have to increase the National Flood Insurance Program’s borrowing authority. It currently has a $30 billion cap. That will have to be raised, in order to pay out flood insurance claims.

Meanwhile, Puerto Rico struggles on.

Puerto Rico is expected to be without power for months while government officials struggle to address food and fuel shortages across the territory. The island had already been reeling from a debt crisis that froze swaths of the Puerto Rican financial system and led to severe cuts to critical state health care, social services and education.

This was a horrible time to have to deal with the destructive power of a major storm, as well.
Keep Puerto Rico in your prayers.

How Low Has Socialism Driven the People of Venezuela?

When you think your mind has reached the depths of desperation that encompass life under Socialist rule, something even more depressing emerges to keep you from growing numb.

The very real and sad facts are that people will do what they must, in order to survive. When their government has resorted to tyranny, and what amounts to theft from their own people, especially under a political regime that leaves them no recourse, some will use the only thing they have in the world that is truly theirs: Their bodies.

Over the past six years, approximately 350,000 desperate Venezuelan refugees have crossed over the border into Colombia, looking for a way to survive.

Many of the women are turning to prostitution, as a means of supporting their families.

In Colombia, the sex-trade industry is legal, so there’s no fear of being arrested. Illegal immigration is frowned upon, but authorities tend to look the other way when it comes to the “red light” districts in their communities.

Some of the women (and men) crossing over to enter the world of prostitution were doctors, teachers, and businessmen and women before Socialism crushed the economy of Venezuela.

They were well educated and had meaningful lives, but abject poverty in a land with very little hope of using that education has made the mind less of a commodity than the body.

The Miami Herald recently featured several stories of Venezuelan refugees who turned to the sex trade in Colombia, as a means of survival.

Dayana, a 30-year-old mother of four, nursed a beer as she watched potential clients walk down the dirt road that runs in front of wooden shacks, bars and bordellos. Dressed for work in brightly-colored spandex, Dayana said she used to be the manager of a food-processing plant on the outskirts of Caracas.

But that job disappeared after the government seized the factory and “looted it,” she said.

Seven months ago, struggling to put food on the table, she came to Colombia looking for work. Without an employment permit, she found herself working as a prostitute in the capital, Bogotá. While the money was better there, she eventually moved to Arauca, a cattle town of 260,000 people along the border with Venezuela, because it was easier to send food back to her children in Caracas.

Dayana goes on to tell of waiting in lines for four to six hours, just to buy flour, or even buying food on the black market, at jacked up prices.

Inflation in Venezuela is over 700 percent. The bolivar currency is crashing, and even the basics are hard to come by.

Still, the man who has set himself up to be the supreme dictator, President Nicolas Maduro, would rather watch his people suffer than give an inch, in what was one of the richest nations in the world, now ravaged by Socialism.

Dayana says that she can make anywhere from $50 to $100 on good nights, selling herself in 20 minute increments.

This is no way to live, but she also says she’s grateful to have some way to earn money and feed her family.

Marta Muñoz runs the Casa de la Mujer, a municipal program that focuses on women’s health and rights. She said that prostitution is something of a blind spot for local authorities who are more focused on blatant crimes, like child trafficking, rape and the abuse of minors.

“I know that some of them are being paid unfairly and being treated very poorly,” Muñoz said of the Venezuelan prostitutes. “But how do we protect them without strong public policies?”


To make that horrible situation even worse, Venezuelans make up the bulk of prostitutes in Colombia, simply because their desperation makes them willing to sell themselves for less.

Marili, a 47-year-old former teacher and grandmother, said there was a time when she would have been ashamed to admit she’s a prostitute. Now she says she’s grateful to have a job that allows her to buy hypertension medication for her mother back in Caracas.

“We’re all just women who are working to support our families,” she said. “I refuse to criticize anyone, including myself. We all have to work.”

Even brothel owners are forced into what they do by the crisis in Venezuela.

Sixty year old Gabriel Sanchez had owned an auto repair shop in Venezuela, but was forced to Colombia to open a brothel with his wife after the nation’s economic collapse.

Marili is one of his workers, and calls he and his wife “humanitarians,” for giving women like her a place to work.

There seems to be no end in sight for Venezuela’s economic pain. Last month, the Trump administration restricted Caracas’ ability to borrow money from American creditors, which will undoubtedly deepen the crisis. And yet, President Nicolás Maduro has been digging in, avoiding the economic reforms that economists say are necessary.

He has dug in because he’d rather be a ruler over ashes, than a representative of a free and prosperous nation.

This is Socialism.

Philippine President Duterte Issues Sobering Threat to His Own Son

Drug abuse is a curse that has touched – and harmed – the lives of families across the globe. Few can say they have no friends or family members unaffected by its ravages.

I hate drugs! I am one of those who has family members that have fallen into the wretched loss of reason and self-control that is addiction.

And they have paid the price, in different ways.

None of that is to say that if someone becomes addicted to substances, it’s out of their hands, or that they were the victim of circumstances. I don’t make excuses for them. They owned it the minute they took that first toke, or that first drink. It was on them to think about their future and say, “No!”

I tell you this as a precursor to this piece about Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

Since Duterte took office in June of 2016, he has found himself firmly in the sights of human rights advocates, mainly because of his endorsement of the extrajudicial killing of drug dealers and drug users.

Even before being elected, Duterte’s rhetoric on those profiting from or abusing drugs was unusually harsh.

Duterte’s outspoken vow to embark on a nationwide killing campaign against drug dealers and drug users was the foundation of his presidential electoral platform. During a campaign rally on March 15, 2016, for example, he stated: “When I become president, I will order the police to find those people [dealing or using drugs] and kill them. The funeral parlors will be packed.”


Following his election, Duterte continued to state unequivocally that his anti-drug campaign would focus on killing drug dealers and users. Speaking in Davao City on June 4, he stated: “If you are still into drugs, I am going to kill you. Don’t take this as a joke. I’m not trying to make you laugh. Sons of b*tches, I’ll really kill you.”

And shortly after winning the election, he had this to say:

“My order is shoot to kill you. I don’t care about human rights, you better believe me.” He praised the soaring body count of victims of police killings as proof of the “success” of his “war on drugs.”

In fact, the numbers of those killed since Duterte’s election, either by police or vigilantes, and between June 30, 2016 (when he was elected) to March 2017 has risen to over 7,000 Philippine citizens.

Most of the citizens are from very poor, rural areas, and while Duterte has claimed the raids mostly target drug dealers, it’s those who are at least suspected of using who seem to make up the bulk of victims.

As I’ve said, I detest drugs. I detest those who deal in the misery of others by pushing drugs, and I hate what it does to families, while enslaving the souls of those who fall to addiction.

I do not support killing them in the streets.

So how far would President Duterte go in his drive to live up to his pre-election hype against the drug trade?

He’d go as far as to murder his own children, according to him.

“Ang order ko nga noon na pag may anak ako na sa droga, patayin niyo para walang masabi ang tao (My order then is if any of my children are into drugs, kill them so that the public can’t criticize us),” the president said during the awarding of outstanding government workers in Malacañang.

“Ang sabi ko kay (I told) Pulong my order is to kill you if you are caught and I will protect the police who will kill you,” he added, referring to his son by his nickname.

Duterte was responding to a recent rumor that his son, Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte, and son-in-law, Manases Carpio, were involved in bringing in methamphetamines from China.

The two were tied by broker Mark Taguba to a “Davao group,” which he said, is involved in smuggling at the Customs. The younger Duterte and Carpio have denied the accusations. Taguba, later on, admitted that the allegations against them were just hearsay.

Admitting it was hearsay may be the only thing keeping the younger Duterte alive now, if his father is serious with what he said.

It’s not new talk for President Duterte. Before winning the election, he voiced his conviction in a debate.

“None (of my children are into illegal drugs). But my order is, even if it is a member of my family, ‘kill him’,” Duterte, then the mayor of Davao City, said.

I can’t imagine breathing that against any of my family members who are or have been in the throes of addiction.

“I, as President, when I go after organized crime, and the law states everyone. No one should be favored,” he said.

“I am a prosecutor When I prosecute, I prosecute all. Sauce for the gander, sauce for the goose.”

And while I applaud his stated commitment to impartiality, I shudder to think of the terror some citizens must feel, faced with the prospect of death hanging over their heads, should they be fingered as potential drug dealers or users by vigilantes or overzealous police officers.

While we pray for those here, our families and friends who are affected by the drug epidemic, say a prayer for the people of the Philippines, as well.

They’re apparently under the leadership of a mad man.

Watch it Now: Ben Shapiro’s Dangerous Speech at UC-Berkeley

I brought you the story of the University of California, Berkeley meltdown, earlier.

Campus thugs, so unstable that they need counseling to handle the notion of a conservative speaker like Ben Shapiro being in their midst, yet, so thuggish and uncivilized that they’d burn down the campus, or rail against free speech as a danger to their fragile state of being, at just the thought of diverse opinion.

If these people had been around centuries ago, we’d have never discovered the wheel and we’d still be talking about a flat earth.

The group sponsoring Shapiro’s appearance, Young America’s Foundation, will be live streaming the speech, and guess what?

I have it for you, here.

Tune in, if you’re not emotionally triggered by common sense.

Ahead of Ben Shapiro Speech, Protesters at UC-Berkeley Lash Out Against Free Speech

Ben Shapiro is giving a speech tonight on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley – oddly enough, considered to be the birthing ground of the free speech movement of the 60s.

My, what a difference a few generations makes.

Recent history has shown that UC-Berkeley has come full circle, and rather than embrace their history of free thought and open expression, they’ve become a den of fascist oppressors, lashing out at any hint of opinion that varies from their own.

In fact, diversity of thought is so desperately reviled among the rats in the nest known as Berkeley, that violence and destruction have become their preferred method of resisting what they fear.

Yeah, guys. You’re not the “tolerant” ones.

Conservative speakers have routinely seen their events shut down, or even blocked, simply because of the violence the anti-free speech forces that infest the campus bring.

Ahead of Shapiro’s appearance, the preparations have reached absurd heights.

Six buildings are being shut down. Concrete barriers, along with police officers are forming a perimeter around the building that will host the event.

Most ridiculous of all is the counseling that is being offered to the frothing rage beasts that feel “threatened” by the thought of a conservative voice on campus.

Such gentle souls are those who would burn down the world, rather than risk having someone in the near vicinity that might differ from their worldview, that they took out their chalk and posted their outrage in maniacal scribblings around the campus.

From the Washington Examiner:

According to Amy Lutz, program officer at Young America’s Foundation, which is the national organization sponsoring and organizing Shapiro’s campus lecture, chalk-wielding anti-Shapiro activists left some choice messages about the event on a campus walkway. Images posted to Twitter by Lutz on Thursday show the chalkings included such thoughtful messages as “‘Free Speech’ Kills,” “F**k The Police,” and “F**k Ben Shapiro.”

Oddly enough, Ben Shapiro has never advocated violence, nor threatened the lives of anyone, that I’m aware of.

He’s never led a group of black-clad marauders to break windows, burn cars, or attack counter-protesters.

So why is his appearance causing such an uproar?

I can only say this: The pepper spray, concrete barriers, and increased security on campus is not because of Ben Shapiro or the YAF.

All that is for the crowd that needs counseling for their fear of free speech.

Bernie Sanders Swipes at Hillary Clinton, With Hilarious Clarity

Rooting for injuries.

It seems the feud between former primary opponents, Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders isn’t quite done.

No, it’s not a blazing, all-out slugfest, but we can see that the claws aren’t fully retracted, either.

To recap: It all began during the primary season, leading up to the 2016 election. Everyone knew Queen Hillary was the heir apparent to the White House throne. After all, we were now the land of identity politics, not sound governance. President Obama, the first black president, was to lead to Hillary Clinton, the first woman president, and from there, it was to be a series of special interest groups, as chosen by the Democrat party, to be the “first…” something or other president.

First openly gay president… first openly atheist president… first blatant Communist president…

And if you think the Democrat party isn’t actively seeking the trifecta of all those rolled into one to run for the presidency, you haven’t been paying attention.

Anyway, Hillary was pitted against five other candidates – all male, of course – to set the stage for the empowered woman, beating back her male counterparts to rise the victor in the battle for the nomination.

Girl power!

Can’t you just feel the surge of feminist bravado at the thought of it?

Let’s face it. Neither of those five men were meant to offer any real challenge for the nomination.

Martin O’Malley, governor of Maryland, Lincoln Chaffee, a former governor of Rhode Island, a Harvard law professor named Lawrence Lessig, former Virginia Senator Jim Webb, and Sanders, of course, were the lineup. None of them had the same name brand as Clinton (or a presidential husband, whose coattails they could ride on).

None were expected to be a real challenge, but only to give the appearance of a challenge.

Somebody forgot to tell Bernie.

One by one, candidates fell, until it was only Sanders and Clinton. When the WikiLeaks dump of Democratic National Committee emails happened, what at least appeared to be a standard course of primary events was revealed to be nothing more than an act, as the powers that be were proven to be working to get their identity politics champion of the moment comfortably in place.

For all the ugliness the 2016 primary season held on the Republican side of the aisle, the maelstrom between the establishment Democrats and the “Bernie bros” wasn’t very pretty, either.
Posts were resigned and rifts were revealed.

Fast forward to today, with an election over, and the Democrat party’s golden girl defeated, and what do you get?

Well, another Hillary Clinton book, this time, wailing about how her loss was everybody’s fault, except her own. In the book she also hits at her former opponent, Sanders, blaming him for dividing the Democrats.

You know, because it was Sanders who worked behind the scenes with DNC party bosses to make the primary to be less about the voters and more about installing their preferred candidate.

Oh, wait…

Sanders appeared on Stephen Colbert’s late night program last Thursday, and among all the usual talk of Sanders’ socialist idealism, was talk of the new book.

From Townhall:

Democrats have been dreading the release of this book and the news cycle it will create, which is a retelling of the party’s 2016 collapse that saw Clinton lose and the GOP become the dominant political force in the country. Yet, as some in Democratic circles still like Clinton, many are groaning the reopening of wounds between the progressive and establishment wings of the party that have never fully healed. One Hillary surrogate flatly said she should shut the f**k up and go home.


They’re not wrong, though. Hillary was just an awful candidate, and if she lost, it is because Americans are sick of the identity politics that kept President Obama afloat for two terms. She was not owed the presidency because of her gender. If she truly cared about equality, she’d realize that meant she had to earn it. Her book proves she hasn’t learned, at all.

When Clinton’s mention of Sanders as a dividing force within the party was brought up, the elderly senator didn’t want to dwell on it, but he didn’t let it go without a passive-aggressive smack, either.

“I understand, look, you know—Secretary Clinton ran against the most unpopular candidate in the history of this country, and she lost and she was upset about it. And I understand that,” he said. Yet, he added it’s time to go forward because there is so much at stake.

In other words: You lost to Donald Trump, lady, so maybe you should be looking in the mirror and considering just how bad you are!

It has to be a hard pill to swallow. She and Trump were the worst possible candidates either side could offer up, and when it came down to the very end, she couldn’t beat a lecherous, corrupt, old B-list reality TV host.

She’s the worst of the worst, and that’s saying something.

Don’t Shoot at Hurricanes, Please

I don’t even know where to begin, with this.

People will do outrageous things for a laugh, but the advent of the internet has made it near-impossible for some to discern the serious from the ludicrous.

With hurricanes being the focus of so much attention over the last couple of weeks, you could just about guess that somebody was going to try and make light of it, at some point. What you probably couldn’t foresee was that there would be enough to take it seriously that law enforcement would be forced to speak out.

With Irma bearing down, a Florida man created a Facebook event page, inviting people to “shoot” at Hurricane Irma.

Ryon Edwards, creator of the event, admitted that he was just acting out of boredom.

“I never envisioned this event becoming some kind of crazy idea larger than myself. It has become something a little out of my control,” Edwards said.

It definitely got out of control, with 46,000 people marking themselves as “attending” the event, by Friday.

If any are familiar with how Facebook events go, anyone can say they’re attending, but how many actually turn out for the event is questionable.

That being said, the sheriff of Pasco County, Florida felt compelled to issue a warning.

I can’t face-palm hard enough over this.

Other joke Irma events have been created in the days leading up to the storm, including “Push Hurricane Irma Somewhere Else” and “Peacefully Protesting Hurricane Irma.”

“Let’s show Hurricane Irma that her ideology of violence and destruction are not welcome in Gainesville,” the latter event’s description reads.


That’s cute. That’s acceptable, and it doesn’t encourage anyone to do anything that might have unforeseen, tragic consequences.

Hurricane Irma made landfall in the Florida Keys around 9am, battering the coast and snapping trees, as a category 4 storm.

So far, there’s been no news of anyone attempting to face down the powerful storm and unload a few .44 slugs into the winds.

Let’s pray it stays that way.