FILE - In this June 24, 2010 file photo, Grand Teton National Park spokeswoman Jackie Skaggs strolls across a square mile section of state land in the park near Moose, Wyo. Environmental groups have filed federal lawsuits to stop hunting that is now allowed on hundreds of acres within Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming and has claimed three bison. Four groups including the National Parks Conservation Association said in the two suits filed Wednesday, March 23, 2016, in Washington, D.C., that other species also could be hunted. (AP Photo/Mead Gruver, File)

Barack Obama Gives One Final F-You To Fisherman and Hunters

On the final full day of the Obama Administration, he and his minion have decided to give one last middle finger to fishermen and hunters. In a late day regulation issues on the final day of the Administration, the Fish and Wildlife Service is prohibiting hunters from using traditional ammunition on federal land and fishermen, of all things, will be prohibited from using lead weights in their tackle.

It not only applies to hunting deer, etc., but requires a timeline to end the use of traditional ammunition for dove and upland bird hunting. It is ridiculous.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation, the trade association for the firearms industry, put out a statement in which its general counsel, Lawrence Keane, said, “The timing alone is suspect. This directive was published without dialogue with industry, sportsmen and conservationists. The next director should immediately rescind this, and instead create policy based upon scientific evidence of population impacts with regard to the use of traditional ammunition.”

It is important to note that there really is no scientific basis to show hunters are polluting land with either lead or steel bullets. What is more telling is that the Obama Administration tried to implement this eight years ago, but both Democrats and Republicans in Congress complained loudly.

So on the final day they have rushed it through without even consulting the major groups representing those who will be affected by it.

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