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Yesterday was a doozie. Whoa.

I did a will a couple of years ago for a lady who died. In the process of doing the will, she disinherited one nonprofit and left her estate to three others. The disinherited one is not happy.

So I spent the morning answering questions about whether the woman was competent or not. She may have been very old, but I’d venture to say she was more competent than me.

Then I made a visit to the old office to resolve some issues that were outstanding when I left. I left more quickly than intended and, as a consequence, there are a couple of very old matters that continue to surface and haunt. As I was really the only person who worked on the particular matters, I have an obligation to bring the new guys up to speed or make the state bar very, very unhappy. I think I’ll try not to get disbarred.

Then, back to work. I actually had a deacons meeting last night and then came home and resumed work. I feel like I need at least one good post a day, hopefully more, for the office blog. I’ve got two pieces in my head I keep meaning to write. And then last night remembered I had something I wanted to focus on that I meant to do on the first day of the blog and had forgotten. It’s a really good article addressing a point I’m focused on right now. Good stuff.

Today, however, I will focus on that which I’ve intended to write about. You know, blogging is thought of as kind of a slick, easy thing to do. I actually spent five hours yesterday doing nothing but research for what will amount to probably two or three 200 word blog posts. It dawned on me, however, that the legal research class I took in law school is paying dividends even now.

Anyway, it is back to Washington today. I intend to go grocery shopping tonight. I want to cook a few things and freeze them so I’m not going out to eat all the time. And I want to stop by the Apple story and pick up the latest version of iLife. That should be a sweet program.

Our church diaconate wants me to see about a church website. We have a domain, but no site. Now, I am no web designer. But, Apple’s new iLife has a program that makes web design very, very easy. We’ll see. It also handles podcasting. I think I want to get my boss to try a podcast. That would be cool. We’ll see.

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  • And finally you get to come home tonight! Evelyn and I are looking forward to seeing our favorite man in the whole world.