Back in DC

Got up here this afternoon. I very much like this flying in mid-day.

I did work at home and on the plane. I got into the office at 3:30 and have been working steady ever since — until the printer problems hit.

Oh, and there was ice on the Potomac when I was landing. It is very, very cold.

Tonight I’m going to buy an air mattress. I signed the lease on the condo. I’m definitely making a career of this. It feels good.

The only hang up I still have is working from home. I feel guilty for some reason so I think I tend to over do it — just ask Christy. I got so busy I didn’t even move the laundry for Christy. And busy is the same busy I was use to at the law firm. I’ve been reading a lot. I’ve also been doing a lot of surfing the internet, but not the fun stuff. I’m trying to figure out good key words to keep searching for information relevant to the blog.

That, I tell you, is not easy. It explains to me why so many companies have been created in the past two years to track the internet. Once this thing gets off the ground, it is going to be rather time consuming — as in day and night monitoring of comments, etc.

But I wouldn’t ask for anything else. It’s quite fun already just thinking about it. Me, a full time blogger? Whodathunkit? Oh, and my business cards are coming soon.

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