Back dropped by a monument depicting Cuba's revolutionary hero Ernesto "Che" Guevara, U.S. President Barack Obama, Vice-President of Cuba's State Council Salvador Valdes Mesa, right, and other members of the U.S. delegation stand during a ceremony at the Jose Marti Monument in Havana, Cuba, Monday March 21, 2016. "It is a great honor to pay tribute to Jose Marti, who gave his life for independence of his homeland. His passion for liberty, freedom, and self-determination lives on in the Cuban people today," Obama wrote in dark ink in the book after he laid a wreath and toured the memorial dedicated to the memory of Jose Marti. (AP Photo/Dennis Rivera) - Puerto Rico OUT

Barack Obama, Supporter of Infanticide, Now Supports the Murder of Adults Too

When Barack Obama stands before the Creator he gives lip service to, but doesn’t really think exists, he will be called to account for being the only member of the Illinois legislature to support infanticide. When debating the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act,” Obama was the only member of the state senate to speak against it and he argued that doctors should be allowed to finish the job, i.e. to kill a living, breathing child who survived the abortion. Now Barack Obama ends his Presidency endorsing and supporting the murder of adult human beings and his Creator will hold him to account for that as well.

Barack Obama is reversing a long standing American policy to allow Cuban refugees into our country if they make it to our country. The communist butchers of Cuba have long wanted this policy revoked. It is well known that many of the people who are sent back to Cuba are tortured, abused, and killed.

This is patently different than sending home an illegal alien from Mexico. That person will not be murdered by his government for fleeing. Cuban refugees are murdered by their government.

This is also a monstrous act of cowardice. Barack Obama is only doing this now, one week before leaving office, because he never has to worry about being held to account by the voters again. He no longer has to worry about trying to help Hillary Clinton win Florida.

He can now reveal himself to be the moral coward and willful idiot of a communist regime that murders its own people.

I hope Mr. Trump swiftly reverses this action.

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